About us

Our Roots

The idea for RejuvaHealth came in 2008 when 21 year-old college student, Kelsey Minarik, was diagnosed with DVT, a blood clot in a deep vein of the leg. After her doctor prescribed support stockings as part of her recovery, Kelsey began wearing the garments and quickly fell in love with the relief they provided. There was just one catch - she couldn’t stand the way they looked! Seeking a wider variety of more fashion-forward styles but unable to find them elsewhere, she decided to make her own. Fast-forward two years later and RejuvaHealth was born.

Our Passion

Inspired by the actual wearer experience, our passion is simple: we’re obsessed with making compression better. To do this, we’ve carefully curated a premium selection of compression items and brands. And when we can’t find something we want, we make it. All of this is delivered in an environment designed to help empower wearers throughout their compression experience. Whether helping pinpoint the best product for a particular need, clarifying a confusing medical term, or just offering a useful tip we’ve learned along the way, our goal is to be there for wearers throughout the entire process.

Our Products

The RejuvaHealth brand is comprised of several different compression collections, each inspired by a different user want or need unfulfilled by others in the marketplace. But don’t be fooled by their stylish finishes - all RejuvaHealth products contain graduated compression, are FDA-listed, and are made by a manufacturer with over 35 years industry experience.

    • ● Our Signature Collection offers graduated compression stockings embellished with a bevy of glamorous prints (think dots, diamonds, florals and more). Ideal for wearers seeking to satisfy their inner fashionista.

    • ● The Lifestyle Collection takes easy, everyday staples and maximizes their wearability with innovative fabrics and cuts. Whether it’s the moisture-wicking property of our CoolMaxknee highs or the unique footless design of our Slimming Support Leggings, this collection is great for wearers seeking to camouflage their compression.

  • ● Our Limited Edition Collection was produced at RejuvaHealth’s inception. Meant to make a bold style statement, each piece in this limited line offers vibrant prints produced via a proprietary textile printing technique. Nearly sold out, these items are now only available in select sizes.

Our RejuvaHealth name-brand offerings are further complemented in our online store via a hand-picked selection of compression products from various top brands. Unlike other online compression stocking retailers that simply aggregate any and every stocking option available (regardless of its quality or style), we actually wear, evaluate, and critique the compression items we sell before offering them to you. We do this because it’s important to us that you find the BEST item for you needs - whatever those may be - and believe we can only do so with products we would (and do) wear ourselves.

Our Community

Compression stockings aren’t something which you should have to endure alone. Take advantage of the power of people just like you! We've built a variety of fun and functional features into our site just for this purpose. Have a specific product question you'd like to discuss with other wearers? Post it for fellow fans to discuss with you on our Facebook fan page. Enjoy videos? Get some practical tips, advice, and information by participating in our interactive video blog. Whichever method of interaction you chose, we hope to make your learning and shopping experience more enjoyable in the process.

Our People

When you order from, contact, or work with anyone from RejuvaHealth, you can do so with the assurance that the person you are speaking with is someone that truly cares about you, your individual purchase, and your experience. This is because many of our team members have had a personal experience with their own leg health & either have worn, or continue to wear, support stockings themselves. Take advantage of our actual wearer & user knowledge by asking questions. We'd love to collaborate with you to find the perfect product for your particular needs.

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