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  • Compression Comparison: Store "Energy" Brands vs. Medical-Grade Support

    Our most recent video blog was inspired by one of our video viewers named Anne. She recently sent us an email inquiring if we could make a video "to compare the differences between store brands like L'eggs Energy or Hanes Alive and those that you [RejuvaHealth] carry."

    Great question, right? We thought so too.

    So in this video, we did our best to answer exactly that question. What ARE the differences between some light "support" brands & true medical-grade support? They are, in fact, quite substantial. In addition to being knit from different yarns, constructed via different machines & listed under different regulatory agencies, medical support stockings offer a much higher and carefully-controlled grade of graduated compression.

    To help demonstrate these differences, we made a trip down to our neighborhood CVS to stock up on some store-bought hosiery & also pulled a pair of stockings from our shelves here. In total, we used the following 3 items in our video:

    1. 1. a normal Hanes stocking
    2. 2. a L'eggs Sheer Energy stocking
    3. 3. a RejuvaHeath 15-20 mmHg graduated compression stocking

    Tune in to see the result!

    And as always, please feel free to email your video suggestions to us at

  • Solidea Compression Stocking Colorways Video Demo

    As convenient, efficient, and fun online shopping can be it can sometimes be challenging to tell exactly what "digital" colors may look like in physical reality ... A necessary beauty & evil of different computer screens! This can be frustrating when viewing a variety of color options & trying to decide what available color may best suit your needs.

    At RejuvaHealth, we want to help combat this dilemma. There's no bummer quite like opening a package & finding that what you ordered online looks different in person that you had hoped it might be! So to combat & prevent any color confusion, we've put together a video blog offering a live presentation of various Solidea product colorways. We hope it helps facilitate your search for the perfect compression stocking & eliminates any possible confusion as to what some of the "digital" color swatches might represent in reality.

    If you ever have questions about product colors or come across a colorway in which you are interested that is not in this video, please don't hesitate to email us at or call 877-7-REJUVA. We'd be happy to provide you additional insights regarding product colors.

  • Stacy's Stocking Style Segment Ep 3: Fashion Tights Tricks!

    Before finding RejuvaHealth, did you feel like you were doomed to unsightly-looking compression hosiery for the rest of your life? If your answer was “yes”, we used to have those same feelings too! At one point we ourselves thought we were in the same predicament.  Of course the fear of this is what ultimately drove us to design the new patterned compression stockings we now have available to you today. However, before these fashion-minded new options came into being, it was a different story …  we all had to be a bit more creative!

    When I first met Stacy in 2010, we bonded over shared war stories of how to rock compression while still looking age-appropriate & on-trend.  During RejuvaHealth’s early days (while I was still just designing the products & we had not yet fully launched to the public) Stacy would drop into my office a few times a week to check in on the progress & lend a helping hand.  Every day she did so I found myself complimenting her on her adorable designer leggings & patterned tights. The catch was I had no idea how she physically pulled it off! I knew she had to wear very high compression for health reasons & thought it surely wasn’t possible for her to forgo her compression the amount of days I saw her wearing her traditional fashion leggings. Similarly, since we were in the middle of designing the first line of patterned compression stockings, I knew the stockings I saw her wearing couldn’t be compression. Perplexed, I asked her to divulge her secret. How was she able to wear such a wide variety of tights while still getting the compression she needed? When she told me her answer, I thought “WOW! How simple & brilliant!” Stacy had figured out how to continue wearing her normal patterned tights & still follow doctor’s orders.

    Today, with RejuvaHealth in existence she doesn’t have to use this trick as often as she used to, however she still puts it into action on days she wants to enjoy wearing her old trusty fashion leggings. Lucky for you, today she’s agreed to share her top-secret trick with you in her latest Stocking Style Segment! I hope you enjoy hearing her fabulous tip as much as I did when she first shared it with me.

  • Meet RejuvaHealth's New Collection

    Since our launch in December 2010, we've been thrilled to provide you with a colorful array of fashion-forward compression stockings unlike any you've seen before. And now just a year later, we're hoping to surprise & delight you again with a sophisticated new second generation of patterned products.

    What's different in this new collection? We've been listening to your feedback as well as been performing our own extensive research, and in the process have developed an entirely new pattern application method. We're thrilled about this latest advancement as it now allows us to integrally knit our patterns into each of our unique products. The pro of this is that it allows us to "power-pack" your patterned stockings with an array of new features including a fitted heel, reciprocated toe, enhanced leg countouring & improved fit. We've combined these latest changes with some of the advancements we developed in our launch collection (such as the ultra-comfortable honeycomb waistband), and we're thrilled with the result. We hope you will be too!

    As you can see these new patterns were inspired by your requests for new options in, believe it or not, BLACK! We love that this color matches with virtually anything & everything as well as the slimming profile it lends the legs. A perfect "day to night" or "workwear to evening wear" transition accessory.

    These new items have just recently landed in California and are currently undergoing final processing into our warehouse. However, we're so excited to share them with you, we couldn't resist giving you a sneak preview a few days in advance! Please enjoy the above pictures as well as the video below detailing the offerings within the new collection. The first "wave" of products being released from this new collection come in the 15-20 mmHg support level. Select versions of these same products will be available in the higher 20-30 mmHg support level within a few months.

    Stay tuned for their official release ... They will be live & available for purchase on the site within 48 hours.

    Until then, cheers!


  • Stacy's Stocking Style Segment, Episode 2

    In this episode of Stacy's Stocking Style Segment, see why she's chosen the "Lavish Leopard" print as the "Most Versatile" pattern in the RejuvaHealth 2011 Collection. In addition to showing us a casual workwear outfit incorporating this print, Stacy also provides general outfit & pairing recommendations. Tune in & let us know whether you agree and/or have any other suggestions! How do you wear your Lavish Leopard Compression Pantyhose & Thigh Highs?

  • Prolong the life of your compression stocking investment with proper care & wear techniques

    Most people who have purchased compression stockings will tell you they remember purchasing their first pair ... and the sticker shock they experienced when they did so! Unlike normal hosiery or socks, medical support stockings are knit to incorporate graduated compression technology for therapeutic relief from a variety of symptoms. Because these garments require FDA-listing as well and all of the additional requirements that come with it, they are noticeably more expensive than normal socks and stockings. Considering the  cost of this important health investment, it's important to protect the integrity of the compression stockings you purchase. The more carefully you care for and wear them, the longer lifespan of those garments you'll enjoy ... good for you AND your wallet!

    In this video, RejuvaHealth's founder Kelsey discusses recommended laundering procedures, proper drying methods, and wearing frequency. By utilizing these methods & incorporating these tips, wearers can help to maximize the lifespan of their garments.

  • Stacy's Stocking Style Segment, Episode 1

    Stacy's Style Segment. Kelsey Minarik and Stacy Bergschneider go over fashion combinations that pair well with the RejuvaHealth brand stockings.

  • RejuvaHealth Designer Compression Stocking Patterns

    Take a closer look at the RejuvaHealth Stocking Patterns. In this video, Kelsey shows you all of the designer compression stocking prints featured in RejuvaHealth's debut collection – offering a live glimpse of their actual coloring & appearance in person. See compression stockings like you've never seen them before. Designer compression stocking prints including Leopard, Paisleys, Lace, Checker, Houndstooth and more.

  • Solidea Compression Thigh Highs

    With summer in full swing, thigh highs are a popular selection among many compression wearers seeking relief from the heat sometimes associated with pantyhose styles.  In this video, see elements of the "Marilyn" Thigh high up-close. Details covered include: stay-up band, open-toe, padded foot sole, & natural color.

  • Introducing Solidea Products & Silver Wave Technology

    On July 7, RejuvaHealth introduced an exciting new array of solid-color compression products on the RejuvaHealth e-store. Made by Italian manufacturer Solidea, these items are at the cutting edge of their field both aesthetically and functionally. Knit in Italy from the highest-quality of yarns and enhanced with patented technology, each of these unique garments are power-packed with all of the ingredients to help you not only look but FEEL amazing. In this video, see more about the "Silver Wave" - Solidea's new 3D knit design that is revolutionizing compression products.

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