About RejuvaHealth-Brand Patterns & Products

Q: RejuvaHealth’s compression stockings are fashionable, but are they functional?
Yes! Don’t be fooled by our vivacious patterns - our compression stockings are as much about function as they are about fashion and fun. All of our garments contain graduated levels of compression in accordance with their marked range (i.e. 15-20 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg). To ensure this functionality is achieved, our stockings are knit by specialty medical compression knitting machines & subjected to special “compression” tests by tension testing machines during the development and manufacturing phases of our product. Return to Top »

Q: Is RejuvaHealth registered with any regulatory agencies?
Yes, RejuvaHealth’s facility and devices are registered with the FDA. RejuvaHealth brand stockings are registered as Class 1 Medical Support Stockings intended for general medical purposes. Return to Top »

Q How are RejuvaHealth compression stockings different from other brands?
Our personality-infused garments offer fun patterns, prints, and colors that make boring support stockings thing of the past. With RejuvaHealth, you no longer have to sacrifice your style and individuality to enjoy support. You can be a fashion-forward trend-setter and still enjoy all the benefits which gradient compression can provide. In addition to our aesthetic differences from other brands, we also offer communal support forums and interaction platforms so that with a RejuvaHealth compression stocking purchase you get more than stockings - you join a community.Return to Top »

Stock Availability

My size is sold out in the pattern and compression I want. When will it be available again?
 Depending on the item you're looking for, we may or may not be receiving the item back in stock. All of our RejuvaHealth patterned items are released as collections and are available for purchase until they are sold out. As a result of these limited quantities, we encourage all customers to purchase items that catch their eye as soon as possible to avoid missing out on a much loved pattern or style. Also, be sure to join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new collections being released.  Solidea brand items are restocked on a regular basis and are usually readily available. If the item you are looking for is sold out in your size, feel free to give us a call or email us to find out when it will be back in stock. We’ll do our best to provide you with an estimated time of arrival for the item and we’ll get the item out to you as soon as it becomes available again.Return to Top »

Recommended Usages & Wear

Q: How often should I wear my compression stockings?
Your doctor will be your best resource for determining what hours of compression wearing is right for you. For most people, it’s generally recommended that compression stockings are put on in the morning after waking (before legs suffer any standing-related swelling), and worn throughout the day until bedtime.Return to Top »

Q: Will the RejuvaHealth patterns fade off with wear?
With proper care, your RejuvaHealth patterns will wear just like any normal item of clothing. Our garments are specially treated to ensure the patterns are durable & wearable.Return to Top »

Q: Are there any people who should NOT wear compression stockings?
Yes - there are certain conditions with which use of compression stockings is not recommended. Do not wear compression stockings if you have advanced arterial disease, uncontrolled congestive heart failure, or untreated septic phlebitis. Please also use caution and consult with your physician if you have: skin infections, allergies to fabrics, weeping dermatoses, lack sensitivity in limbs, or suffer prolonged immobility and/or bed confinement. Discontinue use if any discomfort or irritation occurs.Return to Top »

Q: What is the best way to put on my compression stockings?
All RejuvaHealth garments are made of a specially treated, soft and stretchy microfiber to help make donning your garments as easy as possible. Here’s a handy trick: First, before trying to simply pull on the garment, first turn the body of your stocking inside-out, leaving only the toe area in usual right-side-out position. Place your toes inside the toe area, then gently pull the remainder of the stocking back into its right-side out position, over your heels, and up your calves. Continue gently pulling upward and finish by smoothing out any remaining wrinkles. Throughout the donning process, be extra alert of your nails & jewelry as they can snag your garment. You may want to purchase ridged rubber donning gloves to wear while applying your stocking to protect against this snagging possibility.Return to Top »

Q How long do compression stockings generally last?
Because repeated use causes the elastic fibers within compression garments to stretch and eventually lose their elasticity, it is recommended that compression stockings are replaced every 4-6 months. Replacing your stockings regularly is an important investment in your health as over-stretched and over-worn garments may not deliver proper levels of compression. A helpful tip for maximizing the life of your stocking is to invest in several pairs and to rotate those pairs on a daily basis throughout the week. This allows the elastic fibers in your garments to relax between wearings and should help prevent any accelerated stretching from occurring. Proper washing & care will also help protect the life of your stocking (see below).Return to Top »

Wash & Care

Q: How do I wash/care for my compression stockings?
To preserve the life of your stocking, we recommend hand-washing your garments in warm or cold water with a gentle laundry detergent. Use of HOT water is not reocmmended. While hand washing, please handle delicately and refrain from wringing or scrunching. If you have a washing machine that offers a “Delicate”, “Gentle”, or “Hand Wash” cycle and would prefer to use that, use of a lingerie bag is recommended. Lay flat to dry. Do not dry clean, iron, bleach, use softeners, or other additives.Return to Top »

Wearers of Compression

Q: If I don't have an existing leg discomfort, can I still wear RejuvaHealth compression stockings?
Yes. Some people simply enjoy wearing compression because of the way it feels and the sensation of support it provides. Our lightest level 15-20 mmHg would be recommended for this use. However, as with all medical devices or treatments, it is best to consult your doctor before use to ensure that they are safe for you.Return to Top »

Q: Can men wear RejuvaHealth compression stockings?
Absolutely! In fact, several of our knee high patterns have been designed specifically with men in mind. Our top recommendations for our handsome male RejuvaHealthers are the “Opaque Diamond Knee Highs” and “Unisex Dress Socks with COOLMAX”. All of these options offer more subtle detailing and pair wonderfully with virtually any pair of slacks, casual pant, or even shorts.Return to Top »

Sizing, Styles, & Compression Levels

Q: When choosing my size, can I just use the weight & height guidelines provided?
 While we do provide height and weight guidelines within our sizing chart for your reference, those ranges do not constitute a complete fitting & should not be used as a stand-alone sizing tool. We strongly advise you use your leg circumference measurements to identify your correct size. This is the only way to ensure your leg is receiving the proper compression it needs & that your garment will fit comfortably.Return to Top »

Q: What does mmHG mean?
 The mmHg stands for millimeters of mercury. This is the unit of measurement used to describe the amount of pressure being exerted upon the leg via the garment. Graduated compression hosiery is designed to be strongest in the ankle area and gradually looser above as it advances towards the calf and upper thigh. The lower the numerical value of the range indicated, the lighter the compression is. For example a 15-20 mmHg compression stocking provides lighter support than a firmer 20-30 mmHg compression stocking.Return to Top »

Q:  I'm new to compression. What compression level should I buy?
 We suggest that new wearers start with the lightest level of compression available, unless otherwise instructed by a healthcare provider. Starting with a lower level of compression allows the wearer to become familiar with the garment and gives them a good introduction to compression. Of course, you are always more than welcome to move into higher compression levels as you get more accustomed to how support stockings feel. You may even find that eventually your legs are craving that extra support on those longer days. Return to Top »

Q:  Why do the Solidea garments have different compression levels? 
 Solidea garments feature designer European styles that are manufactured in Italy and as a result their compression levels are based off of the European standard. Generally speaking an EU Class 1 garment (18-21 mmHg) is comparable to a US Class 1 garment (15-20mmHg). Likewise, an EU Class 2 garment (23-32 mmHg) is similar to a US Class 2 garment (20-30 mmHg). Return to Top »

Q:  Should I buy open toe or closed toe compression stockings?
 This decision is entirely based on personal preference. Some wearers enjoy stockings that are open toe because they feel such styles are less constricting on the toes and more accommodating of toe sensitivities, such as bunions, which are more likely aggravated by closed toe stockings. People also often wear open toe because they like being able to wear sandals during the warmer months or just feel that the openness gives their toes more flexibility. Closed toe wearers, on the other hand, are more interested in a compression garment that fits like a typical sock or piece of hosiery. Feel free to choose whatever suits you best, open toe or closed toe, it doesn’t affect the functionality of the garment. Return to Top »

Q: Will additional compression levels be available in the future?
 We look forward to the possibility of providing additional compression levels to our customers in the future. If there’s a product you’d love to see us offer that we don’t yet have, tell us! Hearing from you is our best means of ensuring we satisfy your needs in the future. Simply email us at support@rejuvahealth.comReturn to Top »

Q: Do the thigh highs stay up on their own? 
 Yes. RejuvaHealth thigh highs are equipped with a stay-up band featuring beaded silicone dots that help keep the garment in place. The Solidea thigh highs have surgical grade stay-up bands that are enhanced with silicone strips ensuring the garment keeps up with your busy lifestyle.Return to Top »

Q: Does weight gain or loss affect my compression therapy treatment?
 Yes, weight fluctuations can affect your size. If your weight has changed, we recommend you re-take your leg circumference measurements and double check your size as it may have changed. Proper fit is integral to proper compression care. Return to Top »


Q: Does RejuvaHealth accept orders via phone?
Yes. To place an order via phone, you can call us toll free at 877-7-REJUVA (877-773-5882) or locally at 949-380-4855. Not all specials and/or promotions available on our online e-boutique may be available via phone. For our most current offers, please shop with us at our RejuvaHealth online store.Return to Top »

Q: I don’t live in the United States. Does RejuvaHealth ship internationally?
Yes. We offer flat-rate standard shipping to our international customers. The prices of this depend on the destination country of shipment and are shown during checkout. For specific pricing, click here. If you have questions about international orders or shipments, we’re happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. Email us at support@rejuvahealth.com or call 877-7-REJUVA (35882).Return to Top »

Q: What credit cards to you accept?
We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also offer an easy, express check-out option through PayPal for your convenience.Return to Top »

Q: Can I return or exchange my RejuvaHealth merchandise?
A  We offer our customers a full money-back guarantee on all unworn products in their original packaging returned within 30 days of purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied after wearing or using any product within 30 days of purchase, we can provide store credit. For more information on how to request a return/store credit, click hereReturn to Top »

Q: I have a gripe. Who can help me resolve it quickly?
Send us a message via our “Contact” submission area, email support@rejuvahealth.com, or call 877-7-REJUVA. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you are delighted with your RejuvaHealth experience.Return to Top »

Q: I have an idea or suggestion - where should I send it?
We love to hear your ideas and suggestions, and are always looking for ways we can improve our products for our customers. You can contact us via our “Contact” submission area, via email at support@rejuvahealth.com, via phone at 877-7-REJUVA, or on our Facebook fan page. We can’t wait to hear from you!Return to Top »

Health Insurance Coverage

Q: Are RejuvaHealth products covered by my health insurance?
RejuvaHealth does not accept payment from insurance providers, however some insurance carriers and plans may provide reimbursement for the cost of compression stockings (provided they were prescribed by a physician and worn at a level of 20-30 mmHg or higher). Contact your insurance provider to see if compression stockings may be covered within your plan.Return to Top »

Q: Are compression stockings Flexible Spending Account (FSA) eligible?
Yes - Compression hosiery is reimbursable under Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's)!  This is great news if you are already enrolled or have access to a Flexible Spending Account through your employer.  Your purchase of compression hosiery for yourself and/or your eligible dependent(s) can be reimbursed with pre-tax dollars when prescribed by a doctor.  By using your flexible spending account, you save federal, state and Social Security (FICA) income taxes on the money you use to purchase compression hosiery as long as it is medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor.  Some FSA administrators may also require the prescription include the medical necessity (i.e. diagnosis).  Note: It is advisable to seek clarification from your Plan Administrator on what is considered an eligible expense.Return to Top »

Sales & Distribution Opportunities

Q: Are RejuvaHealth products available for wholesale purchase? 
Yes. To best serve our customers, we do offer selective distribution opportunities. For further information, please contact us at support@rejuvahealth.com or request stockist information hereReturn to Top »

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