About us

Our Story 

I developed a blood clot (DVT) on a flight when I was 21. While recovering from this, my doctor told me to wear compression stockings. The relief they lent was incredible! I fell in love with their function & began to wear them daily. There was just one catch: I hated how most options looked.

Unable to find something to match my personal style, I set out to make my own.  A year of research & development later, Rejuva’s line of fashion-patterned compression was born.

In December 2010, I launched www.rejuvahealth.com with the goal to giving wearers like me a thoughtfully curated assortment of stylish compression options paired with friendly, relatable help.

Since that little dream launched from my first post-college home, Rejuva products have been featured in the likes of VOGUE, NY Times, SHAPE, InStyle, Travel & Leisure, CNN, Dr Oz and more. In 2014, Rejuva was named a “Top 30 Startup to Watch” by Entrepreneur Magazine with “potential to transform their industry, if not the world” and in 2015, HME Business honored Rejuva as “Retail Product of the Year”. Today we continue serving our online customers from our offices in Los Angeles while shipping product to retailers nationwide. 

Though the places you can now buy Rejuva have grown, our original mission remains the same. We want to make wearing compression better. So whether you’re a new wearer or a seasoned pro, let us know how we can be of help!

Thank you SO much for visiting our site and considering Rejuva for your compression needs. 

With gratitude & wishes for your fantastic health,

Kelsey, Founder