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  • Footless Compression Leggings: Fashion vs. Medical, Key Features & How to Find your Perfect Pair

    When I began wearing compression in 2008, I had to wear a stocking that covered my full leg due to the location of my DVT. Since it extended up my calf to behind my knee, a sock didn’t provide enough length to manage the symptoms I was experiencing. At the time, thigh highs & pantyhose were my only option – two hosiery styles I didn’t often wear.

    Despite this, I dutifully wore the two alternating between them depending on my outfit & the weather. Their function was amazing, but they were tricky to integrate into my clothing routine. Living in California, I frequently wear sandals. While open toe styles helped me do this, I was sometimes still embarrassed for the piece of their foot that extended past my pant cuff.

    As my condition healed & symptoms improved, I began seeking ways to continue wearing compression without feeling like it was so obvious to others. Leggings were becoming especially popular with the growth of brands like Lululemon & the birth of the “athleisure” movement. To feel like I was keeping up with this, I started cutting the feet off my pantyhose. Ultimately this personal trick was the inspiration behind the development of our footless leggings.

    Since we introduced our first solid black footless version of them a few years ago, they’ve quickly become our best-selling style. To continue offering wearers different options for different needs, we’ve since added a few variations of this original variation. To help you decide whether any or one of these footless leggings is right for you, here’s some added info on their respective features & answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about footless garments.

    Q: What’s the difference between something like a Spanx fashion or Nike sport compression legging & a Rejuva wellness compression legging?

    A: Many brands like Spanx have fantastic fashion leggings that advertise compression for added slimming benefits. I myself have some of these (and love them) but there’s a very important differentiation between them. Most compression leggings you see advertised in mainstream athletic or department stores are simply elastic clothes that squeeze parts of the body in uniform ways to suck in & flatten common trouble areas like the bum, upper thigh or tummy. This can offer a sensation of being held-in or supported but they do not contain the specific type of FDA registered, carefully-measured and controlled compression that comes in medically conscious versions like Rejuva’s.

    For graduated compression to have its true circulation enhancing effects, a specific decreasing amount of compression must be applied from the ankle to the knee and above. Special medical knitting machines are required to do this along with special testing to confirm the compression is just right. These garments are held to different standards than fashion & sport variations. In fact, wearing an extremely tight compression pant or legging that doesn’t have graduated compression can actually have the opposite effect on the leg’s circulation. By squeezing in a uniform or reverse way it can impede normal circulation

    How to tell the difference between copmression leggings

    If you’re unsure of a garments’ compression type (i.e. whether it’s uniform or true graduated) one hint is to check material composition. Non-medical, unregistered fashion or sport variations typically contain a nylon/spandex mix with 5-6% spandex. By comparison, something like a Rejuva legging has nearer 23-25% spandex. This larger proportion of spandex is required to exert the degree of pressure required of effective medical compression. It’s also what makes getting into a Rejuva compression legging trickier than a Spanx version. Real graduated compression should be noticeably firm in the ankle region.

    Q: Who can wear footless compression leggings?

    A: People seeking relief from swelling & discomfort often use footless compression leggings. We have wearers who use them for things ranging from preventative reasons like standing or sitting for long periods (hair stylists, retail associates, restaurant staff, hotel employees, road or desk warriors) to medical conditions like clots, POTs, autoimmune disorders, edemas. It really varies.

    Leggings with health & beauty benefits

    Q: Who should NOT wear footless compression leggings?

    A: If you have moderate to severe venous insufficiency or edema or are recovering from a surgery, talk to your doctor to ensure this style’s right for you. In certain advanced cases, compression with a full foot may be recommended.

    Q: You mention sometimes a full foot is recommended. Why?

    A: The leg’s vascular system starts in the foot. Giving that area a hug of support along with the ankle captures all the veins & valves that begin in that lowest region. This is why we recommend positioning the bottom of your legging to cover your ankle as much as possible when you put them on. Do this by pulling the garment below your anklebone as you apply them. Also watch to ensure they don’t creep up during the day. Unintended creep up the calf can cause your ankles to swell via incorrect positioning.

    Q: What features are unique to the Rejuva legging I may not see in a fashion or sport legging?

    A:   There are a few. First, to achieve their firm graduated compression they’re knit in a way sometimes feels like thinly ribbed finish. This is an issue of functionality & required to achieve their opacity. Personally, I barely notice it but we have had people ask about it before so it’s something I like to give an extra heads up on. They’re not perfectly flat like a cotton legging.

    Second, they contain side panels on the side of the torso reminiscent of an equestrian pant. This is also a functional feature. Our first version of this item didn’t have those & it resulted in an extremely tight bum region. Without extra room for the tush, the first generation leggings were susceptible to a plumber’s crack look when sitting or bending over. I prefer not having to worry about adjusting my pants as I go about my day (and exposing my bum!) so added this extra space in our second generation.

    Lastly, they’re more work to get into than a fashion or sport legging. This is another feature of most graduated compression. Be patient when putting them on the first time & be sure to do so from a sitting position. It’s worth it!

    Rejuva compression legging features

    Q: What’s the best way to put them on?

    A: Do not bunch them up like you would a cotton sock or legging. This concentrates the compression & will make them impossible to get on. Instead, keep them laid out flat on the floor. Sit down & begin sliding ONE foot in first. Slowly pull that leg over your foot & heel bit by bit. As you gather more fabric on the other side of your heel, start inching the leg up your calf. Don’t go all the way up above your knee or it will be tough to get on the other leg. Repeat the same lower half of the leg on your remaining side. Once knee high on both, then continue slowly pulling up the remainder of the garment over the thighs. After pulling up to your waist, hold the waistband out & slide your hand palm facing out down your thigh, pulling the garment up to flatten & adjust. This is my secret trick for getting them positioned just right! Ensure the crotch is all the way up to your groin to avoid them slipping down through your day. If they aren’t pulled up properly from the start, they can become a drag (literally).

    Q: What’s the difference between a footless & stirrup Rejuva legging?

    A: The only difference between the footless & stirrup Rejuva leggings is an added piece of material connected to the end of the leg that wraps around the arch of the foot. The leg & top portions of the two versions are identical.

    The purpose of this stirrup is to hold the legging securely down over the ankle & prevent it from creeping up. By doing this it can eliminate the need to adjust the bottom of the garment through the day. From a functional perspective this lends added support to foot and ankle veins (similar to an open-toed garment) while still leaving the toes and heel open. It can also provide a feel-good hug to the arch. From a fashion perspective, this enables wearers to wear open toe & open heel shoes. I love how stirrups stay put when layered under longer socks or boots.

    Rejuva stirrup legging features

    Q: Are Rejuva leggings available in 20-30 mmHg?

    A: Not yet. This is something we’ve been working on for a long time but haven’t yet been able to get just right. Since we want them to be absolutely perfect for you, we’re continuing our product development quest. Be assured, it’s definitely something we’re prioritizing & working actively upon.

    In the meantime, one thing to note about our current 15-20 mmHg leggings is that they are produced to land on the highest side of that support range. For that reason, many 20-30 mmHg wearers are often pleasantly surprised by their firm support. If you’re a 20-30 mmHg wearer concerned as to whether you would get adequate compression from them, I’d suggest giving them a try. If they’re not quite right, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll help you find something that’s a better match.

  • Wearing Compression Stockings in Cold Weather: FAQs + Seasonal Tips

    Cooling air, shorter days, and the arrival of holiday decor: signals of fall’s arrival and the weather changes that accompany it. With this change in weather, come changes in wardrobe. For compression wearers, this sparks a different set of questions than those wearers consider in warmer months. Some of the most frequent we’ve been hearing at Rejuva are:

    • Which items are best to layer under pants?
    • Can I wear a compression legging with a sock together?
    • What are the warmest styles?

    These thoughtful questions are also complimented by style considerations. What finishes look best with this seasons’ trends?

    I know, because I too asked many of these when I started wearing compression. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve now worn compression for approaching 8 years (eeks!). Having had this personal experience combined with the benefit of speaking to countless customers via email or phone, we’ve discovered many of the answers along the way.

    So without further ado ... Here’s our take on answers to these common fall questions.

    Q: Which compression stockings are best to layer under pants?

    A: The answer to this depends on a few personal preferences & needs. Since knee highs are pretty intuitive to pair with pants, most wearers asking this are looking for a thigh high or pantyhose. In that case, I personally suggest thigh highs over pantyhose when seeking a full-length solution.

    Two key benefits I find with this [thigh high] style are that it avoids the added material layer around the tummy/bum plus quicker bathroom breaks. Most often the silicone thigh bands that hold them up cannot be seen under pants. As a disclaimer, I do find some lightweight fabrics in skinny leg cuts can reveal a bit of a bump where the elastic squeezes in that soft part of the upper thigh. Typically in my experience though, this bump isn’t significant enough for others to notice. If the upper thigh area is of special concern or sensitivity to you, then consider this when choosing between the two styles. Wearing pantyhose will eliminate this possibility under pants but also add an extra layer.

    Once you’ve narrowed down cut, next consideration is finish. In fall/winter, many of our wearers opt for an opaque pair in black. The benefit of this over a sheer is a little added warmth + durability. In the case you want something more natural looking that can be worn under a pair of distressed denim jeans (like below) or an ankle crop style, opt for a sheer in natural like this one. I find no one even notices it when peeking through the ankle area or knee.


    Q: How about Rejuva leggings – can those be worn under pants?

    A: More recently, we’ve received a few calls asking whether our Rejuva leggings could be worn under pants. The answer is yes, but with a few considerations & prospective drawbacks. Our leggings were designed to be opaque and wearable on a stand-alone basis. As such, they’re thicker than most pantyhose & thigh highs. This is no problem if worn beneath looser, wider leg styles but may prove less than ideal under slimmer cut items. Personally, I prefer wearing our leggings on a stand-alone basis with a tunic or long sweater and not underneath pants as seen below.

    Q: Can I wear a compression sock WITH a compression legging?

    A: Sure. You could pair a compression knee high with a compression legging.We’re heard of this specifically used by some lymphedema therapists in cases where one garment alone doesn’t provide adequate support to combat the swelling through the entire lower body (toe to belly button). One thing to keep in mind when doing so is that compression layered atop compression will add to the pressure exerted on your leg. So if you layer a 15-20 mmHg sock WITH a 15-20 mmHg legging, your calf may be getting nearer 30 mmHg of pressure in that region. For some this may be firmer than desired. For others, it might feel great. As with all compression, listen to your body. Discomfort will often signal if the combo isn’t quite for you. Your doctor or therapist is also a great resource for a case-specific question like this.


    Q: What are the warmest styles for colder weather?

    A: Most opaque styles are great for colder weather. I love opaque, black pantyhose like this for converting skirts & dresses into more winter-friendly gear & cozy socks like these for inside of ski & snow boots. Some brands also offer styles knit from Merino Wools, a favorite fabric of outdoor adventurers. One item I especially love for cool-weather casualwear this fall is a stirrup legging. The small stirrup helps keep the legging down around the arch of the foot, hugging the ankle with support & making sure the bottom of the legging doesn’t creep up underneath socks or boots. This fall, I’ve been taking long knit socks and slouching them down over my stirrup leggings for a little extra texture and warmth. Loving how they look here also paired with a chunky knit scarf.


    How do you wear compression in cold months? Show us by tagging @rejuvahealth on Instagram. Something we missed? Help us fill in the gap by emailing with your question.

  • How to wear compression leggings – FAQ’s and style ideas.


    RH-Pinterest-Style-Compression-Leggings-1 (1)

    When I first began wearing compression my doctor instructed me to wear full-length compression. Living on the beach in California at the time, this prescription wasn’t an easy one. In addition to the year-round warm weather that made pantyhose a challenge, I ached to look more like my friends & wear my favorite sandals while still complying with my compression therapy.

    To navigate around this, I started cutting the feet off my compression pantyhose. This sneaky trick let me wear some of the clothes I craved, but left me with a few annoying side effects. The ends of my compression tights would begin to roll & fray after a few wears. I was also frustrated I couldn’t ever wear my modified “footless” tights alone. And so the idea for Rejuva’s footless compression legging was born …

    When designing our footless legging, I focused on 3 main features:

    -  A top like a true legging (no pantyhose control tops with feet cut off) -  Maximum opacity so you can wear & pair with tops other than dresses -  An ultra wide, yoga-pant-inspired tummy band

    After over 10 months of research, development, and countless prototype iterations, we finally had a version I loved & which I thought other wearers like me would love too. We launched it fall 2012 and they’ve been a best-seller since!

    Because of their popularity, we also get a lot of questions about them. Some of the most common are: “How opaque are they?” And “What can I wear them with?” Check out this video for answers to those questions and more …

    Can’t tune in to the video? Here’s a written recap of some of its top highlights.

    Q: What colors are available?

    A: RejuvaWear leggings come in 2 colors – a classic black and an indigo blue. The black’s designed to be your easy, everyday staple (afterall, who doesn’t love a slimming black pant?) while the indigo is more similar to a “jegging” in hue – think a bit more casual and fun. I especially love this color in spring and summer.

    Q: Are they opaque?

    A: YES! This is why they took so long to develop. These leggings offer full opaque coverage in the tummy and leg and are NOT simply a pair of pantyhose with the feet cut off. Rejuva leggings are knit with true medical grade graduated compression in the 15-20 mmHg support level that extends through the leg

    Q: Can I wear your compression leggings like a normal legging?

    A: Yes. Their compression is most effective when pulled down below your ankle so just be sure to pull down their bottom ends as low as possible when putting on. Other than that – rock just as you would a normal legging. Since footless, you can compare with most any footwear. Try with sandals or open-toed ballet flats.

    Q: How do you suggest wearing these day to day?

    A: Keep it casual by pairing with a v-neck, denim jacket, comfy flats, or sandals. Swap between seasons by trading out shoes & accessories. We love leather boots, sweaters and cozy scarves with leggings in winter. You can even pair our leggings with athletic shoes and a t-shirt as workout wear. Check out the pictures below for inspiration shots featuring the above suggestions.

    RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips1mJn_Q5ULjpEKwrO74jf2icAeRsXoAjILygPeaoRgHo,oqPbPwjkDbfvTAkrje-evquq-Wt0jl6wGI06J73TP1MRejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-TipsRejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips

    Q: How do I dress up my leggings?

    A: Take your leggings the more formal route by pairing with heels and a dress top. I love this combination for weekend nights out – my friends & I call them our Spanx on steroids! Ultra supportive and extra slimming too. Accessories can also help dress up your look. Try a statement watch, bangles, or your favorite rings. Their added sparkle and detail on your hands and wrist will accentuate your leggings when standing or sitting with arms by your sides.RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips





    Q: Can you wear compression leggings for travel?

    A: Yes! Footless compression leggings are also great for flights, long drives, or any long periods of sitting or standing. Pair them with comfy sneakers and don’t forget layers if traveling via air– a must for varying plane cabin temperatures.



    How do you wear yours? Tag your picture on instagram with #compressionleggings @rejuvahealth or our new favorite hastag #LBL (little black leggings).

  • Holiday Fashion: 4 Tips for Creating a Festive Outfit

    Glitter, fur, and velvet ... tis the season! Dazzle friends and family at your upcoming holiday event with these 4 festive outfit tips.


    Your tree shouldn’t be the only thing that glitters and shines.This time of year is the best time to show off all your favorite bling, whether it be metallic accents on your shoes, or an heirloom brooch.

    Start with a basic velvet dress, paired with RejuvaHealth Sheer Floral Thigh Highs. Holiday parties are a blast, but we spend so much time on our feet. Our lace-look stockings are more than just a pretty accessory. All those hours standing wont seem so bad, if your legs feel great.


    Dramatic jewelry makes holiday fashion so much fun.


    Art deco inspired jewelry, from Anthrolopologie

    These fabulous pieces are available at Go look take a, they have a gorgeous selection. Maybe you’ll even see something that would look great on your wishlist (hint, hint).


    If you’re going to put together a phenomenal outfit, you have to consider hair and makeup too. A great hair-do might not have to cost a fortune either. When we need hair inspiration we head over to Twist Me Pretty.  Abby has a Hairstyle Gallery, filled with tutorials, for styles you can do yourself. A little practice is all it takes to master some really pretty braids. It’s amazing what a little hairspray and a couple bobby pins can do.


    Fishtail Up-Do, on Twist Me Pretty


    Now that you’ve got your hair covered, take a look at these holiday makeup trends. Be daring, try that lipstick shade you’ve been hesitant to try. A fun idea is to let the professionals do your makeup, for a change. Sit down at a MAC, Stila, or Lancome counter and let a makeup artist pick products and colors for you. They’ll show you how to wear new colors and even how to apply it. Having someone else do your makeup is such a treat!

    For the holidays we love a simple smoky eye and dramatic lipstick. These two products are all you really need.


    Urban Decay, Naked Basics and Smashbox, Be Legendary Lipstick in  Vivid Violet

    This eye shadow palette has all the essentials for creating flattering looks on a variety of skin tones. Deep plum lipsticks are so pretty and easier to wear than you might think. Pucker up and swipe a bold new shade on your lips. It’s the little things that sometimes make you feel like a million bucks.

    Now go get fancy. Have fun with textures and deep jewel toned colors. Start with cute RejuvaHealth stockings and your sure to look amazing and feel great too.

    Happy holidays!

  • Fall Fashion 2013

    Cooler weather doesn’t have to mean boring outfits. Fall fashion can be so much fun. It’s time for sassy scarves, cozy sweaters, and gorgeous colors. What’s best is, there is truly no better time of year to show off your fun fashionable tights!


    One simple (and cost-effective) way to refresh your wardrobe for fall is to incorporate some funky new accessories & a fresh pair of boots. We’re loving the fringed edges on the black scarf, seen above. Wear it with jeans and a tee or your favorite sweater dress. For some fun new scarf wrapping ideas, check out Scarves Dot Net. They have over 50 how-to’s on tying scarves!

    Boots are a favorite in the RejuvaHealth offices. While knee high boots make a great statement, short boots look awesome with jeans and pants. Buckles add a fun element and are sure to garner compliments. They go easily from office casual to weekend adventure.

    If you sometimes shy away from wearing shoes with a heel for fear of leg & foot strain, it may be time to give heels another chance. We find that much of the discomfort associated with wearing heels can be alleviated when paired with compression stockings. RejuvaHealth brand knee highs make perfect boot socks. There’s no reason to choose fashion over comfort when you can have both. Another great way to alleviate discomfort is by choosing a shoe or boot with a wider heel since wide or stacked heels can lend better balance. Here are some fun options, by Steve Madden.


    Raygun Boots, by Steve Madden $229.95 and   Resqued Boots, by Steve Madden $159.95

    A timeless fashion staple, it comes as no surprise that leopard's back in fashion for fall 2013. This season incorporate it into your wardrobe with a great accessory. Accessories are a great for adding fun prints to your outfit without feeling too flashy. Don’t feel like you have to limit this wild print to purses though. A leopard scarf or cardigan will go with tons of outfits too! Take a look at these funky spot-inspired options.


    N.Peal – Leopard Print Cashmere Scarf, Claire Vivier – Spotted Pouch, Sheriff & Cherry – Animal Print Sunglasses

    We can’t talk about fall fashion without mentioning this season’s jewel toned color palette.  Chunky knit sweaters aren’t only fun, but cozy too. When shopping this season, we challenge you to reach for a color you wouldn't normally try. Thank goodness we don’t have to choose just one color from the Pantone Fall 2013 color chart, because we want them all! Take a look at all the colors of the season and find bold new ways to mix and match. Some of them may already live in your closet.


    Rag & Bone - Cara Pullover, Aeropostale – Sheer Knit V-Neck, Reiss – Round Neck Sweater, Tibi – Chevron Top

     There’s no reason to let grey sky make you a drab dresser. This is the best time of year to pull out your bright colored sweaters and exciting prints. We’d love to see how you pair your RejuvaHealth stocking with fall outfits. Show us your best combos on our Facebook page!




  • Trick or Treat - Halloween Outfit Ideas & Costume DIYs

    Cinnamon and spice fill the air and candy is tempting us everywhere we look. That can only mean one thing … it’s time to start thinking about what to wear on the 31st!

    Whether you’re prepping for a party, taking the kids door-to-door, or just passing out candy, it’s hard to turn down that free pass for playing dress up. Why not indulge your inner child and have fun with it?

    If you’re in need of some inspiration, a great witch costume can be relatively effortless. We love that it can be created from clothes you already have in your closet (once topped with a pointy black hat, of course) and reinvented year after year. Witches come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so channel different personalities by going spooky & mean one year and charming & sweet the next. Take the Hocus Pocus trio for example - pretty, kooky, funny, and spooky all rolled up in one!



    How to achieve it?

    For an all-out wicked look, check out what Refinery 29 did for their interpretation of The Wicked Witch of the West. (Hint: this glam witch’s wild wavy locks were achieved with a unique DIY technique that includes hangers).

    Refinery 29, Wicked Witch of the West Tutorial


    If you prefer to forgo the spooky look & instead keep things understated and pretty, here are a few pieces from around the web (pun intended) that may help get you started.



    A pointy black hat is a witch staple – but you can make it even more fun by using it as an opportunity to express your personal style. Create your own version in slate grey or purple or add silk flowers, polka dots or spider webs for added texture. However you decide to put it together, be sure to customize it and make it your own. We love this adorable floret version from U-Create, complete with a full DIY guide so you can recreate it at home.

    Blog Pic 3


    Green Lipstick

    Give your witch outfit a hint of the ghoulish with a swipe of green lipstick. Quicker to apply than a full green face and easier to wash off at night’s end too.

    Blog Pic 4

    Mehron Lipstick, Urban Outfitters


    Tights are another easy way to add unique detail & texture to your outfit while keeping you warm for trick-or-treating. Striped tights are an easy go-to, but we also love these fantastic skeleton thigh highs for the occasion. If a more sophisticated witch look is what you desire, the RejuvaHealth Sheer Dot Thigh Highs would certainly do the trick! They’ll also help ward off tiredness and swelling that can come with all that walking …

    Blog Pic 5

    What will you be for Halloween? Tell us by commenting below or sharing your ideas on our Facebook fan page.

  • Summer Style Picks: Compression Stockings for Wedding Season

    Now that we’ve celebrated Moms, Dads, The Fourth, and Grads, it’s time for the second most wonderful time of the year. That’s right; we’re knee deep in wedding season and while you’re busy getting a pedicure, finding a date, booking a flight, and wrapping the perfect gift, we’re coming out with new ways to make sure you look and feel picture perfect until the very last toast.


    Daytime Diva

    Daytime weddings are a classic mix of pretty pastels, bubbly champagne, flowery speeches and lots and lots of standing: stand at the church, stand for pictures, stand in the buffet line, stand as you greet your best friends third cousin’s aunt. To ease the pain, we suggest pairing the Medi Sheer & Soft Compression Thigh Highs with a lovely mint dress, a classy clutch and the most adorable earrings we’ve ever seen.

    Blog Image 1

    Pictured: Flowy metallic mint green one shoulder dress, Gold Kate Spade Clutch, Mint Rose Earrings, Essie Sheers Nail Polish


    City Celebration

    Always a Bridesmaid and never a bride? At least you won’t have to share your piece of the cake, or worry about anyone stepping on your new shoes as you dance the night away in a pair of Medi Comfort Compression Stocking Thigh Highs in Ebony. The silicone lace band is both flirty and functional ensuring a no slip grip for sophisticated comfort. Wear them with a sleek one shoulder dress in a deep purple and a funky clutch for that trendy evening wedding downtown.

      Blog Image 2


    Pictured: Purple One shouldered dress, Black Pumps, Black pleated clutch, Diamond Cluster Dangle Earrings


    Dreamy Destination

    Saying “I do” Aloha style? More and more weddings are taking place beach side in exotic destinations now a days which means more and more opportunities for fun floral prints, dresses in lighter fabrics, loose lush hair, and sheer stockings. As a guest its all about fun and relaxation so pack a sweet summer dress, floral pumps, a statement necklace, and a pair of RejuvaHealth Sheer Dot Compression Knee Highs. Take your pick, we now have them in four delightful summery colors sure to please even the pickiest of brides.

    Blog Image 3


    Refreshing Orchid hair clips , Ruffled Coral Sun Dress, Floral Closed toe Platform Pumps, Glittered clutch bag

  • Red, White, Renewing, and Blue! Compression Stocking Outfit Ideas for 4th of July.


    The Fourth of July is so close we can practically smell the BBQ, hear the fireworks, and feel the warm summer sun. No matter how you choose celebrate this Thursday, we have outfit options to take you all the way from your red, white, and blueberry pancakes to the fireworks grand finale.

    The approaching holiday weekend offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate freedom, feel renewed and still be fashion-forward in sheer summer-friendly styles.


    Party Polished

    So your holiday plans have you at the annual family BBQ for a day of comfort food, endless rounds of horseshoes and croquet, and more cousins than you can count? Try a fresh polka dot sundress with strappy sandals, nautical themed accessories, and a pair of the Medi Open Toed Sheer and Soft Thigh Highs and you have the perfect blend of patriotic and polished.


    July 4 Image 1


    The PacificPlex Polkadot Sundress is a sweet and sassy hint of vintage that accentuates in all the right places. We love the breezy cotton fabric for summer.

    Pair with these Simple braided sandals from Modcloth, the perfect understated accessory.

    Anchors away with this nautical themed necklace from Etsy.

    Top it off with this cute roomy striped tote from Michael Kors and you really can take it all with you.


    California Casual 

    If your idea of a festive Fourth takes you out and about to the early morning parade or late night fireworks show, keep chic and comfy in relaxed boyfriend capris, a sweet polka dot blouse, ultra-feminine lace cardigan, and a pop of red accessories paired with our brand new Sheer Dot Knee Highs in Buff.


    July 4 Image 2


    These relaxed Boyfriend Capris by Citizens of Humanity will work with just about anything

    But we especially love it paired with this Swiss polka dot top

    Layered with the Lace Panel Cardigan by Mango if you’re going to be out after dark

    Go anywhere in style and comfort in the Red Canvas Slip on by Toms

    Accessories can take an outfit to the next level, step it up with these adorable Floral Earrings and eye popping Tory Burch Tote


    Beach Babe

    Skipping the soirees and headed to the beach or pool side for some fun in the sun? Try this figure-flattering swim suit with a breezy white cover up and simple shorts, embellished flip flops, and navy polka dot tote. Layer on a gold beach themed necklace and some sassy shades and you’re ready to go.


    July 4 Image 3


    Make them stop and stare with an eye catching Red Bandeau swimsuit with built in tummy control.

    Stop for lunch or stroll the board walk in these simple Structured Cotton Shorts, a Breezy Cotton Cardigan, and Comfy Wedge Flip Flops. Classic yet sophisticated neutrals keep the focus on your awesome accessories.

    Evoke retro beachside glamour with this delicate gold sea inspired necklace, and face framing Rose Gold Cat-eye Sun Glasses.

    Store your wallet, keys, cell phone, lip balm, sun screen, and anything else you can think of, in summer style in this Navy Polka Dot Beach Tote with braided rope handles.

    Not quite ready to bare it all beachside? Prepare for the bikini body you’ve always wanted with the Solidea Silver Wave Anti-Cellulite Shorts. The shorts are knit with three dimensional Silver Wave technology that banishes cellulite and helps drain excess fluids so that you can both look and feel your best.

  • Summer Solstice - Fun Facts & Summer Style Picks


    Did you know that today is the longest day of the year? In the US and many other parts of the world, the sun will shine longer today than any other day. It’s known as Summer Solstice and has been celebrated around the world since anyone can remember.  So, in honor of the first day of summer, we thought we’d offer up some interesting facts about Summer Solstice- ones you can share over dinner with your loved ones or use to impress your friends on Facebook.

    • Today the sun will not set over the North Pole meaning the polar bears will be extra groggy come tomorrow afternoon.
    • Solstice comes from Latin and literally means “sun stand still,” fitting if we don’t say so ourselves.
    • Even though it’s the first day of summer we wouldn’t recommend heading to the beach just yet. Due to thermal inertia is takes some time for the ocean to “heat up” from the cold winter days- wait until mid-July for the real summer warmth to set in.
    • The reasoning for the longer day of sunlight is that the sun actually reaches its highest point in the sky- pretty neat if you ask us.
    • Solstice was traditionally celebrated by dancing around bonfires. Today, it’s often celebrated because it marks the beginning of hunting season and the start of BBQ weekends.
    •  Although there’s no way to know for sure, many historians & astronomers believe Stonehenge was constructed specifically for today’s celestial occurrence. Apparently the monument is built in conjunction with the solstice alignment.
    • If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere today is actually the shortest day of the year. This is due to the Earth’s orbit of the sun and its current angle. No worries though, you can still celebrate by taking advantage of the extra darkness and getting plenty of rest & relaxation. Yes… we’re a little jealous ;-)


    So, with it being the longest day of sunlight you know what that means- you should have plenty of time to accomplish everything you need! Just kidding, we all know that even though we have the sun on our side, that doesn’t mean our bodies are up for the challenge. Do what you can and remember to try and sleep in a little later tomorrow. Today may be filled with more daylight, but with that comes the shortest night of the year… Eeek!

    Lastly, don’t forget that with summertime comes the hot, steamy sun. You may want to use the extra time today to stock up on summer compression wear as the warmer days will be here before you know it. A popular summer pick amongst our customers are the Medi Sheer & Soft Thigh Highs in the open toe option. They’re comfortable & breathable, and work great with summer dresses & sandals. Looking for something with a little more spunk? Consider our new Sheer Dot Knee Highs in buff; they’re quickly becoming a favorite for summer business attire.

  • Finding Inspiration in Costume Design

    It’s easy to get lost in a movie.  From a soppy ending to an everlasting romance, we are sometimes left imagining our lives in the perspective of our favorite character and wondering what it would be like to “walk in their shoes.”  Although our imagination only takes us away for a moment, we’ve decided to go beyond that and attempt the looks from some of our movie favorites in real life.


    Memorable quote: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” – Johnny Castle

    In the summer of 1963, the preppy, Peace Corp bound, Daddy’s girl – Frances “Baby” Houseman – vacations with her affluent family at Kellerman’s, a resort in the Catskill Mountains.  After making friends with a bellboy, Baby finds herself  “carrying a watermelon” into the company of dirty dancing resort employees and immediately develops a crush on the “entertainment” bad boy, Johnny Castle.  When his dancing partner becomes unable to perform at a show, Baby steps in and takes her place.  Long story short, the two complicatedly fall in love and live happily ever after dancing (and lifting) their way into the night.

    Get the Look: In the last scene, Baby is wearing a conveniently unplanned chiffon dancing skirt, leotard and natural colored nylons.  Life isn’t always that easy – but attempt the look by trying the Medi Sheer and Soft Pantyhose.




    Memorable Quote: “I said to myself, 'Go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the smart, fat girl.'” –Miranda Priestly

    Andy Sachs, a recent college graduate and aspiring writer, lands the job that “a million girls would kill for” as co-assistant to the most powerful fashion magazine editor in the world, Miranda Priestly.  As Andy soon finds out, the job is much more challenging than she anticipated. The fashion-illiterate, naïve young woman gradually begins to learn her responsibilities and starts to dress more stylishly.  With her personal life spiraling out of control and her motives becoming more and more skewed, Andy decides to take a stand against Miranda after an eye-opening trip to Paris for fashion week.

    Get the Look:  Andy’s wearing a chic black and white outfit with some sheer pantyhose and heels.  So you don’t have access to the best fashion closet in the world…no big deal.  Attempt the look by trying the Solidea Naomi 140 French Lace Sheer Pantyhose.




    Memorable Quote: “Isn't my house classic? The columns date all the way back to 1972.” –Cher Horowitz

    Cher Horowitz, a superficial – although good-natured – high school girl is beautiful, popular and fashion obsessed.  Always on a quest, she and her best friend, Dionne, take the “clueless” new girl, Tai, under their wing, teaching her their ways.  When Cher’s debate teacher, Mr. Hall, gives her a “C” on her report card, she acts as matchmaker to him and the sweet, lipstick toothed Miss Geist. Cher manages to shop, talk and charm her way out of anything, all the while surviving the ups and downs of her Beverley Hills adolescence…including her first love (uhhgh, as if!).

    Get the Look:  In this scene, Cher and Dionne are rocking some extremely fashionable knee-highs.  Although these mini skirts may be a little too “mini” for your liking (gotta love the 90’s), attempt the look by trying our RejuvaHealth Opaque Diamond Knee High. Be forewarned though, our socks aren't intended to go that high.

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