I started to develop varicose veins when I first started teaching at the age of 25. My veins never really hurt, but my feet were very tired. I wish I knew about RejuvaHealth back then! I think I was just trying to avoid the inevitable that I most likely would develop varicose veins as most of the women in my family have them. That same year, I became pregnant with our first child. During the third trimester, I developed more varicose veins that were painful. Luckily, after our baby was born, my varicose vein pain disappeared, but they were still noticeable. When our daughter was a year old, I decided to go to a vein specialist to seek options for treatment. I did have my visible varicose veins removed, but knew I would most likely develop them again. Fast forward three years to today and I am 15 weeks along with our second child. About a month ago, I noticed a small varicose vein forming on my left upper thigh that was pretty painful. I came across RejuvaHealth compression leggings in search for finding something that would help me find relief, but would be more fashionable than the standard compression stockings. From the moment I tried on my new pair of leggings, I felt immediate relief. My legs didn't feel tired and the pain disappeared!! I'm so happy and blessed I came across RejuvaHealth leggings! I'm able to exercise, run around and play actively with my daughter, all while not feeling worn out with painful and tired legs by the end of the day. I will definitely be wearing them from here on out as they are not only comfortable but stylish as well. I love how they can be worn for a casual day or an elegant night out!!

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