I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia when I was 21. When I was first diagnosed it was a challenge for me to just walk around the house. There were times that I needed to crawl on the floor just to get to the bathroom because when I was upright for almost any length of time, I would feel like I was going to pass out. My doctor had recommended that I try compression stockings to help with blood pooling in my legs. The idea was that the stockings might help me be able to stay upright for longer periods of time. So I got a couple pair from our local medical supply store. They were not very flattering and I was honestly a little embarrassed to have wear them. They came in white (which reminded me of something you'd wear in the hospital) and basic tan. The tan was a bit of an upgrade but I still wasn't crazy about needing to wear them. However, they DID help me out. My legs felt much more stable when I had them on and by wearing them, I was able to sit up and stand for longer periods of time. Nowadays, they have more cute styles that you wouldn't even guess are compression stockings. There have been times when I've felt brave enough to show them to someone and surprisingly, got compliments on them! Finding a more 'fashionable' pair is obviously more appealing, but when it comes down to it - if something is going to help you feel better and might even help you do things that you couldn't do before, there is no need to feel embarrassed for any reason. Never hesitate to try something that could help make your life a little easier. Compression stockings definitely did that for me!

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