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  • Compression Stockings 101: Q&A with a Vein Specialist

    So you have to wear compression socks or stockings? You’re not alone. Thousands of people have been in your shoes. And yet despite this – support legwear remains a topic clouded by confusion & misinformation. Who should wear it? What’s it used for? And how do you know which garment’s right for you?

    All too often, we hear stories of doctors giving the compression suggestion with no guidance beyond that. Is that something you experienced? If so, he probably scribbled an illegible suggestion on a pad & sent you on your way with little beyond that. Suddenly, in simply trying to follow his orders, you’re confronted with an overwhelming array of options, sizes, support levels, and styles.

    Or maybe a doctor didn’t tell you to wear compression. Maybe you’re healthy & think compression isn’t something you need. Do you ever travel? Sit or stand for long periods? Considering becoming pregnant? Or have a family history of varicose veins? If so, then compression may be something you should consider.

    Fortunately, regardless of your situation – there are people & resources to help. We teamed up with vein specialist Dr Bunke-Paquette, MD, FACPh to get her pro answers and insights to a few of the most common compression questions. Check out our exclusive interview & read on for some more of her  top tips and answers to our most commonly asked questions.




    Click HERE to download a PDF version of this information. 


    Compression Stockings 101 - Tips from a Vein Specialist


    Who’s the pro? 

    Dr. Bunke-Paquette, MD, FACPh specializes in minimally invasive outpatient procedures for a variety of venous conditions. Board-certified & fellowship trained in Venous & Lymphatic Medicine, she was the first physician in the United States to complete fellowship training supported by the American College of Phlebology. In addition to directing her practice at La Jolla Vein Care, she’s a Volunteer Clinical Instructor of Surgery at UCSD School of Medicine, member of the Scripps Ximed Medical Group & VA Medical Center. Dr. Bunke-Paquette is also physician & scientist actively leading award-winning clinical research studies. For more information on Dr. Bunke & her practice, visit mailto:


  • Best Compression Stockings for Hot Weather

    It’s all fun and games - until the hot weather rolls around. Long-time compression wearers know the drill. Fall leaves bring chilly temps, longer pants, and the perfect fashion opportunity to transition summer outfits into autumn with the addition of compression tights. Winter follows with even colder months & an added excuse for additional layers. October through March glides by with little inconvenience to the compression wearer’s wardrobe.

    April showers bring May flowers and rising barometers too. As hemlines shorten and winter gear is stored for the season, summer elicits longer days, welcomed sunshine, and new anxiety for support stocking users. Heat makes the prospect of layering or wearing long garments unpalatable.  Sweat + stockings anyone? No thank you.

    The irony about the heat & the effect it has in making wearing compression more challenging is that it can also exacerbate leg symptoms too. It’s not uncommon for swelling to worsen in hot, humid weather.  Travel, a common partner to summer breaks, can also wreck havoc on leg health. To prevent DVT while flying it’s recommended users wear compression stockings, stay hydrated and move frequently. So while its tempting to abandon compression come June, the occasions and environments that accompany it make wearing it just as important as ever.

    We can’t promise it will be more comfortable wearing compression stockings than it would be to rock shorts & flip flops, but there are a few tricks for making it more bearable in hot weather.  Here’s our top RejuvaHealth tips on how to survive wearing compression in spring, summer, & beyond:

    Best Compression Stockings for Hot Weather

    Consider fabric finish – Knit from a finer denier of covered yarns, sheers offer a bit more breathability than opaques in the hot summer months. We also love the small hint of skin they allow to glimpse through the garment. Consider them a subtly sexy way to get the support you need while still appearing seasonally appropriate. If varicose veins or spider veins are of concern, sheer compression stockings are also a great way to provide coverage & smoothness while also sporting your favorite dresses, skirts, and shorts.


    Seek out moisture-wicking materials – Certain compression socks are knit with special moisture-wicking fibers to help with moisture control & temperature management. We particularly love CoolMax, but select variations & brands may include the likes of silver ions, and other materials too.


    Try open toe options – For days sandals are a must, opt for an open-toe compression stocking in a nude color way. We love pairing open-toe nude thigh highs with a maxi dress in summer as a sneaky way to get support while looking effortlessly chic.


    Step out of the black box – We all love a basic black but summer’s the perfect time to mix it up. Reflect light & repel heat by opting for lighter hues. Ashy grays, subtle nudes, and pretty plums are versatile but fun ways to incorporate compression knee-highs into your wardrobe without looking seasonally inappropriate.  And with the resurgence in popularity of fashion socks, a pair with shorts & your favorite ankle boots (or rolled up jeans & tennis shoes) is an adorable and heat-friendly option too.


    Want more of our hot weather picks? Check out Kelsey's RejuvaHealth favorites + tips for wearing & pairing them here:


    What's your favorite tips for surviving the heat while wearing compression? Tell us by commenting below or joining us on Facebook at   Until next time ... stay cool!




  • Differences Between Sheer & Opaque Compression Stockings


    With summer just around the corner, we’re receiving an increasing number of questions about the differences between particular patterns - especially as it relates to sheer vs. opaque finishes.We hear many questions from both new and current compression wearers. Here are some of the most common questions and answers…

    Is there a difference in effectiveness between sheer and opaque compression stockings?

    • No, they both will maintain the advertised levels of compression and you can rest assured that you will be getting the compression you need.

    What are some of the main differences between sheer and opaque compression stockings?

    •  Some of the main differences will be in the look and style as well as how much air and breathability they offer. As you might imagine, a sheer is going to be a bit more breathable than an opaque stocking. An opaque is wonderful for winter when you want the extra warmth.

     Which style will give me better coverage for my legs?

    •  While both styles of stockings will provide you with the necessary amount of compression, certain styles will give you better coverage. An opaque stocking will effectively hide very pronounced varicosities or unwanted sunspots, while the sheer will cover your legs, but still mildly expose your skin. 


    Check out our video for a more on hands look at the differences between sheer & opaque compression stockings!

  • Simply Sore or Something More? 4 Conditions Affecting Leg Health

    Have you ever noticed your shoes fitting more tightly if slipped on later in the day? Or looked at your legs in the mirror and done this?

    Sometimes your gams simply may not look or feel as good as you want. A salty dinner, prolonged sitting, a long day on your feet ... occasional tweaks to diet or route can leave you feeling temporarily puffy or sore.  But if it happens often, it may also be the sign of a larger medical problem. If your legs fall into the "repeat offender" category, keep reading. We’ve rounded up some of the more common causes of leg swelling & pain, as well as tips and treatment info, to help you get informed.


    Quick Facts

    • What happens - Legs feel sore after long periods of either sitting or standing.
    • Worsened by – a sedentary lifestyle, long periods of sitting or standing, age, diet, smoking, obesity
    • Improved with - exercise, diet improvements, not smoking, graduated compression stockings



    The Full Scoop

    Do you sit or stand for long periods of time and find that your legs hurt or feel extremely sore? You may have tired, aching legs syndrome. You’re not alone though – over 60% of adults regularly experience leg aches, and for many of them the pain is so intense that it interferes with their daily lives. The root of the issue is poor leg circulation. These aches occur as a result of your body’s constant fight to push blood up to the heart while sitting or standing. Normally your lower muscles help force the blood upwards by squeezing your veins, but if you don’t change position there’s not much you can do.

    Luckily, as long as your leg aches aren’t the result of an underlying condition (consult your physician if you’re worried), there are some simple solutions. The first is to punctuate your day with small 5-10 minute breaks. If you’re standing, rest your legs for a bit. If you’re sitting, take a short walk around the office or peddle your legs in your chair like you’re riding a bicycle. The second is to wear compression stockings. Graduated compression legwear is tight at your feet and ankles and looser as you move up, which helps squeeze the blood upwards throughout the day. If the pain is almost unbearable, rinsing your legs in cold water can provide you some relief by causing the vessels to shrink and pulling the blood into your core. Maintaining a diet that is balanced and low in saturated fats can also help to ensure your vessels remain unblocked and elastic. Try your best to keep cholesterol at a low, but don’t completely cut it out – in small amounts it helps your body deal with changes in temperature.



    Quick Facts

    • What happens - swollen veins, often in the legs which cause pain and discomfort
    • Worsened by - age, sex height, pregnancy, standing for long periods of time
    • Improved with - sclerotherapy, varicose vein lotions, graduated compression stockings




    The Full Scoop

    It’s amazing just how prevalent venous disease is – in fact, it affects approximately half of the U.S. population. The root of this problem lies in the valves within leg veins. These tiny but powerful mechanisms operate one-directionally; opening to let blood through & closing as blood pumps upward towards the heart. When standing for long periods of time, prolonged pumping against gravity can begin to impair the valve's functionality causing blood to pool in the lower extremities & veins to stretch and become enlarged. When this happens, the valves relax and can’t completely close. The heart has to work harder to circulate the blood in one direction…and more blood continues to collect. It’s a vicious cycle! This venous insufficiency (weakened valves) often results in bulging, twisted veins in the legs, also called varicose veins. Circulating blood becomes even more difficult during pregnancy because there is twice the amount of blood in your body. We’ve even heard stories of pregnant women with varicose veins all they way to their abdomens. Chronic venous insufficiency, in which the valves are damaged or dysfunctional, usually follows deep vein thrombosis and other related conditions.

    Most of the time, varicose veins are reversible only with a visit to the doctor’s office. The most well known medical procedure is sclerotherapy, in which the doctor injects a salt solution into your varicose veins. The salt solution aggravates the lining of the blood vessels causing the walls to stick together and the blood to clot. This blocks off the vessel and the scar tissue eventually fades away. The side effects, which include minor itching for a couple of days and some bumpiness of the skin, are mild and fade away within 3-6 months.

    An interesting alternative to this sclerotherapy is varicose vein lotion that includes herbal extracts like horse chestnut seed or witch hazel. However, there is a bit of controversy surrounding these products – do they actually work? Studies have shown that the horse chestnut seed extract works, but many customers who use lotions with the substance have noted that while they have seen the appearance of their skin improve, it wasn’t a big difference and especially did not work well on the larger veins. If you’re more inclined to use a simple and foolproof approach, compression hosiery offers a great alternative. They force the vessels to shrink and valves to close, promoting healthy, unidirectional blood flow as well as pain reduction. Compression stockings, while they work therapeutically, are also a great aid in preventing varicose veins before they occur. A healthy diet and regular exercise is also essential for maintaining unblocked and elastic veins throughout life.


    3. EDEMA

    Quick Facts

    • What happens - swelling
    • Wornsened by - long periods of standing, physical inactivity, pregnancy, high altitudes, heat
    • Improved with - hydration, low-sodium diet, graduated compression stockings




    The Full Scoop

    How do we define edema? Well, it’s just a fancy word for swelling that takes place in the body. This swelling can occur for different reasons – allergic reactions, fracturing bones, eating lots of salty food, etc. Swelling that occurs in your limbs is known specifically as peripheral edema, and occurs in places like your arms, hands, but most commonly in the legs and feet. The severity of the swelling can vary depending on location.

    The lymphatic system in your body controls and drains non-blood fluid called lymph, which normally bathes your tissues to keep them healthy and rich with nutrients. In edema, the lymph builds up because it isn’t drained quickly enough…which can transform your ankles into CANKLES.

    Because the lymphatic system works in tandem with your blood’s movement, poor circulation often causes edema. For this reason (just as in leg aches and varicose veins), staying in the same position for long periods of time or being pregnant can make lymph pool in the ankles and feet. Swollen feet can also occur at high altitudes or on a hot day. Because your muscles naturally help move fluids in the body, being physically inactive can compound the effects of a slow-moving lymphatic system. A regular exercise regimen can work to strengthen muscles & improve the efficiency of fluid movement.

    Diets that are high in sodium and low in water often lead to more swelling and fluid buildup. When you eat lots of salt, your body tries to retain as much water as it can to compensate. This can lead to problems like ankle swelling, bloating and puffy eyes. (TIP: Never eat ramen before picture day!)  By constantly drinking water, your body can flush out excess salt and maintain healthy lymph. A diet that is full of vegetables with high water-content like cucumbers, spinach, and sweet peppers can also help you get hydrated without taking out a glass.

    In conjunction with a good diet and exercise, support stockings offer leg massages to promote fluid movement, which helps deal with amassed lymph and prevent the buildup from happening again. Looking cute while cutting down leg swelling? Yes, please.



    Quick Facts

    • What happens - Veins harden and blood pools in lower legs
    • Worsened by - physical inactivity, high-sugar diets, smoking
    • Improved with - regular exercise, avoiding sugars




    The Full Scoop

    Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the body has trouble processing sugars. One of the effects of diabetes is the hardening of veins and arteries, including in the legs. Because of this, the veins lose your elastic quality and struggle to push blood back to the heart. The veins can become partially or completely blocked, resulting in a higher likelihood of blood pooling and blood clots. Diabetes and deep vein thrombosis are closely related. Yikes! Hardening occurs faster when combine with physical inactivity and smoking.

    Both Type 1 (genetic) and Type 2 (acquired) diabetes patients experience this discomfort in their legs, and this can be alleviated with – you guessed it – compression stockings.  They will do some of the work in forcing the blood through your hardened veins and arteries. Another way to reduce pooling of the blood is to elevate the feet to a height above your head while you’re sleeping to lessen the resistance of the fluid going from leg to heart. Lastly, since Type 2 diabetes is preventable, having a diet that has a low glycemic index (which basically means it doesn’t affect blood glucose levels) will greatly increase your chances for better health and happiness later in life. Some great superfoods for diabetics include kale, whole grains, berries, and sweet potatoes. A delicious and diabetic-friendly Mediterranean lunch is hummus, turkey, tomatoes, cucumbers, low-fat feta, and olives rolled up in a whole-grain wrap!


    The common remedy across all of the above conditions? You may have noticed … 1) a healthy diet, 2) regular exercise, and 3) compression legwear …. All contribute to the prevention of many health issues. Whether seeking to stop swelling, avoid achiness, combat diabetes, or fight unsightly veins, proactively incorporating these three things into your daily life can maintain a healthy heart and blood vessel system.

    Still unsure whether leg health is something that should be of concern to you? Try this brief self-test. If you check “YES” to any of the below, compression may help.


  • Holiday Fashion: 4 Tips for Creating a Festive Outfit

    Glitter, fur, and velvet ... tis the season! Dazzle friends and family at your upcoming holiday event with these 4 festive outfit tips.


    Your tree shouldn’t be the only thing that glitters and shines.This time of year is the best time to show off all your favorite bling, whether it be metallic accents on your shoes, or an heirloom brooch.

    Start with a basic velvet dress, paired with RejuvaHealth Sheer Floral Thigh Highs. Holiday parties are a blast, but we spend so much time on our feet. Our lace-look stockings are more than just a pretty accessory. All those hours standing wont seem so bad, if your legs feel great.


    Dramatic jewelry makes holiday fashion so much fun.


    Art deco inspired jewelry, from Anthrolopologie

    These fabulous pieces are available at Go look take a, they have a gorgeous selection. Maybe you’ll even see something that would look great on your wishlist (hint, hint).


    If you’re going to put together a phenomenal outfit, you have to consider hair and makeup too. A great hair-do might not have to cost a fortune either. When we need hair inspiration we head over to Twist Me Pretty.  Abby has a Hairstyle Gallery, filled with tutorials, for styles you can do yourself. A little practice is all it takes to master some really pretty braids. It’s amazing what a little hairspray and a couple bobby pins can do.


    Fishtail Up-Do, on Twist Me Pretty


    Now that you’ve got your hair covered, take a look at these holiday makeup trends. Be daring, try that lipstick shade you’ve been hesitant to try. A fun idea is to let the professionals do your makeup, for a change. Sit down at a MAC, Stila, or Lancome counter and let a makeup artist pick products and colors for you. They’ll show you how to wear new colors and even how to apply it. Having someone else do your makeup is such a treat!

    For the holidays we love a simple smoky eye and dramatic lipstick. These two products are all you really need.


    Urban Decay, Naked Basics and Smashbox, Be Legendary Lipstick in  Vivid Violet

    This eye shadow palette has all the essentials for creating flattering looks on a variety of skin tones. Deep plum lipsticks are so pretty and easier to wear than you might think. Pucker up and swipe a bold new shade on your lips. It’s the little things that sometimes make you feel like a million bucks.

    Now go get fancy. Have fun with textures and deep jewel toned colors. Start with cute RejuvaHealth stockings and your sure to look amazing and feel great too.

    Happy holidays!

  • Fall Fashion 2013

    Cooler weather doesn’t have to mean boring outfits. Fall fashion can be so much fun. It’s time for sassy scarves, cozy sweaters, and gorgeous colors. What’s best is, there is truly no better time of year to show off your fun fashionable tights!


    One simple (and cost-effective) way to refresh your wardrobe for fall is to incorporate some funky new accessories & a fresh pair of boots. We’re loving the fringed edges on the black scarf, seen above. Wear it with jeans and a tee or your favorite sweater dress. For some fun new scarf wrapping ideas, check out Scarves Dot Net. They have over 50 how-to’s on tying scarves!

    Boots are a favorite in the RejuvaHealth offices. While knee high boots make a great statement, short boots look awesome with jeans and pants. Buckles add a fun element and are sure to garner compliments. They go easily from office casual to weekend adventure.

    If you sometimes shy away from wearing shoes with a heel for fear of leg & foot strain, it may be time to give heels another chance. We find that much of the discomfort associated with wearing heels can be alleviated when paired with compression stockings. RejuvaHealth brand knee highs make perfect boot socks. There’s no reason to choose fashion over comfort when you can have both. Another great way to alleviate discomfort is by choosing a shoe or boot with a wider heel since wide or stacked heels can lend better balance. Here are some fun options, by Steve Madden.


    Raygun Boots, by Steve Madden $229.95 and   Resqued Boots, by Steve Madden $159.95

    A timeless fashion staple, it comes as no surprise that leopard's back in fashion for fall 2013. This season incorporate it into your wardrobe with a great accessory. Accessories are a great for adding fun prints to your outfit without feeling too flashy. Don’t feel like you have to limit this wild print to purses though. A leopard scarf or cardigan will go with tons of outfits too! Take a look at these funky spot-inspired options.


    N.Peal – Leopard Print Cashmere Scarf, Claire Vivier – Spotted Pouch, Sheriff & Cherry – Animal Print Sunglasses

    We can’t talk about fall fashion without mentioning this season’s jewel toned color palette.  Chunky knit sweaters aren’t only fun, but cozy too. When shopping this season, we challenge you to reach for a color you wouldn't normally try. Thank goodness we don’t have to choose just one color from the Pantone Fall 2013 color chart, because we want them all! Take a look at all the colors of the season and find bold new ways to mix and match. Some of them may already live in your closet.


    Rag & Bone - Cara Pullover, Aeropostale – Sheer Knit V-Neck, Reiss – Round Neck Sweater, Tibi – Chevron Top

     There’s no reason to let grey sky make you a drab dresser. This is the best time of year to pull out your bright colored sweaters and exciting prints. We’d love to see how you pair your RejuvaHealth stocking with fall outfits. Show us your best combos on our Facebook page!




  • Trick or Treat - Halloween Outfit Ideas & Costume DIYs

    Cinnamon and spice fill the air and candy is tempting us everywhere we look. That can only mean one thing … it’s time to start thinking about what to wear on the 31st!

    Whether you’re prepping for a party, taking the kids door-to-door, or just passing out candy, it’s hard to turn down that free pass for playing dress up. Why not indulge your inner child and have fun with it?

    If you’re in need of some inspiration, a great witch costume can be relatively effortless. We love that it can be created from clothes you already have in your closet (once topped with a pointy black hat, of course) and reinvented year after year. Witches come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so channel different personalities by going spooky & mean one year and charming & sweet the next. Take the Hocus Pocus trio for example - pretty, kooky, funny, and spooky all rolled up in one!



    How to achieve it?

    For an all-out wicked look, check out what Refinery 29 did for their interpretation of The Wicked Witch of the West. (Hint: this glam witch’s wild wavy locks were achieved with a unique DIY technique that includes hangers).

    Refinery 29, Wicked Witch of the West Tutorial


    If you prefer to forgo the spooky look & instead keep things understated and pretty, here are a few pieces from around the web (pun intended) that may help get you started.



    A pointy black hat is a witch staple – but you can make it even more fun by using it as an opportunity to express your personal style. Create your own version in slate grey or purple or add silk flowers, polka dots or spider webs for added texture. However you decide to put it together, be sure to customize it and make it your own. We love this adorable floret version from U-Create, complete with a full DIY guide so you can recreate it at home.

    Blog Pic 3


    Green Lipstick

    Give your witch outfit a hint of the ghoulish with a swipe of green lipstick. Quicker to apply than a full green face and easier to wash off at night’s end too.

    Blog Pic 4

    Mehron Lipstick, Urban Outfitters


    Tights are another easy way to add unique detail & texture to your outfit while keeping you warm for trick-or-treating. Striped tights are an easy go-to, but we also love these fantastic skeleton thigh highs for the occasion. If a more sophisticated witch look is what you desire, the RejuvaHealth Sheer Dot Thigh Highs would certainly do the trick! They’ll also help ward off tiredness and swelling that can come with all that walking …

    Blog Pic 5

    What will you be for Halloween? Tell us by commenting below or sharing your ideas on our Facebook fan page.

  • Summer Style Picks: Compression Stockings for Wedding Season

    Now that we’ve celebrated Moms, Dads, The Fourth, and Grads, it’s time for the second most wonderful time of the year. That’s right; we’re knee deep in wedding season and while you’re busy getting a pedicure, finding a date, booking a flight, and wrapping the perfect gift, we’re coming out with new ways to make sure you look and feel picture perfect until the very last toast.


    Daytime Diva

    Daytime weddings are a classic mix of pretty pastels, bubbly champagne, flowery speeches and lots and lots of standing: stand at the church, stand for pictures, stand in the buffet line, stand as you greet your best friends third cousin’s aunt. To ease the pain, we suggest pairing the Medi Sheer & Soft Compression Thigh Highs with a lovely mint dress, a classy clutch and the most adorable earrings we’ve ever seen.

    Blog Image 1

    Pictured: Flowy metallic mint green one shoulder dress, Gold Kate Spade Clutch, Mint Rose Earrings, Essie Sheers Nail Polish


    City Celebration

    Always a Bridesmaid and never a bride? At least you won’t have to share your piece of the cake, or worry about anyone stepping on your new shoes as you dance the night away in a pair of Medi Comfort Compression Stocking Thigh Highs in Ebony. The silicone lace band is both flirty and functional ensuring a no slip grip for sophisticated comfort. Wear them with a sleek one shoulder dress in a deep purple and a funky clutch for that trendy evening wedding downtown.

      Blog Image 2


    Pictured: Purple One shouldered dress, Black Pumps, Black pleated clutch, Diamond Cluster Dangle Earrings


    Dreamy Destination

    Saying “I do” Aloha style? More and more weddings are taking place beach side in exotic destinations now a days which means more and more opportunities for fun floral prints, dresses in lighter fabrics, loose lush hair, and sheer stockings. As a guest its all about fun and relaxation so pack a sweet summer dress, floral pumps, a statement necklace, and a pair of RejuvaHealth Sheer Dot Compression Knee Highs. Take your pick, we now have them in four delightful summery colors sure to please even the pickiest of brides.

    Blog Image 3


    Refreshing Orchid hair clips , Ruffled Coral Sun Dress, Floral Closed toe Platform Pumps, Glittered clutch bag

  • Red, White, Renewing, and Blue! Compression Stocking Outfit Ideas for 4th of July.


    The Fourth of July is so close we can practically smell the BBQ, hear the fireworks, and feel the warm summer sun. No matter how you choose celebrate this Thursday, we have outfit options to take you all the way from your red, white, and blueberry pancakes to the fireworks grand finale.

    The approaching holiday weekend offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate freedom, feel renewed and still be fashion-forward in sheer summer-friendly styles.


    Party Polished

    So your holiday plans have you at the annual family BBQ for a day of comfort food, endless rounds of horseshoes and croquet, and more cousins than you can count? Try a fresh polka dot sundress with strappy sandals, nautical themed accessories, and a pair of the Medi Open Toed Sheer and Soft Thigh Highs and you have the perfect blend of patriotic and polished.


    July 4 Image 1


    The PacificPlex Polkadot Sundress is a sweet and sassy hint of vintage that accentuates in all the right places. We love the breezy cotton fabric for summer.

    Pair with these Simple braided sandals from Modcloth, the perfect understated accessory.

    Anchors away with this nautical themed necklace from Etsy.

    Top it off with this cute roomy striped tote from Michael Kors and you really can take it all with you.


    California Casual 

    If your idea of a festive Fourth takes you out and about to the early morning parade or late night fireworks show, keep chic and comfy in relaxed boyfriend capris, a sweet polka dot blouse, ultra-feminine lace cardigan, and a pop of red accessories paired with our brand new Sheer Dot Knee Highs in Buff.


    July 4 Image 2


    These relaxed Boyfriend Capris by Citizens of Humanity will work with just about anything

    But we especially love it paired with this Swiss polka dot top

    Layered with the Lace Panel Cardigan by Mango if you’re going to be out after dark

    Go anywhere in style and comfort in the Red Canvas Slip on by Toms

    Accessories can take an outfit to the next level, step it up with these adorable Floral Earrings and eye popping Tory Burch Tote


    Beach Babe

    Skipping the soirees and headed to the beach or pool side for some fun in the sun? Try this figure-flattering swim suit with a breezy white cover up and simple shorts, embellished flip flops, and navy polka dot tote. Layer on a gold beach themed necklace and some sassy shades and you’re ready to go.


    July 4 Image 3


    Make them stop and stare with an eye catching Red Bandeau swimsuit with built in tummy control.

    Stop for lunch or stroll the board walk in these simple Structured Cotton Shorts, a Breezy Cotton Cardigan, and Comfy Wedge Flip Flops. Classic yet sophisticated neutrals keep the focus on your awesome accessories.

    Evoke retro beachside glamour with this delicate gold sea inspired necklace, and face framing Rose Gold Cat-eye Sun Glasses.

    Store your wallet, keys, cell phone, lip balm, sun screen, and anything else you can think of, in summer style in this Navy Polka Dot Beach Tote with braided rope handles.

    Not quite ready to bare it all beachside? Prepare for the bikini body you’ve always wanted with the Solidea Silver Wave Anti-Cellulite Shorts. The shorts are knit with three dimensional Silver Wave technology that banishes cellulite and helps drain excess fluids so that you can both look and feel your best.

  • Summer Solstice - Fun Facts & Summer Style Picks


    Did you know that today is the longest day of the year? In the US and many other parts of the world, the sun will shine longer today than any other day. It’s known as Summer Solstice and has been celebrated around the world since anyone can remember.  So, in honor of the first day of summer, we thought we’d offer up some interesting facts about Summer Solstice- ones you can share over dinner with your loved ones or use to impress your friends on Facebook.

    • Today the sun will not set over the North Pole meaning the polar bears will be extra groggy come tomorrow afternoon.
    • Solstice comes from Latin and literally means “sun stand still,” fitting if we don’t say so ourselves.
    • Even though it’s the first day of summer we wouldn’t recommend heading to the beach just yet. Due to thermal inertia is takes some time for the ocean to “heat up” from the cold winter days- wait until mid-July for the real summer warmth to set in.
    • The reasoning for the longer day of sunlight is that the sun actually reaches its highest point in the sky- pretty neat if you ask us.
    • Solstice was traditionally celebrated by dancing around bonfires. Today, it’s often celebrated because it marks the beginning of hunting season and the start of BBQ weekends.
    •  Although there’s no way to know for sure, many historians & astronomers believe Stonehenge was constructed specifically for today’s celestial occurrence. Apparently the monument is built in conjunction with the solstice alignment.
    • If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere today is actually the shortest day of the year. This is due to the Earth’s orbit of the sun and its current angle. No worries though, you can still celebrate by taking advantage of the extra darkness and getting plenty of rest & relaxation. Yes… we’re a little jealous ;-)


    So, with it being the longest day of sunlight you know what that means- you should have plenty of time to accomplish everything you need! Just kidding, we all know that even though we have the sun on our side, that doesn’t mean our bodies are up for the challenge. Do what you can and remember to try and sleep in a little later tomorrow. Today may be filled with more daylight, but with that comes the shortest night of the year… Eeek!

    Lastly, don’t forget that with summertime comes the hot, steamy sun. You may want to use the extra time today to stock up on summer compression wear as the warmer days will be here before you know it. A popular summer pick amongst our customers are the Medi Sheer & Soft Thigh Highs in the open toe option. They’re comfortable & breathable, and work great with summer dresses & sandals. Looking for something with a little more spunk? Consider our new Sheer Dot Knee Highs in buff; they’re quickly becoming a favorite for summer business attire.

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