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  • Father's Day Gift Ideas

    What do you get the guy that has everything? You know him … He’s the one who runs straight to the store and purchases exactly what he wants the moment he sets his eye & heart on it.  Whereas shopping for mom can often seem easy (just dash out & grab the shoes she “casually” mentioned last Sunday dinner), our favorite men make us a work a bit harder in the quest for the perfect gift.

    To help you avoid the pre-dad’s day guessing game, we put together a few of our favorite gift ideas below. Hopefully these suggestions will help you avoid that dreaded 30 minute conversation about his 1920s tackle box with the broken handle. Sure he probably needs a new one, but who wants to replace the old family heirloom?

    For the outdoorsman:


    • JCrew Wallace and Barnes Camp Shirt - Functional and hip, this cargo shirt is great for hiking, but also suitable for a casual dinner.
    • Prana Men’s Stretch Zion Short - These shorts have plenty of give and dry quickly, making them perfect for an all-day outing.
    • L.L. Bean Waxed Cotton Packer Hat - An easily packable hat that protects the head in a variety of climates.
    • CEP Progressive Outdoor Compression Socks - Perfect for hiking and trekking, these socks aid endurance and contain silver ions to reduce odor, a major plus in the outback!
    • Keen Gypsum Mid Hiking Boots - Made for long lasting durability, these boots keep the feet dry and have excellent traction.
    • REI Nalgene Water Bottle - Completely BPA free, this water bottle features a wide mouth and loop top design so the lid never goes missing.
    • Suunto Clipper L-B NH Compass - This compass clips to your watchband so it is easily accessible during all times.
    • REI Waterproof Binoculars - Let him catch a glimpse of the approaching bear before the others, you know he loves being the hero.


    For the world traveller:

    • 1,000 Places to See Before You Die - A must have for any traveler looking for an expedition off the beaten path.
    • Tumi T-Tech Inflatable Neck Pillow - Give him the rest and relaxation he needs on that extra-long flight.
    • Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses - Protect his eyes with these sleek sunglass. They’re fashion forward and will still remind him of the good ol’ days.
    • Boom Renegade Headphones - Get him a pair of headphones that are comfortable on the ears and ensure easy listening on his iPod.
    • RejuvaHealth COOLMAX Socks - Essential for travel, these compression knee highs are made from a comfortable microfiber blend and come in a versatile color that won’t cramp his style. In addition, the graduated compression will have his legs ready for action immediately following the flight.
    •  Tumi Electric Adaptor - This convenient travel accessory makes charging electronics in 150 different countries a breeze. Even better, it comes with a sleek carrying case.
    • Soft Reusable Earplugs – Packaged in a set of three, these noise cancellers will come to the rescue when the passenger sitting next to him happens to be a 6-month-old sick baby.



    For the golf guru:


    • Puma Looper Fitted Golf Hat - Upgrade his style and dapperness with this sophisticated hat that’s sure to have him feeling like a million bucks.
    • Nonnie Wallers Solid Chocolate Golf Balls - Satisfy his sweet tooth, and have him impressed with your creativity. This gourmet chocolate box features 18 chocolate delights in dark, milk, and white chocolate variations.
    • Callaway Vintage Hybrid Headcover - Keep his driver and other clubs top notch and he’ll be the one thanking you after his hole-in-one.
    • Allen Edmonds 'Muirfield Village' Golf Shoe - Reminiscent of the traditional saddle shoe, these have all the old school charm without sacrificing comfort.
    • Nike Golf Balls - Don’t make a mistake and forget one of the easiest gifts. We all know he seems to “loose” them on the green more and more these days.
    • CEP Progressive Golf Socks - Available in three different colors, these compression knee highs can help him secure his stance and stable his swing, as well prolong his leg endurance throughout the 18 holes.


    Unsure whether you can put together an entire package of goodies by yourself? Consider outsourcing to siblings, family members, and other friends. By collaborating with others, you can put together a larger themed gift from the strategic combination of your individual purchases. The lucky guy will surely know a lot of thought was put into his big day. Enjoy the festivities and remember regardless of the outcome, the most important part is spending the day together!

  • How to Avoid the Cellulite Blues this Summer

    I swear bathing suit season comes around sooner with each passing year. In an effort to leave my board shorts behind on my next trip to the beach, I’m working on boosting my defenses against my cellulite earlier than usual this year. I’ve discovered there’s quite a collection of foods that help banish cellulite and leave skin with a smooth baby’s bottom feel. Who would ever say no to that?

    See below for some suggested foods:

    Bananas- Potassium, potassium, potassium. A great water reduction food, bananas help support the lymphatic system rid the body of excess fluids and water weight. An excellent choice during that special time of the month too.

    Cranberry Juice- I could drink cranberry juice every day for the rest of my life, but if you’re not as big of a fan as me that’s alright too. Just try adding some water to kick that extra bite or maybe consider using it as the base to your evening cocktail. Cranberry juice shows those fatty deposits who’s boss by helping flush out toxins built up in the lymphatic system.

    Whole grains- Give me more FIBER! Whole grains are packed with fiber to help the body speed up the detoxification process and exposing of built-up waste in the body.

    Fish- Stock up on fish and get your dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Not only will the oils make your skin look smooth and silky, but they’ll also aid in inflammation reduction. Consider adding some salmon to your next salad.

    Berries- The key to the berry is it’s an excellent source of vitamin C, which can help keep skin firm and battle unwanted cellulite buildup. Load up on berries by adding them to your morning smoothie or slicing a few for your yogurt snack.

    Asparagus- Work week got you stressed? Or maybe life in general is making you a worrywart? Asparagus’s folic acids help curb the stress and stabilize your mood, a big plus when trying to rid the body of cellulite. Too much stress hinders the body’s ability to excrete waste and causes fat storage in all the wrong places.

    Leafy Greens- We’re talking spinach and kale here, I don’t imagine a salad full of iceberg is going to do the trick. So stick to the darker green leafs that are nutrient rich and help the skin retain its moisture.

    And my personal favorite… drumroll please

    AVOCADO- So your skin is starting to realize the effect of gravity, but your soul’s not ready admit you seen quite a few blue moons? Consume more avocados and soon enough you’ll have everyone fooled- who knows the local postman might even mistake you for your thirty-year-old daughter. Avocados are rich in essential fatty acids which keep the skin strong and elastic. Cellulite flourishes under thinning skin so remember essential nutrients, like those found in avocados, and you should be able to keep cellulite at bay.


    Avoid the Cellulite blues

    Not quite ready to go out in public sans cover-up? Consider upgrading your typical workout pants to Solidea’s Silver Wave Legging or Capris to help give you that extra boost in courage. The garments are specially designed to help curb cellulite build-up and aid in the reduction of fluid buildup. Wear them a couple of workouts and I bet you’ll be reconsidering that new suit with the cute ruffled bottoms.

    Join the pledge to come out from under the towel and show off your legs this swimsuit season! I promise you won’t regret it- a little hard work and dedication goes a long way.

  • Mother's Day 2013 Gift Ideas - Treat Mom to Rest, Relaxation, and HealthyLegs!

    Not sure what to get Mom this Mother’s Day? Don’t worry, there’s still time to tell her how much she means to you.

    Moms are always taking care of others so why not remind her to make some time for herself? We love the idea of putting together a spring-themed pamper package made entirely from items geared towards rest & relaxation. She’s always telling you that you do too much and need to take some time out for yourself. Here’s your chance to turn the tables and really emphasize how much you appreciate her and all that she accomplishes. Sure the daily phone calls to say hello and see what you had for lunch can be somewhat overzealous at times, but you know a cheerful “howdy” from Mom is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

    For this Mother’s day, instead of running out to grab her a gift card that’s she’s sure to spend on your brother Johnny’s lunch, put together something that clearly says “This is for all you do and it’s all about you, Mom!”

    We scoured our brains and put together a list of some essentials we think would make a thoughtful gift, or at the very least, get your creative juices flowing so you can create a similar gift that’s just as wonderful, for your Mom.


    Consider a summery-beach-style rattan bag, stuffed to the brim with all the necessities for a relaxing day at the spa or hanging poolside at home. Venture to your local shopping center, preferably one that has a few different stores to choose from and round up the following:

    • Oversized Beach Tote to hold all the goodies.
    • Gel eye mask to soothe puffy swollen eyes and give mom that extra wink of sleep:
    • Massage and Spa pack, which includes an assortment of lotions and scrubs, &even a massaging brush to help mom carry out the home leg treatment.
    • Comfortable & cute new sandals for mom to throw on after primping is complete.
    • Support Pantyhose that will help keep her legs feeling great long after they’ve been pampered, plus they’re stylish too.
    • Add a final touch with a personal card handwritten to Mom- Hallmark has them too, but you can always say it better.

    No more procrastinating. Remember .... just as Momma always said, “You can do it!”

    Interested in adding that exact pair of Sheer Floral Pantyhose we included in our basket? You have until Thursday (that’s tomorrow) at 2:30pm EST to place your order with EXPRESS OVERNIGHT shipping and guarantee delivery in time for the big day. Continue reading below for all the details and then head on over to to place your order.

    *Please note: only in-stock items, that are ready to ship, are guaranteed to arrive before Mother’s Day when using EXPRESS OVERNIGHT. You will be notified via telephone or email if an item is deemed unavailable after placing your order. You must select the EXPRESS OVERNIGHT shipping option ($37.95) during checkout in order for item(s) to arrive in time. EXPRESS OVERNIGHT is only offered on shipments within the Continental US. If you have any questions regarding these conditions, please give us a call at 877-7-REJUVA and we’d be happy to assist.

  • Finding Inspiration in Costume Design

    It’s easy to get lost in a movie.  From a soppy ending to an everlasting romance, we are sometimes left imagining our lives in the perspective of our favorite character and wondering what it would be like to “walk in their shoes.”  Although our imagination only takes us away for a moment, we’ve decided to go beyond that and attempt the looks from some of our movie favorites in real life.


    Memorable quote: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” – Johnny Castle

    In the summer of 1963, the preppy, Peace Corp bound, Daddy’s girl – Frances “Baby” Houseman – vacations with her affluent family at Kellerman’s, a resort in the Catskill Mountains.  After making friends with a bellboy, Baby finds herself  “carrying a watermelon” into the company of dirty dancing resort employees and immediately develops a crush on the “entertainment” bad boy, Johnny Castle.  When his dancing partner becomes unable to perform at a show, Baby steps in and takes her place.  Long story short, the two complicatedly fall in love and live happily ever after dancing (and lifting) their way into the night.

    Get the Look: In the last scene, Baby is wearing a conveniently unplanned chiffon dancing skirt, leotard and natural colored nylons.  Life isn’t always that easy – but attempt the look by trying the Medi Sheer and Soft Pantyhose.




    Memorable Quote: “I said to myself, 'Go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the smart, fat girl.'” –Miranda Priestly

    Andy Sachs, a recent college graduate and aspiring writer, lands the job that “a million girls would kill for” as co-assistant to the most powerful fashion magazine editor in the world, Miranda Priestly.  As Andy soon finds out, the job is much more challenging than she anticipated. The fashion-illiterate, naïve young woman gradually begins to learn her responsibilities and starts to dress more stylishly.  With her personal life spiraling out of control and her motives becoming more and more skewed, Andy decides to take a stand against Miranda after an eye-opening trip to Paris for fashion week.

    Get the Look:  Andy’s wearing a chic black and white outfit with some sheer pantyhose and heels.  So you don’t have access to the best fashion closet in the world…no big deal.  Attempt the look by trying the Solidea Naomi 140 French Lace Sheer Pantyhose.




    Memorable Quote: “Isn't my house classic? The columns date all the way back to 1972.” –Cher Horowitz

    Cher Horowitz, a superficial – although good-natured – high school girl is beautiful, popular and fashion obsessed.  Always on a quest, she and her best friend, Dionne, take the “clueless” new girl, Tai, under their wing, teaching her their ways.  When Cher’s debate teacher, Mr. Hall, gives her a “C” on her report card, she acts as matchmaker to him and the sweet, lipstick toothed Miss Geist. Cher manages to shop, talk and charm her way out of anything, all the while surviving the ups and downs of her Beverley Hills adolescence…including her first love (uhhgh, as if!).

    Get the Look:  In this scene, Cher and Dionne are rocking some extremely fashionable knee-highs.  Although these mini skirts may be a little too “mini” for your liking (gotta love the 90’s), attempt the look by trying our RejuvaHealth Opaque Diamond Knee High. Be forewarned though, our socks aren't intended to go that high.

  • Effective (and Weird) Ways to Recycle Your Pantyhose This Spring

    Tired of just throwing away pantyhose after they wear out? Interested in getting a little more use out of them? US TOO! We’ve discovered that together we can help the Earth and prevent the immediate landfill disposal of compression garments by taking a different perspective on recycling.  We’ve listed a few, effective repurposing tips that are perfect for using around the house this spring.


    Dish Scrubber

    This trick is easy.  Start by bunching up a clean, old pair of pantyhose, adding a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water, and begin scrubbing away at your nonstick cookware.  They can also provide for a great everyday scrubber for dishes.  Simply cut out the toe of the garment and cover an old sponge. You’re now ready to wash away!

    Secure trash bags

    If you’ve ever had issues with the trash bag liner slipping down into the trashcan, this is a perfect solution for you.  With an old pair of pantyhose, you can firmly secure the top of the garbage bag to your trashcan by taking the elastic waistband of the garment and tying it around the top part of the trashcan.

    Dust under the fridge

    Tie an old pair of pantyhose to a wired clothes hanger, and then secure it with a rubber band.  The pantyhose will help pick up the dust by simply doing a quick sweep underneath those hard-to-reach places, like the refrigerator.

    Prevent soil erosion in houseplants

    It’s a great feeling seeing how well your house plant is thriving and surviving! However, we all know the plant eventually outgrows its pot, forcing you to transfer it to a more comfortable abode. Use a pair of pantyhose as a liner for the new pot.  This will allow for excess water to flow out without dehydrating the rest of the soil.

    Keep deer out of your garden

    Spring brings new life to the natural world around us.  As much as we love it, the animals typically don’t mind their manners while feasting away at the blossoming garden you put so much work in to.  Prevent this from happening by filling the foot portion of pantyhose with human hair and placing it around the outer parts of the garden. The smell is very unappetizing to deer, preventing them from coming back for seconds.  Over time, the hair begins to lose its scent – be sure to refill the pantyhose with new hair once every week.

    Cover a kids’ bug jar

    Childhood is all about those warm nights of catching fireflies in a mason jar.  Keep those magical bugs safe by covering the top of the Mason jar with an old pair of pantyhose.  Simply cut a large square from the garment, and then secure it safely to the jar with a rubber band. This will prevent you from the daunting task of cutting holes in the aluminum top.

    Test a sanded surface for snags

    Thinking of starting a new project that involves woodwork?  Test the surface of the wood by placing an old pair of pantyhose over your hand and running the garment along the surface.  If the nylon catches at any point, the wood still needs to be sanded.  Continue the test until the garment smoothly runs along the surface.

    Clean your pool

    Want a more effective way to skim the debris off the surface of your pool water?  An old pair of pantyhose serves as the perfect self-made pool net.  Simply cut off the leg of the garment and attach it to a pool skimmer basket.  This will help catch the pesky dirt particles and hairs that typically clog the pool’s filter unit.

    Make a paint strainer

    Use an old pair of pantyhose to filter and remove the lumps of paint that form in an old paint can.  It’s as simple as cutting the pantyhose then stretching the fabric over a clean bucket or other recyclable.  Hold the garment in place with a rubber band or the waistband.  Check to see if the garment is secure then slowly pour the paint over the piece of pantyhose and into the paint bucket.

    Buff your shoes

    Bring out the shine in your freshly polished shoes by buffing them with a medium-length strip of pantyhose. It works so well, you may retire that chamois cloth for good.

    Keep your hairbrush clean

    There is nothing pleasant about cleaning out a hairbrush covered in hair.  Cut a piece of the pantyhose in unison to the shape of your brush, the push it through the bristles of a clean hairbrush.  Next time you go to clean the hair off, simple pull up the pantyhose for easy removal.   Replace it with a clean strip.

    Hold mothballs or potpourri

    Looking for an easy way to store mothballs in your closet or to make sachets of potpourri to keep in your dresser drawers? Pour either ingredient into the toe section of your recycled nylons, knot off the contents, and then cut off the remaining hose. If you plan to hang up the mothballs, be sure to leave several inches of material before cutting.



    Sources:  Reader’s Digest

  • Spring Into Compression

    Spring is just around the corner and with the change in weather comes a change in wardrobe.  While most woman make a quick trip to the mall to brush up on this season’s latest trends, those of us compression wearers find the trip to be more difficult.  We’ve listed below a few outfits below for the versatile, modern compression garment wearer as the Spring season finally begins.

    The Working Woman


    With today’s versatility in fashion, it’s become more and more feasible to balance professionalism with a chic sense of style.  Having said that, many working women have come to find this to be a bit difficult, especially when trying to incorporate compression hosiery and the stereotypical limitations that come with it.  RejuvaHealth’s signature collection throws out all of the stereotypes and simplistically allows for a fashionable and sophisticated look that’s perfect for the workplace.  Pictured below are the RejuvaHealth Sheer Dot Pantyhose, a crisp white, classic and casual tuxedo dress and some strong heals.

    The Wedding Guest


    With wedding season fast approaching and the temperature outside rising, finding an outfit to wear can be quite the dilemma – especially if you’re restricted to compression hosiery.  It’s always important to remember comfort when choosing your outfit of choice.  Weddings require a lot of sitting, a lot of eating and a lot of dancing – the last thing that you want to worry about is a wardrobe malfunction halfway through the buffet table.  Keep things simple and feminine while at the same time being seasonally appropriate.  Pictured below are the Solidea Magic 140 Sheer Pantyhose, a beautiful lace blouse, an adorably printed skirt, a simple clutch, and a pair of black pumps.

    The Errand Runner 3

    Running a quick errand is easier said than it is done.  Sure, you could just jump in the car in your sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt.  Although, any casual trip to the grocery store can turn into one of the biggest social events of the month.  It’s worth the extra effort of looking a bit more presentable in account of the unavoidable.  With the right outfit, you can actually pull off the effortless look with your compression knee highs.  Pictured below are RejuvaHealth’s Opaque Diamond Knee Highs, a cozy pair of loose slacks, a denim button up (with a slight front tuck), a comfortable pair of flats and the perfect tote.


    **All of these items can be purchased online at Net-a-Porter or at RejuvaHealth

  • On Your Mark...Jet Set...GO!

    Traveling can be a very transportal experience — literally.  Regardless of where you are headed, your trip begins the second you walk out of your front door… so, why are you still wearing your beat-up sweats to the airport? To make your adventure feel all the more special (and save space in your suitcase!),your traveling outfit should be as put-together as what you're going to be wearing on your trip. No need to sacrifice comfort, though — there are plenty of strategically cozy pieces that are mega stylish, as well. Now, put down those shearling boots and step away from the velour: We've put together a mini lookbook to satisfy your traveling needs.



    Cozy, comfy pants and loose V-Neck, a bomber jacket, a light scarf, RejuvaHealth’s travel friendly knee highs, the perfect rollaway, and a classic pair of flats – this outfit has the potential to take you anywhere, while at the same time keeping the changing climates (and cultures) in mind.





    A light carry on is a must, a pair of boyfriend jeans, a soft striped shirt, a lightweight jacket, converse sneakers and RejuvaHealth’s travel friendly knee highs --  this outfit is just enough preparation for some kind of delay (knock on wood).  It comfortable yet still cute enough to wear for two days!  What better than way to show your patriotism with some stripes, converse and a (less obnoxious) red jacket?!

    Here are some helpful travel tips:

    • Always pack the essentials in your carry on – toothbrush, change of clothes, face wipes, deodorant – you can never trust estimated time of arrivals...for you OR your luggage.
    • Wear compression socks – during a long flight, your legs can get restless and achy from the poor circulation you’re getting from sitting too long (not to mention the altitude).  This is an easy and preventive measure for health issues that can be sparked when flying.
    • Bring some type of entertainment (I.e. a book, headphones, i-pad).  The flight magazines get boring after a while – trust me.
    • Choose your seat ASAP – the instant you book your flight, choose your seat.  Flights are becoming more crowded now and the only thing worse than getting stuck beside a smelly person is getting stuck in between two smelly people.
  • Valentine's Day Suggestions for Any Relationship Status

    Valentine’s Day (aka Single’s Awareness Day to those of us less fortunate) is the day most people love to hate, hate to love, or love to…well, love.  We’re no expert on the subject, but we know not to leave anyone out.  Having said that, we’ve listed a few suggestions below for every kind of girl….attached or not!


    For the Single Girl – Love to Hate



    1)      Stock up on chocolate…tomorrow.  Don’t give in to the temptation of buying those overpriced, heart shaped boxes [for yourself] just yet.  Fact – tomorrow everything will be half price and just as adorable as the day before.  Everyone deserves a box of chocolates around the hol-love-days.

    2)       Carpe diem!  Go out and have fun.  Embrace being single and free and have a martini with some of your girlfriends (or guy friends).  Don’t have any takers?  Be independent and go out by yourself.  Confidence goes a long way and says a lot about your character.  There will be lots of singles out – you never know who you might meet!

    3)      DON’T get on Facebook or Instagram.  Trust me on this one.  (see below)

    What to Wear:

    Something that exudes confidence and is fun - Try RejuvaHealth’s Lavish Leopard Pantyhose


    For the Dating Girl – Love to Love



    1)      It’s okay to be cheesy – everyone (really, everyone) is doing it!  Brag about the flowers.  Enjoy the breakfast in bed.  Try the weird shaped chocolate without looking at the box.  This day was designed for you… at least pretend to like the putt-putt golf and make an attempt to tolerate the hand holding in the movie theatre.  Love is in the air!

    2)      Can’t afford anything an expensive gift?  We’ve all been there.  Good news is that some of the best gifts you can give are home-made.  They show that you put thought and time into the person you care about.  Make some heart shaped strawberry shortcakes or tell him the 52 ways you love him through a deck of cards.

    What to Wear:

    Something a little dressier than usual and a bit flirty – Try RejuvaHealth’s Sheer Dot Thigh High


    For the Married Girl – Hate to Love



    1)      Romance, romance, romance.  Today is the day to rekindle the flame between you and your lover (Yes, I said it). In layman’s terms, send the kids to Grandma’s house for the night.

    2)      Be sure to clarify the gift giving this year and stick to it.  There’s nothing worse than disappointment on expectations.  If you decide not to give gifts, don’t give gifts and don’t expect to get anything either.  If you decide you want to exchange gifts, be sure to set a price point and stay within budget.  It’s never good to be upstaged in the gift giving arena – although, you’ll gladly accept the diamond!

    What to Wear:

    Something sexy and out of the norm – Try RejuvaHealth’s Floral Pantyhose

  • A Day in the Life of a (Three Day) Raw Food Juice Cleanser


    Scheduling my raw food juice cleanse was easier said than done. I knew I wanted to start it on a Monday because I needed some declaration of a fresh start.  One problem --the only availability they had for a Monday was in three weeks…apparently juice cleanses are all the rage in California.  I was in no serious rush, so I took it and then decided that for the next three weeks leading up to “D-Day”, I’d eat whatever I want.  Five pounds and a round face later, my juice cleanse officially begins.  Here I go!

    It just so happens that this particular Monday morning fell on the day after SuperBowl Sunday, so my body was full of toxins.  I left my house a little earlier than usual and stopped by the juice bar to pick up my days cleanses.  I was greeted by a friendly girl who quickly ran through the dos and don’ts, then told me not to starve myself…great.  I was given colorful zip lock bag of five different juices and a snack and was instructed to “listen to my body” but follow a two hour interval in between juices.  I arrived at the office and popped my first top at exactly 8:30am.

    My first juice was a cloudy orange substance.  I of course smelled it first, did a little glass swirl and a shoulder shrug then took my first sip.  My first instinct was “this is not carrot juice and did I just drink salsa?”  Indeed. It was the juice from two different types of peppers, pears, and mangos.  It was spicy and the type of density that made me question whether or not I should chew it before swallowing.  Needless to say, I took the entire two hour time span between my first juice and second juice to finish it.  Good morning, sunshine.

    After the first drink, I was pleased to see that my second drink looked refreshing – semi-clear with a green tint and delicious looking cranberries floating on top.  This drink was festive!  At 10:45 am, I shook the contents and dug in.  It tasted like cucumber mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass…I mean, I’ve never eaten freshly cut grass before, but from the way it smelled I’d assume it would taste somewhat similar.  This one also took a while for me to finish and I was beginning to get a horrible headache (a side-effect from the toxins being released from your body).  I purposely left the beautiful little cranberries for last thinking “yum!”.  I’m unsure if I have ever actually eaten a raw cranberry, but my face wrinkled up like a prune at first chew…they were very, very bitter.

    My third drink, aka my lunch at 1 pm, was surprisingly good considering its green thickness and overabundance of floating particles. I love green veggies and this one was full of broccoli and spinach.  It also had the perfect amount of sweetness that came from the juice of an apple.  I will say that I was personally weirded out by the pungent taste of ginger root, simply for the fact that it’s an essential garnish for my sushi.  After I got past the idea that I was not drinking liquefied raw fish and rice, the drink became refreshing and left my stomach feeling satisfied.

    At around 3pm, I was ready for my snack in between my third and fourth juice—let me clarify—by snack, I mean a small zip lock bag of unsalted and unseasoned oats that contained a few peanuts, raisons, cashews and pumpkin seeds.  Besides the fact that I felt like a park pigeon nibbling through the seeds thrown down onto the cement by the bird lady in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, I welcomed the substance though picked through much of the oats because they were dry and fairly difficult to swallow.

    After work, I was absolutely exhausted and really had no energy to exercise, even though it’s highly recommended during a juice cleanse.  Instead, I opened juice four, the antioxidant tea, at 5:30 pm and sipped it slowly during my daily re-run ritual of Seinfeld.  The tea was minty and really refreshing; having said that, I totally blame it for my strange forty-five minute evening nap and for waking up a little disoriented. (Wait? What time is it? What day is it? Is it morning? Am I late for work?) Ugh, we’ve all been there, right?

    Thankfully, it was my mental alarm clock that woke me up just in time for my final juice of the day.  It was green, tangy and a little bit sweet.  Because it was a simple juice of cucumber, lemon, green apple, celery and parsley, I was able to finish it fairly quickly without any difficulty.  I was finally done with day one and called it an early night.

    My next two days went a lot more smoothly and I was actually beginning to like it.  By day two, it became somewhat convenient and, dare I say, easy.  My headaches went away and my body was really starting to feel energized.  I made it a point to drink extra water (at least a bottle and a half in between juices) to help flush out all of the toxins in my body.  I was able to end my final two days with a stress relieving exercise of yoga and Pilates (see RejuvaHealth’s Exercise column) and made a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep.  Although I didn’t weigh myself, I could absolutely tell that I had lost a few pounds.  I was left feeling clean and healthy and most importantly disciplined.  This was a huge challenge for me and I was proud of my accomplishment. By the review from my first day, you’re probably thinking “no way”--but don’t knock it until you try it. I will definitely be doing this again and I highly recommend it to others.

  • Fast Food Friday – You Know You Want To

    It’s Friday…you are not cooking tonight.  Having said that, it’s Friday…and you are starving.  Let’s face it--everything in your refrigerator is expired and the only thing left in the pantry is a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup.  Gag.  The inevitable is bound to happen (aka that conveniently located fast food restaurant on your route home from work).  TGIF, let it be… just be sure to pick one of these lighter cal options when ordering from the drive-through.



    Healthiest Meal: Honey Mustard Grilled Snack Wrap and Snack-Size Fruit and Walnut Salad

    470 Calories, 17g of Fat

    Burger King 


    Healthiest Meal: Hamburger and Value-Size Unsalted French Fries

    480 Calories, 21g of Fat




    Healthiest Meal:  6-inch Veggie Delite Sub on Italian Bread, Subway Apple Slices, Small Bag of Lay’s

    385 Calories, 4.5g of Fat




    Healthiest Meal: Char-Grilled Chicken Garden Salad with Honey-Roasted Sunflower Kemels & Light Italian Dressing and Large Fruit Cup

    395 Calories, 14g of Fat

    Taco Bell


    Healthiest Meal: Fresno Bean Burrito

    350 Calories, 8g of Fat

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