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  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 50s

    DATE NIGHT 101

    You’re fifty years young.  It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. The kids have grown up and gone off to college and you and your husband have the house to yourselves again.  Sure, you miss them and count the days in between their next visit home.  But in the meantime, take advantage of the time you have alone with your husband and enjoy each other’s company by doing little things together.  Tonight, make it a date and go see that movie you’ve been hearing so much about.  The next step is picking out an impeccable outfit.  You want to be comfortable but still look nice and sometimes that can be hard to do.  We decided to put together a unique outfit that has all of the components of being age appropriate, flattering and fashionable. That’s why we thought this occasion would be the perfect opportunity to wear your new RejuvaHealth slimming support compression leggings.  Over the leggings, we have paired a midi length stone colored dress.  This midi length is a great option because it allows for comfort and style while still showing off a little leg.  Because movie theatres are known to get a little cold, avoid smuggling in that old blanket by layering the dress with an asymmetrically draped black cardigan.  Add a little height to your outfit with a pair of black wedge leather boots that hit just above the ankle that look great and are easy to walk in.  Accessorizing your outfit correctly is key.  Therefore, we have added a little color with a great rustic colored tote—it’s okay if you like to bring your own popcorn…we won’t tell.  Make the outfit pop by adding a colorful silk scarf to the handle of the bag.  Top it all off with a long tigers’ claw necklace.  Age is just a number so enjoy your night!

  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 40's

    DATE NIGHT 101

    I was once told that the forties were the best years of your life.  Now, I’m unsure of the truth in that statement (being that I’m not quite there yet), but I suspect it has something to do with this; you’re in the midst of watching your kids grow up, finally have the money to afford a babysitter and still have the energy to take advantage of a good time.  Ah, life is grand. And tonight, you can’t wait to let that bottle of 2009 Cabernet breathe on top of that crisp white tablecloth at the new restaurant opening downtown.  You’re husband just got promoted and to congratulate him, his boss got the two of you the best table in the house.  This is you and your husbands’ night out and you want to look good, really good.  I know what you are thinking---what are you possibly going to wear with your compression pantyhose that will make the way you look match up with how incredible you feel while at the same time being age appropriate?  This is where we help.  Don’t be scared of being bold.  Make a statement; you’re in control now.  The Lavish Leopard Pantyhose are the perfect RejuvaHealth product to wear for this occasion.  Keep it classy by pairing them with a little black dress.  The one seen here is synched at the waist, hugging the curves of your body perfectly.  With an edgy leather sleeve and a sharp hemline that hits directly below the knee, this dress is an impeccable combination of origami and sophistication.   Match your shoe color to the dress, creating cohesion throughout the entire look.  A simple black pump works perfectly.  Accessorize your outfit with a great necklace that goes well with the roughness of the leather sleeve.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your bag.  The color of this rustic gold bowling bag goes great with the greyish blue color of the pantyhose.  Top the outfit off with a plum colored lipstick and a splash of your favorite perfume.  You know what they say…forty is the new thirty.  The night is young.  Enjoy yourself!

  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 30's

    DATE NIGHT 101

    Oh the thirties – the years when you’re forced to pretend that you actually have your life together.  So let’s say that you do.  It’s Friday night and you and your beau have tickets to the Coldplay concert.   Now is your time to look cool and sexy while still being age appropriate. You never know, you could run into Gwyneth Paltrow and you swore to yourself that if that day ever did come, you’d be looking your best.  Let’s start with what we know.  The RejuvaHealth Opaque Diamond Pantyhose will look awesome with a chic pair of black shorts.  Add a simple white tank to your ensemble to dress the overall outfit down.  Top if off with an edgy white blazer with structured shoulders and a black lapel.   Be bold with some chunky heels and red lipstick.  Add a little variety with a gold chain necklace embellished with a blue jewel – being too matchy can get chaotic.  Finish off your outfit with an amazing statement clutch.  Normally we’d tell you to “dance like nobody’s watching”…but with this outfit, everyone will be.  Life’s just too short to wear ugly clothes.  That should be the title of a Coldplay song.


  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 20s

    Dear Friends,  You've got a new personal stylist.  Sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine while we search to find you the perfect outfit based entirely around your RejuvaHealth designer compression legwear.  Any age, any occasion.  You ask and we help.  Don't be bashful.  XXO, RH

    DATE NIGHT 101

    RejuvaHealth Outfit for Date Night: 20s


    This one’s for all of you daring, darling twenty-something year olds out there.

    You're young, you're free, you’re broke --You're twenty, for crying out loud.  Become who you want to be and get to know yourself while you do it.  And when the guy waiting in line with you at Starbucks tries to make small talk and then asks you out on a date, say yes.   You've got nothing to lose and he's kind of cute… right?  When deciding what to wear, it's important to show your fun side, especially on a first date.   Be confident yet flirty and pair the Sheer Dot Knee Highs with a drop waist mini dress.  Jazz it up with some good, comfortable heels that throw off the balance of the all black; remember, it's a date not a funeral.  When done right, layering can really make an outfit.  Here, we've found this spectacular fringe fur jacket.  You never know, it may get cold.  Accentuate those colors with some great accessories.  Don't be afraid to use color blocking with a solid color purse.  This emerald green works perfectly.  Finally, we've topped it off with a lovely pair of earrings that truly helps to bring the entire outfit together.  Wear your hair up; you don't want to give away all of your secrets. Let us know how it goes and don't forget to smile!  Wait, what's that in your teeth?  Just kidding.

    Next up? We'll continue our exploration of date night outfits beyond the 20s. So stay tuned for the 30s, 40s, 50s, and  much more.

  • New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Runway

    Happy New Year! - of fashion that is. New York Fashion Wweek has once again provided us with a telescopic view into the spectacular world of art as brilliant designers show their Spring 2013 Collections on the runway.   Through texture, beauty, and design, these artists were able to turn imagination into reality, allowing us to live amongst a dream through what we wear.  If you were unable to keep up with the shows, we've selected a few unforgettable designers who made the cut onto our superlatives list.


    MOST ORIGINAL Betsey Johnson

    Let's face it.  This is definitely a "you had to have been there" moment with a production like none other.  From baby strollers to flippers, Betsey Johnson's collection is absolutely entertaining and completely nuts but for any typical party girl it was to die for…wait, was that a pig?


    BEST ALL-AROUND Diane Von Furstenburg

    From mini-skirts to mumus, DVF has a little bit for everyone in this seasons' collection.  As a continuous top runner in textile design and styling, DVF refuses to disappoint with a display of incredible patterns and vibrant colors. She continues to remain conscious to the world around her, making every piece original yet wearable for women of all ages.



    Intricacy and detail are the main ingredients to this beautiful collection by Altuzarra.  With an intuitive inspiration of travel and an artistry for draping, the collection turned more and more heads as each additional piece made it's way down the runway.  Did I mention the shoes?


    CHiC-EST Alexander Wang

    If there's any possibility of it being day and night at the same time, this is it.  Alexander Wang displays a sense of architecture with intricate designs and fierce style. This collection makes the colors black and white look interesting, creating an entire city within each piece of clothing.


    BEST DRESSED Rodarte

    Describing the entire cast of Game of Thrones front row at an Axel Rose concert that takes place in space is the best way to summarize this collection.  Rodarte's unconventional designs and proportions will surely make this collection at the top of any "It" girls list.



    Anna Sui once again manages to combine the unlikely.  As usual, she found inspiration in her Asian routes and managed to mix that with a punk rock meets Taylor Swift.  She does a spectacular job at using leg wear as an essential accessory within her collection.  Hmm...I’m thinking the new RejuvaHealth compression leggings would go great with that outfit!



    This collection is an effortless array of fine china sculpted into lovely silhouettes.  Thakoon brings a beautiful nostalgia into each garment, reminding us how much we used to enjoy that cup of tea at our sweet great aunt’s house.  It’s feminine and light, making it a perfect addition to our spring 2013 wardrobe.


    BEST IN SHOW Proenza Schouler

    Proenza Schouler’s edgy collection takes us to a new extreme: techno.  With its wild colors, cutouts and corners, we get a mild glimpse into the future of fashion and society.  Once again, this jazzy design duo doesn’t disappoint.

    When incorporating your compression legwear into your outfit, allow it to make a statement of both function and fashion.  Let yourself become inspired, not only by what you see on the runway but in the world around you.  It takes more than just your eyes find inspiration; it takes emotion and feeling.  Be confident in yourself to never again say “I can’t pull that off” because of your compression legwear, because you can.  You are the artist.

  • Compression Stockings for Special Occasions: Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

    While you might not be the one saying I-DO this summer, these wedding fashion ideas are sure to put you at the top of the best dressed guest list. Whether you’re looking for a special dress to commemorate the day or are more interested in an outfit you can get miles out of even after the event, there are a variety of options available that pair well with support stockings. And not only will compression stockings keep your legs energized so you can dance ‘til dawn, they’ll also help smooth the curves beneath your dress for a picture perfect silhouette.

    Looking for an outfit that will mask your compression tights, but still allow for the cool summer night’s breeze? Consider a maxi or long dress.

    Maxi dresses are great for casual or chic weddings and open toe thigh highs or pantyhose often go unnoticed. Pair your natural colored compression stockings with a peep toe sandal or platform and VIOLA! The Medi Sheer & Soft thigh highs are an excellent pairing choice. Their silicone thigh high band keeps them in place for all day comfort, while their sheer look has even you forgetting you’re wearing compression. Looking for an all over slimming effect for that slimming long dress? Consider Solidea’s Magic Micro-Massaging Sheer Pantyhose available in 12-15 mmHg or 18-21 mmHg. Their micro-massaging waves help eliminate toxins and smooth the skin.

    Wanting to reveal a little more leg? Think about choosing a dress similar to the styles featured above. Keeping the dress length just about the knee will ensure your outfit is church and/ or dance appropriate. Lacey, color blocked, patterned, or pleated. All of these styles are currently trend worthy and will have even the bride asking you where you got your dress. Given the simplicity of a solid color dress, consider pairing with a patterned support stocking- floral and dot patterns give a nice feminine touch. More complex or decorative dresses should be matched with solid color, nude, or black stockings.

    Final Style Tip: Remember to choose a fabric type that reflects the wedding’s attire suggestion, usually noted on the invitation. Typically, cotton and jersey knit dresses do well with day weddings. For night weddings, consider chiffon or silk type dresses.

  • A Beginner’s Test Drive – Alex’s First Impression of Compression Stockings

    Last month we welcomed a new team member, Alex, to RejuvaHealth.  A young active woman with no previous medical reasons for using compression, Alex was eager to learn about compression’s many uses but skeptical as to whether it would be beneficial for someone like herself.  So as part of her training for her new position, we gave her the opportunity to select a few of our products to “test drive”. In the process we found she had some feedback & comments we hear frequently from our first-time users. Believing this feedback could be helpful to those considering compression for the first time, we asked her to assemble her thoughts into written form for us to share with you. 

    Check out her feedback below & welcome to RejuvaHealth Alex!


    “Before coming into the RejuvaHealth Company I had heard about compression garments, but never thought I’d had a valid reason to wear them.  Little did I know that compression stockings are not only used for severe medical conditions, but also preventative reasons as well.  Soon after I began learning more about compression, I became curious: how did they feel? If I wore them would I feel differently? Would I look old? And most importantly could I possibly prevent possible medical conditions by wearing them at such a young age?

    Although I was required to learn an abundance of information about compression before I could begin working independently within the business, I secretly was interested in learning about my own questions and concerns. What were the pros and cons of becoming a compression wearer myself? By navigating through the RejuvaHealth website I was able to research different products and learn about common usages. One thing that really stood out to me & which I also suggest other new wearers take note of:  most of the time when wearing different clothing items, ones size is typically similar if not the same across the board. This is NOT the mentality of compression garments. Each item is tailored to fit in a specific way. If you do not have the correct size then the garment cannot do its job properly.

    After learning all of the introductory facts about compression, I decided to take the plunge and try out a pair myself. From the new collection, I choose a pair of opaque black diamond pantyhose with a mild compression level of 15-20 mmHg.


    The pantyhose were great. Not only did I feel more support from the garment, but my legs felt lighter and more energetic. I even got a few compliments about how cute they were. Having my legs feel better was great, but receiving compliments on top of that was icing on the cake!

    After taking the Diamond Pantyhose for a test drive, I tried something altogether different.

    I had heard both customers & RejuvaHealth employees raving about the Silver Wave products by Solidea so decided to test out a pair of those myself. I found these footless options attractive since leggings are so popular and easy to wear with today’s fashions. I also liked the comfort component of a garment without a fully enclosed foot. Specifically, I opted to test the Solidea Silver Wave Corsaro Shaping Capri, a unique garment that fits like a traditional legging but also exerts a micro massaging technique to stimulate circulation that is impaired by cellulite.


    These compression leggings were so amazing. They applied the support that I needed and reduced the appearance of cellulite - what more could you ask for?! Whether working out or lounging around the house, I highly recommend any of the silver wave products. Once you try them you will become addicted.

    The after effects of both garments were definitely noticeable, but so was the difficulty I experienced getting them on for the first time. A little advice for first time compression wearers: these garments are much easier to put on when sitting down! I made the mistake of standing up to put them on the first time and quickly found how different they are from a traditional piece of hosiery. Rolling them on seemed to be the safest way to avoid snagging or ripping on jewelry or nails and similarly rolling them off when removing was easiest for me.

    Immediately after removing the silver wave capris, I had ripples on my lower body mirroring the pattern within the fabric. Initially, I worried about this, but found they went away fairly quickly.  Once out of the leggings I felt like it had really minimized any bloating or fatigue not only in my lower extremities but in my tummy as well. When removing the RejuvaHealth pantyhose my legs felt lighter and didn’t look any different as if I wore non-compression hosiery.

    So all that said: what’s my takeaway advice?

    Don’t be afraid of compression. Embrace the opportunity to better yourself!”

  • Spring Trend Watch: FLOWER POWER

    As many of you may have noticed on the pages of your favorite magazines, florals have been all over the runways this season. From hosiery to shirts and even shoes to pants, this spring season is screaming with blossoms & blooms.


    Just because you might wear compression stockings, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this trend too. To help you incorporate florals into your supportwear collection, we’ve scoured the Internet for outfit ideas that will appease your fashion sense AND your health consciousness. Check out just a few of our favorite outfit combinations below. Have an outfit of your own you'd like to share? Snap a photo and post it to our Facebook Fanpage. We love to see your outfit ideas too!



    IDEA ONE: FLORAL PANTS - We're obsessed with these fab floral pants from JBrand. Slip on a pair of open-toe Marilyn's underneath for camouflaged compression and pair with dark top & shoes of your choice.



    IDEA TWO: FLORAL PUMPS - Intimidated to wear too much pattern? Pairing blossom-infused shoes with neutral clothing offers a more subtle take on the trend. Combine a comfy, flowy dress (preferrably in a color that picks up your shoes) and the subtly sexy Naomi 140s for a casual carefree look.


    IDEA THREE: FLORAL SHORTS - If you're feeling adventurous, match playful shorts with a coordinating top & tights. Here we've paired our sheer black dot pantyhose with a black top, floral shorts, and vintage-vibe accessories.





    IDEA FOUR: FLORAL TIGHTS - Of course, if you don't want to go for floral clothes, you can always rock the floral trend with your tights. Pictured here are RejuvaHeatlh's new Sheer Black Floral Pantyhose. Available now in the 15-20 mmHg support level & coming soon in 20-30 mmHg. For a casual day look, wear with a plain color tee, demin skirt, and flats as picture below. Swap out the shoes for pumps & add accessories come night time and you'll be date-ready too!


  • Spring Sale: Going on Now through April 30

    Spring Sale! Save 15% on Paisley Prints

    ONE WEEK ONLY - RejuvaHealth's limited edition paisley pattern is almost sold out! Scoop up yours now before its too late. Save 15% off all paisley prints -- grey, pink, & purple -- just use code PAISLEY at checkout. Click here to begin shopping now.

    Terms & Conditions: Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on past purchases. Coupon valid on applicable RejuvaHealth brand paisley products only. Valid until April 30, 2012 midnight PST. Cannot be applied to wholesale purchases.Offer expires April 30, 2012 at midnight PST.

    Have questions about this promotion? Feel free to email any questions about this promo to us at

  • Compression Comparison: Store "Energy" Brands vs. Medical-Grade Support

    Our most recent video blog was inspired by one of our video viewers named Anne. She recently sent us an email inquiring if we could make a video "to compare the differences between store brands like L'eggs Energy or Hanes Alive and those that you [RejuvaHealth] carry."

    Great question, right? We thought so too.

    So in this video, we did our best to answer exactly that question. What ARE the differences between some light "support" brands & true medical-grade support? They are, in fact, quite substantial. In addition to being knit from different yarns, constructed via different machines & listed under different regulatory agencies, medical support stockings offer a much higher and carefully-controlled grade of graduated compression.

    To help demonstrate these differences, we made a trip down to our neighborhood CVS to stock up on some store-bought hosiery & also pulled a pair of stockings from our shelves here. In total, we used the following 3 items in our video:

    1. 1. a normal Hanes stocking
    2. 2. a L'eggs Sheer Energy stocking
    3. 3. a RejuvaHeath 15-20 mmHg graduated compression stocking

    Tune in to see the result!

    And as always, please feel free to email your video suggestions to us at

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