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  • Stacy's Stocking Style Segment, Episode 2

    In this episode of Stacy's Stocking Style Segment, see why she's chosen the "Lavish Leopard" print as the "Most Versatile" pattern in the RejuvaHealth 2011 Collection. In addition to showing us a casual workwear outfit incorporating this print, Stacy also provides general outfit & pairing recommendations. Tune in & let us know whether you agree and/or have any other suggestions! How do you wear your Lavish Leopard Compression Pantyhose & Thigh Highs?

  • Win a Pair of RejuvaHealth Patterned Compression Stockings!

    How? It’s easy! We have a special promotion going on now through January 20, 2012. Just find us on facebook at and “like” our fanpage. Then, click the “PROMO” tab on the left hand side to pull up the contest. Enter your information & voila! You’re eligible to win a free pair of RejuvaHealth stockings - any style, size, and compression level desired. We’ll notify the winner via email within one week after the contest’s closure.

    If you have any questions about the content & how to enter, email us at & we’d be happy to help you out. Good luck!

  • RejuvaHealth’s “Stop the Clot” Fundraiser: An Evening of Awareness & Fundraising for a Cause!

    Many people aren’t aware of how common, prevalent, and dangerous blood clots are. Believe it or not as many as $900,000 Americans suffer from a blood clot annually, with 1 of every 3 of those cases resulting in death. That’s 300,000 deaths in the U.S. alone every year.

    It’s easy to be unaffected by these numbers & think “those statistics won’t affect me”. In fact, I did just that! I never thought something like a blood clot would come my way - let alone in my early 20s. However, I’m living proof that these kinds of health challenges can affect anyone at any age.

    The good news is we can make a difference in these statistics.

    This year, we joined the crusade against clots by teaming up with the NBCA in support of their Annual Fundraising Campaign. The National Blood Clot Alliance is a wonderful organization formed around the mission to help prevent, diagnose and treat thrombosis and thrombophilia via research, education, support and advocacy.

    We kicked off our efforts locally by hosting an intimate “Stop the Clot” event on Friday, December 2 near our office in Orange County, California. Over 50 attendees joined us to bid on 70+ silent auction items & enjoy delicious drinks & hors d'oeuvres for the cause! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we raised approximately $4,000 dollars by the end of the evening, which was upped to over $9,000 at night’s end thanks to a “match” $5,000 gift from a donor.

    Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the gifts of our generous donors. Special thanks to the below companies for their contributions! Friends of RejuvaHealth be sure to check out their websites and stores, and take advantage of many of the amazing products they have to offer:

     Stop The Clot Sponsors: 

     The Thrive Showroom


    What a Dish Catering


    YogaWorks - Mission Viejo Studio

    Papyrus - Mission Viejo Mall Store

    Brighton - Mission Viejo Mall Store

    Courtesan Studio

    Sherri Sieb Photography

    Healthy Surprise

    Beth Wilkinson, Hair Stylist

    Burke Williams, Mission Viejo location


    Ladera Flower Shoppe

    Pages of Tyme Scrap Booking

    And many more (if we accidentally missed you, let us know so we can add your site)

    And our heartfelt thanks to all the amazing friends & family that attended to support our efforts! If you’re interested in learning more about the cause & our fundraising campaign be sure to check out our page at

    And lastly ... some photos from the event!

    xo, Kelsey


  • Cellulite Reduction Techniques

    Who’s ready for summer? (cricket … cricket) No we’re not going sock crazy over here! We know that with these cold wind chills settling in, summer is surely no more than a glimmer in sight. However, we are already prepping our legs for next year’s beach season (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves).  While we absolutely love basking in the warm summer sand with the cool ocean breeze in our face and a good book in tow, we also know that with this luxury comes the dreaded worrying over taming those cellulite monsters, our THIGHS!



    Getting rid of cellulite will never be an easy task, especially with all the myths that accompany different cellulite treatments.  Of course only you can be the judge of which cellulite treatment works best for you, but we’ve done our best to put together a small list of popular cellulite treatments evangelized by other beauty experts. See below for a variety of successful cellulite removal options and please feel free to add to the list using the comments tab – we would love to hear your tricks of the trade!

    Cellulite Creams do wonders considering their inexpensive sticker price! If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself, non-invasive treatment that helps firm and tighten the skin, this is most definitely the way to go. Now, which particular cream works best? We aren’t experts on what makes these magical creams work, so we’ve turned to to find out how the competition matches up.[1] If you check out their link you will find product reviews for the leading creams on the market, along with information on where to buy them and how much they’ll set you back.  We’ve learned some of the key ingredients to be on the lookout for are: caffeine, shea butter, glaucine and aloe vera.

     Spa Cellulite Reduction- through Endermologie or Acoustic Wave Therapy. Endermologie involves the use of a massage machine to break up fat trapped beneath connective tissues, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Acoustic Wave Therapy uses ultrasound waves to disrupt the connective tissue and breakup fat. These nonsurgical treatments are painless and offer results that can last up to a year. However, with any spa treatment comes a higher price, so be aware that various treatments are required in order to reach maximum potential.

    Mesotherapy- is cellulite removal that works to shrink your fat cells by melting the fat beneath the skin with medication and nutritional supplement injections. Mesotheraphy involves a more personal treatment where a doctor classifies your stage of cellulite and uses a process of administering different medications to specific points on the body to help burn fat. The most rewarding part about this option is it provides lasting effects if paired with proper diet & exercise, although remember multiple treatments are required. It’s ranked highest in the pricing bracket, but it does beat out dangerous surgeries like liposuction, which has really proven to do more harm than good for cellulite victims.

    Micro-massage Clothing & Accessories - some clothing products can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by helping the body eliminate excess fluids. Solidea's patented Silver Wave technology is one of these types of products.  Knit in a very unique texture that looks like a three dimensional wave, this special fabric exerts a micromassage on the skin with the body's natural movements. This motion stimulates cutaneous capillary circulation otherwise impaired by cellulite, thereby preventing swelling (edemas) of the legs & promoting the elimination of excess liquids. Effectiveness is increased when worn during physical activity.


    Tips for at home: After reading up on all those options, you may be wondering: where do I go from here? We’ll help you get started by offering a few pointers on how you can help tame your cellulite from home. While these options may not completely eradicate existing cellulite like some of the surgical & topical options above, they can help keep some of those “trouble zones” at bay.

    • Increase daily activity to help stop cellulite from forming.
    • Stay away from constrictive undergarments with elastic that’s tight against the buttocks. Opt for thongs or boyshorts when choosing underwear.
    • Do more cardio & anaerobic exercises which burn fat and promote healthy skin.
    • Wear compression leggings from our Solidea Silver Wave Collection.[2] Their patented three dimensional wave pattern exerts a micro-massage on the skin that stimulates capillary circulation impaired by cellulite, thus eliminating excess fluids.

    Moral of the story? Don’t let summer creep up on you like it did last year.  Start taking care of your legs while there’s still plenty of time to do so. You’ll feel great and look awesome too!

    Pssst… looking for a more cost effective home remedy? Here’s a little secret, many women have found remarkable results by gathering up coffee grounds and olive oil from their kitchen and making a au-natural concoction to massage into cellulite regions. It’s a quick & easy fix that takes 8 simple steps.[3] We love the sound of that!

  • RejuvaHealth's Lavish Leopard Compression Pantyhose Go Global

    In this fan photo, RejuvaHealth wearer Megan takes adventure to the next level while rocking her Lavish Leopard compression pantyhose. Suffering from leg swelling ever since a knee surgery, she wanted a variety of support garments to take with her during a 3 week long African safari. She opted for the RejuvaHealth leopard pantyhose (pictured here) as well as several pairs of Solidea SilverWave Leggings. Whether meeting locals, hiking mountains to visit gorillas, or enjoying the sights, we love she took her fun & adventurous style global!


  • Curious about Deep Vein Thrombosis, DVT Symptoms, & DVT Treatment? Here's the 411!

    What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

    Deep Vein Thrombosis (also known by its acronym, DVT)  is the term typically used for a blood clot that occurs deep inside the body, usually in the lower extremities. A DVT is most often classified by a blood clot found in the legs that affects the larger veins, generally between the thigh and lower leg. This type of circulation blockage is very serious and, if left untreated, can lead to more dangerous health complications.  One such example is a pulmonary embolism, which is when a blood clot breaks off and travels to the lungs causing a life threatening blockage in the main artery or one of its branches.


    Be Aware: DVT Symptoms

    The growing number of individuals affected by DVT each year is becoming alarming. Because of this, it is especially important that we know & recognize deep vein thrombosis symptoms before this “silent killer” has a chance to attack. Review the common signs & symptoms below and be on the lookout; these quick facts may help alert you if something is not right.

    • Leg pain & tenderness (similar to that of a Charley Horse)
    • Noticeable swelling in the affected leg
    • Leg that is warm to the touch
    • Skin discoloration of the affected area
    • Leg fatigue


    Risky Behavior: Are you at Risk?

    Noticing changes in your leg behavior may help save your life! Be proactive and see a doctor right away if you suspect a DVT! Several of our team members were lucky enough to catch their DVT’s before more serious complications set in; because of this we want everyone to be conscious of conditions & behaviors that could elevate your chances of being diagnosed with a DVT. Take a look at the National Blood Clot Alliance: Stop the Clot’s detailed risk factors page, which rates your risk and offers practical measures to help lower your chances.


    Tackle it: DVT Treatment

    After reading about all the risks factors, we KNOW you’re going to shape up and take precautionary measures to better protect your health. However, if a DVT does occur don’t be alarmed; there are several steps doctors can take in order to achieve their main goal - tackling your blood clot! Deep vein thrombosis treatment varies according to each person’s needs, but here are a few steps that doctors often take:

    • Prescribe anticoagulant medications (a.k.a. blood thinners) to help keep the clot from growing or moving, & new clots from forming.
    • Suggest elevation of the legs to reduce swelling.
    • Recommend wearing compression stockings, which can help remedy leg discomfort and the latter onset of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome, or PTS.


    Take Home Lesson: Who’s getting an A+?

    Precautionary steps to improve the wellbeing of your legs can have a huge impact on your overall health, so take a stretch break from your office chair, kick the bad habit, and wear compression stockings. All of us at RejuvaHealth are rooting for you! Whether you’re new to compression or an old pro, we can all benefit from sharing our experiences and learning from each other, so take a look at our "how to" section or become more involved as a RejuvaHealth fan- we’re in this together!




  • RejuvaHealth Fans in Action: Pretty in Pink

    Call us conceited, but we think we're pretty dang lucky to have some of the most fun & fearless wearers across the world rocking our designer compression patterns & prints! No matter the age, hometown, personal style, or condition for which each of our customers wear their compression stockings, one thing runs in common between them all: CONFIDENCE!

    To celebrate these gorgeous compression stocking wearers, we're going to highlight some of them in this "Fabulous Fans" section of our blog. And to get us started, we're kicking off  with a triple threat: the ladies of Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic. Decked in a coordinated trio of Pink Paisley Pantyhose,  black dresses, and playful accessories, these ladies looked festive and feminine for a THINK PINK expo for Breast Cancer awareness this month in Colorado.

    Colorado residents, you can purchase an assortment of RejuvaHealth designer compression stockings directly through them at their state-of-the-art Vein Institute. You can also learn more about the procedures & treatments available at Rocky Mountain Vein Institute and their Founder & Medical Director, Dr Gordon F. Gibbs M.D.  at


    Pink Paisley Pantyhose


  • Prolong the life of your compression stocking investment with proper care & wear techniques

    Most people who have purchased compression stockings will tell you they remember purchasing their first pair ... and the sticker shock they experienced when they did so! Unlike normal hosiery or socks, medical support stockings are knit to incorporate graduated compression technology for therapeutic relief from a variety of symptoms. Because these garments require FDA-listing as well and all of the additional requirements that come with it, they are noticeably more expensive than normal socks and stockings. Considering the  cost of this important health investment, it's important to protect the integrity of the compression stockings you purchase. The more carefully you care for and wear them, the longer lifespan of those garments you'll enjoy ... good for you AND your wallet!

    In this video, RejuvaHealth's founder Kelsey discusses recommended laundering procedures, proper drying methods, and wearing frequency. By utilizing these methods & incorporating these tips, wearers can help to maximize the lifespan of their garments.

  • Stacy's Stocking Style Segment, Episode 1

    Stacy's Style Segment. Kelsey Minarik and Stacy Bergschneider go over fashion combinations that pair well with the RejuvaHealth brand stockings.

  • RejuvaHealth Designer Compression Stocking Patterns

    Take a closer look at the RejuvaHealth Stocking Patterns. In this video, Kelsey shows you all of the designer compression stocking prints featured in RejuvaHealth's debut collection – offering a live glimpse of their actual coloring & appearance in person. See compression stockings like you've never seen them before. Designer compression stocking prints including Leopard, Paisleys, Lace, Checker, Houndstooth and more.

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