Compression legwear

  • How to choose between full-length compression stocking styles

    So your doctor told you to wear full-length compression stockings.

    Knee-highs are out of the question so what’s the next best option: thigh highs, pantyhose, or leggings?

    Here are a few of the top pieces of advice I’ve learned over the years along with some of my favorite tips for choosing the best length compression garment for your needs.

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    When prescribed compression stockings, it’s not uncommon for a doctor suggest a full-length style. This could apply whether you have DVT, POTS, an advanced varicosity, or are coming out of surgery. Unfortunately doctors don’t always accompany this suggestion with the pros & cons of each style, making it hard to know which may be best for you.

    They are typically 3 full-length styles: thigh highs, pantyhose, and leggings.





    Knit from a nylon-spandex blend, these are typically topped with a stay-up band. The stay up band style varies by item and brand, however the most commonly used is enhanced with a sticky “dot” pattern on the thigh bands interior. This dot material is made from surgical grade silicone so offers more adhesion than a band you might find in a department store brand thigh high. The lack of a tummy top offered in a thigh high makes this style a great option for ease of getting on and off (think quicker bathroom breaks and dressing time than a full pantyhose). One potential caveat is that some find the silicone to slip down during the day. For many, this is remedied with an easy adjustment – a garment with proper fit shouldn’t move too much. So consider body type when evaluating whether a compression thigh high is right for you. We’ve found pear shapes often prefer pantyhose to avoid band slippage in the upper thigh area whereas straight shapes may experience adequate hold.




    Compression pantyhose are similar in style to typical department store pantyhose, the largest difference lying in the firm compression contained in the legs. Tummy tops vary by brand. Some offer moderate compression like a shaping garment while others offer breathing room for comfort. When reading about different pantyhose across brands, be sure to check out the item’s waistband. Rejuva’s in particular are knit in a wide honeycomb style designed to hold up without binding. Personally, solid elastic bands give me tummy aches when worn for more than a few hours, so this is something I look out for to ensure I don’t have when shopping. Some come with adjustable waistbands (Medi brand for example). These are similar to what you might find in a child’s pant with a hidden button sewn into the waistband that you can adjust through a small opening in the elastic. I find pantyhose to be great for more formal occasions when you want shaping under a dress. They’re more difficult to get in and out of than a thigh high, but also offer the added benefit of light back support when standing for long periods.




    Footless variations aren’t for everyone so be sure to ask you physician whether it will adequately address your needs. Since the garment starts at the base of the ankle, it doesn’t offer compression in the heel area, which can render it less effective than full foot options for wearers with advanced conditions or varicosities. For those for whom footless compression is an OK option, these are a great style for summer & warm weather. I love wearing them with sandals, open top shoes and flats to feel a little more normal when dressing up in summer compression. Like pantyhose, they offer more torso support than thigh highs, lifting the bum & shaping the midsection. Rejuva’s are knit with an extra wide 4-inch waistband, a special feature we spent an extra 9 months developing and very rare in the world of compression. They also offer a nice hug of low back support.


    Takeaway decision-making tips


    When choosing a full-length compression style, be sure to consider your body type. What type of pants typically works best for you? If you like wider or boot leg cuts and have a full shape, a legging or pantyhose may be a better fit. On the other hand, if you like very tapered cuts and have a straight shape, thigh highs may also hold up well on your build. What kind of features do you like: Garments that stay up without any adjustment (ex: pantyhose)? Freedom offered by easy in & out (ex: thigh highs)? Weigh all of these factors when deciding which style may be best for you.


    Once you get them …


    Be sure to try them on! Proper fit is essential for effective compression therapy. You won’t wear a garment that doesn’t fit comfortably so be sure to give them a test run as soon as you get them home. If the first garment you selected isn’t quite the right fit, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet your prince. Call a support team member to see if you can gain added advice on what may be right for you. Explain any likes or dislikes. Chances are a well-trained customer service representative has heard similar questions before & can guide you in the right direction based on what they’ve heard from other wearers.

  • Why rock a compression sock?

    Who really wears compression socks and stockings? If you’re like many, you probably think they’re for the sick, the elderly, or someone who recently had surgery. But did you know most anyone could benefit from wearing compression?

    As the founder of RejuvaHealth, I’m often asked and challenged on this topic by those who ask me what I do. When I tell them about our line of fashionable compression stockings, I commonly hear:

    “I’m healthy so I don’t need compression.”

    “I think my grandma wears those so I definitely don’t need them.”

    “I know someone who had to wear compression  - but they had a medical procedure so I’m different.”

    Did you know compression legwear actually comes in a variety of support levels for just that purpose? While some versions offer firm support designed specifically for therapeutic uses, light support variations are actually designed for preventative & general lifestyle applications – think travel, pregnancy, varicose veins, spider veins & more.  By hugging the legs with gradually lessening compression (specifically tightest at the ankle & looser above), compression socks help your legs do what they should be doing naturally - move blood upwards from the extremities and to the heart.


    It sounds simple – but that’s the beauty of it. Unlike an invasive procedure or risky oral medication, elastic compression garments offer a holistic remedy for the common achiness, heaviness, and fatigue that can accompany a busy daily routine.

    Still not sure whether you’re like anyone else who wears compression? Follow me on the streets of Southern California as I ask real life wearers why they love it. The results & reasons people wear it may surprise you.


    Can you relate to any of these interviewees? If so, tell me on our Facebook page at or by commenting on our videos at



  • Best Compression Stockings for Hot Weather

    It’s all fun and games - until the hot weather rolls around. Long-time compression wearers know the drill. Fall leaves bring chilly temps, longer pants, and the perfect fashion opportunity to transition summer outfits into autumn with the addition of compression tights. Winter follows with even colder months & an added excuse for additional layers. October through March glides by with little inconvenience to the compression wearer’s wardrobe.

    April showers bring May flowers and rising barometers too. As hemlines shorten and winter gear is stored for the season, summer elicits longer days, welcomed sunshine, and new anxiety for support stocking users. Heat makes the prospect of layering or wearing long garments unpalatable.  Sweat + stockings anyone? No thank you.

    The irony about the heat & the effect it has in making wearing compression more challenging is that it can also exacerbate leg symptoms too. It’s not uncommon for swelling to worsen in hot, humid weather.  Travel, a common partner to summer breaks, can also wreck havoc on leg health. To prevent DVT while flying it’s recommended users wear compression stockings, stay hydrated and move frequently. So while its tempting to abandon compression come June, the occasions and environments that accompany it make wearing it just as important as ever.

    We can’t promise it will be more comfortable wearing compression stockings than it would be to rock shorts & flip flops, but there are a few tricks for making it more bearable in hot weather.  Here’s our top RejuvaHealth tips on how to survive wearing compression in spring, summer, & beyond:

    Best Compression Stockings for Hot Weather

    Consider fabric finish – Knit from a finer denier of covered yarns, sheers offer a bit more breathability than opaques in the hot summer months. We also love the small hint of skin they allow to glimpse through the garment. Consider them a subtly sexy way to get the support you need while still appearing seasonally appropriate. If varicose veins or spider veins are of concern, sheer compression stockings are also a great way to provide coverage & smoothness while also sporting your favorite dresses, skirts, and shorts.


    Seek out moisture-wicking materials – Certain compression socks are knit with special moisture-wicking fibers to help with moisture control & temperature management. We particularly love CoolMax, but select variations & brands may include the likes of silver ions, and other materials too.


    Try open toe options – For days sandals are a must, opt for an open-toe compression stocking in a nude color way. We love pairing open-toe nude thigh highs with a maxi dress in summer as a sneaky way to get support while looking effortlessly chic.


    Step out of the black box – We all love a basic black but summer’s the perfect time to mix it up. Reflect light & repel heat by opting for lighter hues. Ashy grays, subtle nudes, and pretty plums are versatile but fun ways to incorporate compression knee-highs into your wardrobe without looking seasonally inappropriate.  And with the resurgence in popularity of fashion socks, a pair with shorts & your favorite ankle boots (or rolled up jeans & tennis shoes) is an adorable and heat-friendly option too.


    Want more of our hot weather picks? Check out Kelsey's RejuvaHealth favorites + tips for wearing & pairing them here:


    What's your favorite tips for surviving the heat while wearing compression? Tell us by commenting below or joining us on Facebook at   Until next time ... stay cool!




  • Differences Between Sheer & Opaque Compression Stockings


    With summer just around the corner, we’re receiving an increasing number of questions about the differences between particular patterns - especially as it relates to sheer vs. opaque finishes.We hear many questions from both new and current compression wearers. Here are some of the most common questions and answers…

    Is there a difference in effectiveness between sheer and opaque compression stockings?

    • No, they both will maintain the advertised levels of compression and you can rest assured that you will be getting the compression you need.

    What are some of the main differences between sheer and opaque compression stockings?

    •  Some of the main differences will be in the look and style as well as how much air and breathability they offer. As you might imagine, a sheer is going to be a bit more breathable than an opaque stocking. An opaque is wonderful for winter when you want the extra warmth.

     Which style will give me better coverage for my legs?

    •  While both styles of stockings will provide you with the necessary amount of compression, certain styles will give you better coverage. An opaque stocking will effectively hide very pronounced varicosities or unwanted sunspots, while the sheer will cover your legs, but still mildly expose your skin. 


    Check out our video for a more on hands look at the differences between sheer & opaque compression stockings!

  • Red, White, Renewing, and Blue! Compression Stocking Outfit Ideas for 4th of July.


    The Fourth of July is so close we can practically smell the BBQ, hear the fireworks, and feel the warm summer sun. No matter how you choose celebrate this Thursday, we have outfit options to take you all the way from your red, white, and blueberry pancakes to the fireworks grand finale.

    The approaching holiday weekend offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate freedom, feel renewed and still be fashion-forward in sheer summer-friendly styles.


    Party Polished

    So your holiday plans have you at the annual family BBQ for a day of comfort food, endless rounds of horseshoes and croquet, and more cousins than you can count? Try a fresh polka dot sundress with strappy sandals, nautical themed accessories, and a pair of the Medi Open Toed Sheer and Soft Thigh Highs and you have the perfect blend of patriotic and polished.


    July 4 Image 1


    The PacificPlex Polkadot Sundress is a sweet and sassy hint of vintage that accentuates in all the right places. We love the breezy cotton fabric for summer.

    Pair with these Simple braided sandals from Modcloth, the perfect understated accessory.

    Anchors away with this nautical themed necklace from Etsy.

    Top it off with this cute roomy striped tote from Michael Kors and you really can take it all with you.


    California Casual 

    If your idea of a festive Fourth takes you out and about to the early morning parade or late night fireworks show, keep chic and comfy in relaxed boyfriend capris, a sweet polka dot blouse, ultra-feminine lace cardigan, and a pop of red accessories paired with our brand new Sheer Dot Knee Highs in Buff.


    July 4 Image 2


    These relaxed Boyfriend Capris by Citizens of Humanity will work with just about anything

    But we especially love it paired with this Swiss polka dot top

    Layered with the Lace Panel Cardigan by Mango if you’re going to be out after dark

    Go anywhere in style and comfort in the Red Canvas Slip on by Toms

    Accessories can take an outfit to the next level, step it up with these adorable Floral Earrings and eye popping Tory Burch Tote


    Beach Babe

    Skipping the soirees and headed to the beach or pool side for some fun in the sun? Try this figure-flattering swim suit with a breezy white cover up and simple shorts, embellished flip flops, and navy polka dot tote. Layer on a gold beach themed necklace and some sassy shades and you’re ready to go.


    July 4 Image 3


    Make them stop and stare with an eye catching Red Bandeau swimsuit with built in tummy control.

    Stop for lunch or stroll the board walk in these simple Structured Cotton Shorts, a Breezy Cotton Cardigan, and Comfy Wedge Flip Flops. Classic yet sophisticated neutrals keep the focus on your awesome accessories.

    Evoke retro beachside glamour with this delicate gold sea inspired necklace, and face framing Rose Gold Cat-eye Sun Glasses.

    Store your wallet, keys, cell phone, lip balm, sun screen, and anything else you can think of, in summer style in this Navy Polka Dot Beach Tote with braided rope handles.

    Not quite ready to bare it all beachside? Prepare for the bikini body you’ve always wanted with the Solidea Silver Wave Anti-Cellulite Shorts. The shorts are knit with three dimensional Silver Wave technology that banishes cellulite and helps drain excess fluids so that you can both look and feel your best.

  • Sports Compression Garments for Any Workout


    Motivation is crucial to any workout; although sometimes, it takes more than just personal dedication to get you to the gym.  Give yourself the extra boost by dressing for the occasion.  It’s like the first day of school; the only reason you ever looked forward to it was because of the new, perfectly planned outfit hanging in your closet.  Use this tactic for your workout.   Listed below are some of our favorite workouts paired with the perfect sports compression garment.

    Ballet Barre

    This exercise has recently become all the rage, allowing for people to finally achieve the long, lean and beautifully sculpted body of a ballerina.  It uniquely combines multiple series of pliés (French for bending and straightening of the knees), stretches and core training with the use of graceful arm movements and pronounced posture.  If you attend a class, you’ll typically see everyone dressed in some style of legging.  The Solidea Silver Wave Corsaro Shaping Capri ($99) provides the majority of your upper leg with compression support, while allowing your feet and calves to be exposed for a free range of exercise.  Its micro-massaging fabric will help boost circulation and temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite.  We’ve paired this item with a feminine and simplistic cardigan tunic by Zobha ($68).


    It’s the exercise of the mind, body and spirit---a practice that allows you to find serenity in your surroundings while escaping to a world of total relaxation.  Those who practice yoga on a regular basis are known more patient, less temperamental, and more present in everyday life.  Focused on breathing, balance, flexibility and strength, the meditating state of mind allows you to extend beyond your physical body and achieve the impossible.  With a dedication to this lifestyle and workout, you will grow leaner, healthier and happier.  The RejuvaHealth Slimming Support Leggings ($79.99-$89.99) will provide compression while slimming the waist, thighs and calves.  We’ve paired the leggings with a tank from Luluemon ($58).


    Need to clear your thoughts?  Jogging is the perfect excuse to do so.  There’s something about the rhythmic sounds of your breath along with the thrashing ponder of your feet hitting the concrete with each step.  So let’s say you weren’t “born a runner”…well, nobody is.  It will take a large amount of effort to achieve distance.  Based on experience, you don’t want to kill yourself in the process or you will end up hating it.  Build your endurance with baby steps at first and then work your way up.  Sign up for a 5K towards the beginning of the New Year and let that be your goal.  You will be surprised at what you achieve.  Most runners are frequent wearers of compression garments.  Therefore, the Solidea Active Energy Unisex Knee High ($62) allows for a good level of blood flow from the bottom up. Shown below is a Coldgear Longsleeve Mock from Under Armour ($49.99) to keep you warm on those morning runs.


    To achieve the bodies of celebrity favorites like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel, sign up for CrossFit.  This exercise focuses on replacing body fat with muscle in a series of dynamic weight lifting exercises.   Let’s be honest, Crossfit isn’t for sissies.  It will be a challenge and you will go to bed with aching muscles every night.  I know what you’re thinking---who wants that, right?  But, with time, you will learn to love that feeling.  After a months end, you and the people around you will see definite results.  We think that the Solidea Silver Wave Shorts ($65) are a great match for Crossfit workouts.  To go with it, we’ve paired the performance hoodie by Nike ($100).


  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 60's +

    Date Night 101

    You have worked hard to get to where you are today.  Now is the time to enjoy yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished in life.  For the past couple years, you and your husband have been donating to the ballet.  In return, you receive spectacular seats to all of the performances.  It’s opening night of Coppelia, and you and your husband have been really looking forward to attending.  But, your legs have been bothering you all day.  You know that you won’t be able to wear just any compression legwear with your evening outfit.  Thankfully, there’s RejuvaHealth.   Start with the RejuvaHealth sheer dot pantyhose.  They grace the overall outfit with taste and style while giving it a touch of youthfulness in the pattern (you don’t feel old…why dress like it?).   Keep things comfortable and classy with a flared black skirt that hits right below the knees.  Go with a beautiful white blouse to tuck into the skirt.  This allows for versatility when accessorizing the rest of the outfit.  Because it’s an evening affair, we decided to dress things up with the color gold.  A belt really brings the totality of the look together.  Because the rest of the outfit is so simple, we’ve chosen a pearl-encrusted belt that will fit right at the waist line, allowing for a slim, sleek and fashionable finish.   We are in the midst of fall, so the nights tend to get fairly cold.  Therefore, a lovely gold-buttoned cape will work perfectly since it’s easily accessible if you are planning on removing it once you get inside.   If you are looking to keep the height of your shoes at a minimum, a pointed black ballet flat is the ticket; you are at a ballet after all.  Although they add no height, they are still elegantly dressy and comfortable.  Finish off the outfit with a gold purse.  Don’t forget to bring your binoculars; you may have the best seats in the house, but you never know if you’ll need them. Sure, you’ve lived a lot over the past sixty years…but you’re not done yet!

  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 50s

    DATE NIGHT 101

    You’re fifty years young.  It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. The kids have grown up and gone off to college and you and your husband have the house to yourselves again.  Sure, you miss them and count the days in between their next visit home.  But in the meantime, take advantage of the time you have alone with your husband and enjoy each other’s company by doing little things together.  Tonight, make it a date and go see that movie you’ve been hearing so much about.  The next step is picking out an impeccable outfit.  You want to be comfortable but still look nice and sometimes that can be hard to do.  We decided to put together a unique outfit that has all of the components of being age appropriate, flattering and fashionable. That’s why we thought this occasion would be the perfect opportunity to wear your new RejuvaHealth slimming support compression leggings.  Over the leggings, we have paired a midi length stone colored dress.  This midi length is a great option because it allows for comfort and style while still showing off a little leg.  Because movie theatres are known to get a little cold, avoid smuggling in that old blanket by layering the dress with an asymmetrically draped black cardigan.  Add a little height to your outfit with a pair of black wedge leather boots that hit just above the ankle that look great and are easy to walk in.  Accessorizing your outfit correctly is key.  Therefore, we have added a little color with a great rustic colored tote—it’s okay if you like to bring your own popcorn…we won’t tell.  Make the outfit pop by adding a colorful silk scarf to the handle of the bag.  Top it all off with a long tigers’ claw necklace.  Age is just a number so enjoy your night!

  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 40's

    DATE NIGHT 101

    I was once told that the forties were the best years of your life.  Now, I’m unsure of the truth in that statement (being that I’m not quite there yet), but I suspect it has something to do with this; you’re in the midst of watching your kids grow up, finally have the money to afford a babysitter and still have the energy to take advantage of a good time.  Ah, life is grand. And tonight, you can’t wait to let that bottle of 2009 Cabernet breathe on top of that crisp white tablecloth at the new restaurant opening downtown.  You’re husband just got promoted and to congratulate him, his boss got the two of you the best table in the house.  This is you and your husbands’ night out and you want to look good, really good.  I know what you are thinking---what are you possibly going to wear with your compression pantyhose that will make the way you look match up with how incredible you feel while at the same time being age appropriate?  This is where we help.  Don’t be scared of being bold.  Make a statement; you’re in control now.  The Lavish Leopard Pantyhose are the perfect RejuvaHealth product to wear for this occasion.  Keep it classy by pairing them with a little black dress.  The one seen here is synched at the waist, hugging the curves of your body perfectly.  With an edgy leather sleeve and a sharp hemline that hits directly below the knee, this dress is an impeccable combination of origami and sophistication.   Match your shoe color to the dress, creating cohesion throughout the entire look.  A simple black pump works perfectly.  Accessorize your outfit with a great necklace that goes well with the roughness of the leather sleeve.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your bag.  The color of this rustic gold bowling bag goes great with the greyish blue color of the pantyhose.  Top the outfit off with a plum colored lipstick and a splash of your favorite perfume.  You know what they say…forty is the new thirty.  The night is young.  Enjoy yourself!

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