• How to wear compression leggings – FAQ’s and style ideas.


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    When I first began wearing compression my doctor instructed me to wear full-length compression. Living on the beach in California at the time, this prescription wasn’t an easy one. In addition to the year-round warm weather that made pantyhose a challenge, I ached to look more like my friends & wear my favorite sandals while still complying with my compression therapy.

    To navigate around this, I started cutting the feet off my compression pantyhose. This sneaky trick let me wear some of the clothes I craved, but left me with a few annoying side effects. The ends of my compression tights would begin to roll & fray after a few wears. I was also frustrated I couldn’t ever wear my modified “footless” tights alone. And so the idea for Rejuva’s footless compression legging was born …

    When designing our footless legging, I focused on 3 main features:

    -  A top like a true legging (no pantyhose control tops with feet cut off) -  Maximum opacity so you can wear & pair with tops other than dresses -  An ultra wide, yoga-pant-inspired tummy band

    After over 10 months of research, development, and countless prototype iterations, we finally had a version I loved & which I thought other wearers like me would love too. We launched it fall 2012 and they’ve been a best-seller since!

    Because of their popularity, we also get a lot of questions about them. Some of the most common are: “How opaque are they?” And “What can I wear them with?” Check out this video for answers to those questions and more …

    Can’t tune in to the video? Here’s a written recap of some of its top highlights.

    Q: What colors are available?

    A: RejuvaWear leggings come in 2 colors – a classic black and an indigo blue. The black’s designed to be your easy, everyday staple (afterall, who doesn’t love a slimming black pant?) while the indigo is more similar to a “jegging” in hue – think a bit more casual and fun. I especially love this color in spring and summer.

    Q: Are they opaque?

    A: YES! This is why they took so long to develop. These leggings offer full opaque coverage in the tummy and leg and are NOT simply a pair of pantyhose with the feet cut off. Rejuva leggings are knit with true medical grade graduated compression in the 15-20 mmHg support level that extends through the leg

    Q: Can I wear your compression leggings like a normal legging?

    A: Yes. Their compression is most effective when pulled down below your ankle so just be sure to pull down their bottom ends as low as possible when putting on. Other than that – rock just as you would a normal legging. Since footless, you can compare with most any footwear. Try with sandals or open-toed ballet flats.

    Q: How do you suggest wearing these day to day?

    A: Keep it casual by pairing with a v-neck, denim jacket, comfy flats, or sandals. Swap between seasons by trading out shoes & accessories. We love leather boots, sweaters and cozy scarves with leggings in winter. You can even pair our leggings with athletic shoes and a t-shirt as workout wear. Check out the pictures below for inspiration shots featuring the above suggestions.

    RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips1mJn_Q5ULjpEKwrO74jf2icAeRsXoAjILygPeaoRgHo,oqPbPwjkDbfvTAkrje-evquq-Wt0jl6wGI06J73TP1MRejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-TipsRejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips

    Q: How do I dress up my leggings?

    A: Take your leggings the more formal route by pairing with heels and a dress top. I love this combination for weekend nights out – my friends & I call them our Spanx on steroids! Ultra supportive and extra slimming too. Accessories can also help dress up your look. Try a statement watch, bangles, or your favorite rings. Their added sparkle and detail on your hands and wrist will accentuate your leggings when standing or sitting with arms by your sides.RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips RejuvaHealth-Leggings-Style-Tips





    Q: Can you wear compression leggings for travel?

    A: Yes! Footless compression leggings are also great for flights, long drives, or any long periods of sitting or standing. Pair them with comfy sneakers and don’t forget layers if traveling via air– a must for varying plane cabin temperatures.



    How do you wear yours? Tag your picture on instagram with #compressionleggings @rejuvahealth or our new favorite hastag #LBL (little black leggings).

  • On Your Mark...Jet Set...GO!

    Traveling can be a very transportal experience — literally.  Regardless of where you are headed, your trip begins the second you walk out of your front door… so, why are you still wearing your beat-up sweats to the airport? To make your adventure feel all the more special (and save space in your suitcase!),your traveling outfit should be as put-together as what you're going to be wearing on your trip. No need to sacrifice comfort, though — there are plenty of strategically cozy pieces that are mega stylish, as well. Now, put down those shearling boots and step away from the velour: We've put together a mini lookbook to satisfy your traveling needs.



    Cozy, comfy pants and loose V-Neck, a bomber jacket, a light scarf, RejuvaHealth’s travel friendly knee highs, the perfect rollaway, and a classic pair of flats – this outfit has the potential to take you anywhere, while at the same time keeping the changing climates (and cultures) in mind.





    A light carry on is a must, a pair of boyfriend jeans, a soft striped shirt, a lightweight jacket, converse sneakers and RejuvaHealth’s travel friendly knee highs --  this outfit is just enough preparation for some kind of delay (knock on wood).  It comfortable yet still cute enough to wear for two days!  What better than way to show your patriotism with some stripes, converse and a (less obnoxious) red jacket?!

    Here are some helpful travel tips:

    • Always pack the essentials in your carry on – toothbrush, change of clothes, face wipes, deodorant – you can never trust estimated time of arrivals...for you OR your luggage.
    • Wear compression socks – during a long flight, your legs can get restless and achy from the poor circulation you’re getting from sitting too long (not to mention the altitude).  This is an easy and preventive measure for health issues that can be sparked when flying.
    • Bring some type of entertainment (I.e. a book, headphones, i-pad).  The flight magazines get boring after a while – trust me.
    • Choose your seat ASAP – the instant you book your flight, choose your seat.  Flights are becoming more crowded now and the only thing worse than getting stuck beside a smelly person is getting stuck in between two smelly people.
  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 50s

    DATE NIGHT 101

    You’re fifty years young.  It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. The kids have grown up and gone off to college and you and your husband have the house to yourselves again.  Sure, you miss them and count the days in between their next visit home.  But in the meantime, take advantage of the time you have alone with your husband and enjoy each other’s company by doing little things together.  Tonight, make it a date and go see that movie you’ve been hearing so much about.  The next step is picking out an impeccable outfit.  You want to be comfortable but still look nice and sometimes that can be hard to do.  We decided to put together a unique outfit that has all of the components of being age appropriate, flattering and fashionable. That’s why we thought this occasion would be the perfect opportunity to wear your new RejuvaHealth slimming support compression leggings.  Over the leggings, we have paired a midi length stone colored dress.  This midi length is a great option because it allows for comfort and style while still showing off a little leg.  Because movie theatres are known to get a little cold, avoid smuggling in that old blanket by layering the dress with an asymmetrically draped black cardigan.  Add a little height to your outfit with a pair of black wedge leather boots that hit just above the ankle that look great and are easy to walk in.  Accessorizing your outfit correctly is key.  Therefore, we have added a little color with a great rustic colored tote—it’s okay if you like to bring your own popcorn…we won’t tell.  Make the outfit pop by adding a colorful silk scarf to the handle of the bag.  Top it all off with a long tigers’ claw necklace.  Age is just a number so enjoy your night!

  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 40's

    DATE NIGHT 101

    I was once told that the forties were the best years of your life.  Now, I’m unsure of the truth in that statement (being that I’m not quite there yet), but I suspect it has something to do with this; you’re in the midst of watching your kids grow up, finally have the money to afford a babysitter and still have the energy to take advantage of a good time.  Ah, life is grand. And tonight, you can’t wait to let that bottle of 2009 Cabernet breathe on top of that crisp white tablecloth at the new restaurant opening downtown.  You’re husband just got promoted and to congratulate him, his boss got the two of you the best table in the house.  This is you and your husbands’ night out and you want to look good, really good.  I know what you are thinking---what are you possibly going to wear with your compression pantyhose that will make the way you look match up with how incredible you feel while at the same time being age appropriate?  This is where we help.  Don’t be scared of being bold.  Make a statement; you’re in control now.  The Lavish Leopard Pantyhose are the perfect RejuvaHealth product to wear for this occasion.  Keep it classy by pairing them with a little black dress.  The one seen here is synched at the waist, hugging the curves of your body perfectly.  With an edgy leather sleeve and a sharp hemline that hits directly below the knee, this dress is an impeccable combination of origami and sophistication.   Match your shoe color to the dress, creating cohesion throughout the entire look.  A simple black pump works perfectly.  Accessorize your outfit with a great necklace that goes well with the roughness of the leather sleeve.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up with your bag.  The color of this rustic gold bowling bag goes great with the greyish blue color of the pantyhose.  Top the outfit off with a plum colored lipstick and a splash of your favorite perfume.  You know what they say…forty is the new thirty.  The night is young.  Enjoy yourself!

  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 30's

    DATE NIGHT 101

    Oh the thirties – the years when you’re forced to pretend that you actually have your life together.  So let’s say that you do.  It’s Friday night and you and your beau have tickets to the Coldplay concert.   Now is your time to look cool and sexy while still being age appropriate. You never know, you could run into Gwyneth Paltrow and you swore to yourself that if that day ever did come, you’d be looking your best.  Let’s start with what we know.  The RejuvaHealth Opaque Diamond Pantyhose will look awesome with a chic pair of black shorts.  Add a simple white tank to your ensemble to dress the overall outfit down.  Top if off with an edgy white blazer with structured shoulders and a black lapel.   Be bold with some chunky heels and red lipstick.  Add a little variety with a gold chain necklace embellished with a blue jewel – being too matchy can get chaotic.  Finish off your outfit with an amazing statement clutch.  Normally we’d tell you to “dance like nobody’s watching”…but with this outfit, everyone will be.  Life’s just too short to wear ugly clothes.  That should be the title of a Coldplay song.


  • Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 20s

    Dear Friends,  You've got a new personal stylist.  Sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine while we search to find you the perfect outfit based entirely around your RejuvaHealth designer compression legwear.  Any age, any occasion.  You ask and we help.  Don't be bashful.  XXO, RH

    DATE NIGHT 101

    RejuvaHealth Outfit for Date Night: 20s


    This one’s for all of you daring, darling twenty-something year olds out there.

    You're young, you're free, you’re broke --You're twenty, for crying out loud.  Become who you want to be and get to know yourself while you do it.  And when the guy waiting in line with you at Starbucks tries to make small talk and then asks you out on a date, say yes.   You've got nothing to lose and he's kind of cute… right?  When deciding what to wear, it's important to show your fun side, especially on a first date.   Be confident yet flirty and pair the Sheer Dot Knee Highs with a drop waist mini dress.  Jazz it up with some good, comfortable heels that throw off the balance of the all black; remember, it's a date not a funeral.  When done right, layering can really make an outfit.  Here, we've found this spectacular fringe fur jacket.  You never know, it may get cold.  Accentuate those colors with some great accessories.  Don't be afraid to use color blocking with a solid color purse.  This emerald green works perfectly.  Finally, we've topped it off with a lovely pair of earrings that truly helps to bring the entire outfit together.  Wear your hair up; you don't want to give away all of your secrets. Let us know how it goes and don't forget to smile!  Wait, what's that in your teeth?  Just kidding.

    Next up? We'll continue our exploration of date night outfits beyond the 20s. So stay tuned for the 30s, 40s, 50s, and  much more.

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