2021 Holiday gift giving guide

2021 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

2021 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

You snow the drill, it’s almost that time of year again where joyful music plays on the radio and frantic last minute gift shopping begins. Your friends at RejuvaHealth are here to help you spruce up your gift list and take the stress out of your holiday shopping with our annual gift giving guide.

Are you making your list, checking it twice, and still need some gift ideas? Click on the categories to find your next best gifts and maybe something for yourself — because you’re sleigh-in' it.  

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towel warmer
Towel Warmer
Whether you and your bestie are having a spa day or your bestie needs more self-care products, this towel warmer is just the thing! It holds up to 15 towels and heats quickly.

live life beautifully planner

Live Life Beautifully Planner
If your bestie is as disorganized as mine is, then get this planner to help them sort their life! It has recipes, inspiration checklists and motivational quotes to make your bestie's life better.
zodiac rings
Zodiac Rings
Astrology is very in, and we all have our opinions on the best signs. These rings are super dainty and cute — your best friend won’t be expecting this! Whether you and your bestie share an inside joke about zodiac signs or want to have each other's signs on a ring (because #goals) this is the perfect thing for you
claw clips
Large Claw Clips
We all know the newest, and greatest, up-do trends with these hair clips. Out with the small and hard to use claw clips, and in with the new! These make great gifts for besties with long, thick hair because they’re colorful and might make you TikTok famous.
silk hair wrap
Silk Hair Wrap
Having and protecting healthy hair has really taken its place on social media this year. More companies are producing silk hair wraps, which don’t draw moisture out the hair and can extend time between washes. If your bestie doesn’t have a silk hair wrap yet, or even if she does, then change her life and get her one. 
Mixology Set
  I’ve always wanted to learn how to bartend and be able to make my own drinks instead of paying for overpriced ones. This 14-piece set is perfect for the beginner mixologist, and if you or your bestie are of legal drinking age, then at least one of you should be able to make perfect cocktails. 
Rejuva socks
Rejuva Socks
You know we had to put a plug into this blog! If you love your bestie and care about her health, then you’ll get her a very cute pair of Rejuva compression socks. Plus, who doesn’t like getting socks #adulting. 
3 in 1 charging stand
3 in 1 Charging Stand
If your parents are like mine, then they have a mess of charging cords cluttering their kitchen counter. Help keep them organized with this 3-in-1 charging stand charges your iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods at once! The cords are neatly organized behind the stand, reducing clutter. The iPhone holder can even be turned horizontally so you can watch a show, what else could you want!
gaming socks
Do Not Disturb I'm Gaming Socks
I think every dad needs to have satirical gaming socks in order to have the dad card — and these are perfect!  
city glass
Urban Map Glass
This is a great gift if you don’t know what to get your mom or dad. Choose a city significant to them: their hometown, where they met or got married, their honeymoon...the options are endless with no strain on the bank!
wine gift card
Wine Gift Card
  Wine is always a good go-to for any adult and a gift card for it is even better if you don’t know which to get. It takes the decision making out of it and ensures that they’ll like the wine you’re (sort of) buying them!
air fryer
Touchscreen Air Fryer
 Air fryers are one of the easiest methods of cooking — and moms and dads love them! Chances your parent(s) have one are high, but it might be time for an upgrade! This 6-quart touchscreen air fryer has 4.5/5 stars and comes in different colors to match the aesthetic of your kitchen.
Jackery Portable Generator
  I think it’s safe to say everyone’s least favorite part of camping or doing outdoor activities is worrying about your phone’s battery in case of an emergency. If your mom or dad frequently find themselves in this situation, then they need this generator in their life. It’s able to charge devices like laptops, phones and tablets with one AC outlet, two USB-A ports and one car port. The generator itself is able to be charged multiple different ways, a wall outlet, a car port or solar (not included).
ultimate apron
Five Two Ultimate Apron
Every cook could use a new apron, especially ones with little details that’ll make cooking easier! This apron comes with a bunch of features: a conversion chart, pot holders on the corners and multiple pockets.
If your dog has anxiety during thunderstorms or fireworks, then this will make those events more bearable for your fluffy friend. The Thundershirt gives your pet gentle, constant pressure that results in a dramatic calming effect. I have three Great Danes and the oldest, Rylee, has very bad anxiety when it comes to situations like thunderstorms. We use this on Rylee and it helps greatly.
dog treat
Apple & Cinnamon Dog Treat Mix
This might just be me, but whenever I’m baking, I like to bake something for my animals too. WHISK & WAG Apple and Cinnamon Dog Treat Mix not only sounds good but is fitting with the holidays approaching. Not only that, but all the pictures you could take with your dog? That’d get at least 100 likes on Instagram.
shower sprayer attachment
Shower Sprayer Attachment
When it comes to giving bigger breed dogs a bath at home, it can be very challenging. This Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment will make your life so much easier during colder months when you can’t spray your dog off outside. No more struggling to turn your dog around in your tub or getting yourself covered in water (for the most part).
cat condo
Cat Condo Tower with Hammock
  Chances are if you have a cat, the little feline runs the house. Time to give them a simple, but chic, cat condo on the market. With a very comfy looking hammock and two scratching posts, your cat will be in heaven. Just imagine your cat laying in the hammock, sun bathing -- I'm crying just thinking about it.
goody box
Goody Box
    Like every pet lover, I have no control and will buy my cat every toy and treat in my line-of-sight, it’s terrible. Having Goody Boxes delivered for my cat saves my money, controls my impulsive spending and introduces toys I might have not thought to buy.
leash and vest
Matching Harness Vest and Leash
I had a cat, his name was Flounder, and he loved being outdoors. I bought him something similar to this and we both loved it. It allowed him to be outside safely, reduced my stress of him escaping and allowed me to do my outside chores without feeling bad.
ugly sweater
Ugly Sweater
The next time you’re holding an ugly Christmas sweater party, your pet is guaranteed to win with this sweater (in the nicest way possible). The design enables your pet to use the bathroom with this and won’t get caught in any straps.
state candle
State Scented Candles
If your favorite coworker moved or has a favorite state, then this gift is perfect! Great for when you don’t know what to get and aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on just one of your favorite coworkers.
electric wine opener
Electric Wine Opener 
If you know one of your coworkers is an avid wine drinker, then this electronic wine opener is a great gift. My step-dad swears on this product and only uses this product to open wine bottles. With many different colors and a cheap price-point, it’s perfect for any coworker or white elephant.
gift card
Rejuva Gift Card
Gift cards are always a good go to for coworkers that you don’t know well or need a last-minute gift for. RejuvaHealth has many different fashion compression styles and colors, and a gift card would let her pick it out what she wants instead of struggling to decide what to get.
Funny Mood Cards
Gag gifts are always a safe thing to bring to a round of white elephant or for a coworker. These funny mood cards are the perfect thing for boring days or the occasional uplift. There are different card sets to accommodate different locations such as office, medical and classroom.
spreadsheet mug
This Calls for a New Spreadsheet Mug
This mug is perfect for the coworker who is obsessed with spreadsheets (and we all know one). Bonus points if the coworker also collects mugs — because who doesn’t need more mugs for the lackluster office coffee?
BLK and Bold
BLK and Bold Coffee
 For this gift, you’ll need to know your coworker more than other options. Most people are very specific about their coffee beans! Rise & GRND coffee is perfect for productive work days and the afternoon pick-me-up. Each bag is inexpensive and the perfect gift for the winter season.
24 days of matcha
24 Days of Matcha
Matcha took the world by storm this year, and if you know your coworker is a die-hard matcha fan, this gift is perfect. While it's a bit on the pricey side, you’re buying 24 samples of matcha, which sounds worth it to me, as a die-hard matcha fan.
throw throw burrito
Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition
This game series is a best seller for kids, mostly because it involves throwing inflatable burritos at whoever is playing. It comes in original (indoors) and now outdoors, which I'm sure parents appreciate. It’s easy to learn and prevents injury, it’s a great family game to play.
crazy forts
Crazy Forts
Building forts is a staple for any kid growing up, and it just got easier. Instead of struggling to find pieces to hold up blankets, just use the Crazy Forts Construction Toy! It comes with pieces to build the skeleton for the fort, all you need to do after is add bedsheets!
I remember when I received my Lite-Brite as a kid for Christmas. This ultimate Lite-Brite is an updated version as the one I had in 2005, with template and peg refills available. This version comes with different light types and has a stand on the back to prop up on any surface. I will now be purchasing one for myself. 
Lego calendar
LEGO City Advent Calendar
Advent Calendars are great gifts for kids because they come in a plethora of themes. The Lego Advent Calendar has been a hit with kids the past couple years and sells out quickly around the holidays. I definitely recommend this Advent Calendar because they can play with the figures as the days pass on and see the progress of the build.
play kits
Lovevery Play Kits
The Lovevery Play Kits are an easy way to track your child's learning progression and get toys that are specifically made for the child’s learning stage. The kits range from ages newborn to three years old, and come with tips/research for parents too. Kits get sent out every 2-3 months and cost $80 or $120 per kit (frequency and price depends on age).
not parent approved
Not Parent Approved Card Game
Now parents, this game isn’t as bad as the title insinuates! This card game is inspired by Cards Against Humanity (but is family friendly). It's great to play with a group, and will make kids put down their phones (a win for the parents out there). 
walkie chalk
Walkie Chalk
Is drawing and writing in chalk a favorite pass time for kids in your life? Then their new favorite toy is about to be Walkie Chalk! Great for parents and kids alike, this allows the fun of chalk drawing without back pain and having to bend over. It’s also great for wheelchair users and the disability community.
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