Father’s Day Gift Inspiration: How to Plan a Day with Dad

Father’s Day Gift Inspiration: How to Plan a Day with Dad

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we wanted to pass along some helpful hints and tips on how to make this year a success. We all know Dad’s are the least demanding. They really never ask for much and they’re typically happy with just spending some time with those they love. So how about planning an experience? We put together a list of some cool places to go, things to see, and even some inexpensive gifts to throw in the mix.

Remember whether he’s your Dad, Grandpa, Brother, or Best Friend, he deserves some recognition. So be sure not to leave anyone out. They did put up with you all these years! Hey, maybe even offer to pay. We hear “ The Bank of Dad” is closed on Father’s Day.


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Plan a day filled with grilling, lawn games, and old family stories. Take a trip to the local park or beach and throw some burgers & hotdogs on the BBQ. If Dad’s truly the grillin’ guy we bet he’ll love an apron that speaks his mind. Be sure to bring some chips and drinks.

We think this throwback Coca-Cola insulated 6-pack tote was the perfect addition for the retro man, plus it’ll keep the drinks cool through the day. Since you’ll most likely be letting dad do the grilling, consider a pair of our CoolMax support socks which will help keep his feet dry and give him some extra pep in his step for the cornhole lawn games. Just be sure to get some practice in before playing with Dad. He probably played long before you were around and we don’t want him to have to go easy on you.




Treat Dad to a day at the movies. There are so many options you’re both bound to agree on one. After the movie, you can head to the local eatery and both give your critiques on the film. Good eats and great conversation are always high on a Father’s priority list. Is Dad more into watching a movie on his big screen at home? Even better, plan an evening in filled with popcorn, candy, and an action film. You’ll both have a chance to relax and catch up with each other.

If he’s even got a home theater of his own, consider going in with your other siblings on an old fashioned popcorn cart or a director’s style spot light tripod. Looking for one more item to pair with your movie theme? Try a pair of our Houndstooth RejuvaSocks. They’ve got that old black & white vintage look, plus compression socks are the perfect accessory for a day filled with sitting. They’ll keep Dad’s legs feeling great long after the credits roll.


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Maybe your Dad is more of a get outta the house and see the sights kind of man. In that case, consider taking him to the local museum. Being based in Los Angeles, we’re lucky enough to have tons of museums right in our backyard. From the Petersen Automotive Museum to the Griffith Observatory and the Natural History Museum… there’s something for everyone around here. Admission fees range in pricing, but often times it’s free to visit the permanent exhibitions or at least a portion of the museum.

Ok… we know what you’re thinking; you live outside the city, and are a bit discouraged that there’s anything around? Consider researching what’s around your town, there’s sure to be a local event going on, whether a traveling show or an outdoor market. You might even want to go out and see something totally new to the both of you. Whatever you choose we bet you two will enjoy the change of scenery. Last but not least, we have to suggest a pair of our knee highs for not only Dad but the both of you. A day full of exploring is bound to have your legs aching by the afternoon, so be sure to pick up both of you a pair. The timeless Diamond RejuvaKneeHighs are an everyday staple, while our Spot & Herringbone RejuvaSocks offer a little flair and a lot of comfort. Perfect for a day spent out adventuring.