How to match your compression garments to your Halloween costume

How to match your compression garments to your Halloween costume

How to match your compression garments to your Halloween costume

As fall approaches, so does everyone’s favorite candy-grabbing holiday, Halloween. If you’re looking for some costume ideas that will go with your Rejuva compression socks, look no further! Read on for help with costume ideas to pair with your Rejuva styles! Whether you are trick or treating or dancing the night away at a spooky party, you will want to make sure you wear your fashion compression from RejuvaHealth! The graduated compression will prevent swelling from too much time on your feet and keep your legs from getting tired and achy so you can do the Monster Mash all night!

RejuvaWear Heather Tights – Cruella de Vil

We all know the iconic Cruella de Vil look, for this costume you’ll need a split dyed white and black wig, with a black dress, a white fur coat, Rejuva’s Heather Tights and a choice of red heels.

RejuvaWear Footless Legging – Bad Sandy

We've all seen Sandy’s iconic look at the end of Grease, for this look you’ll need a black leather jacket with an off-the-shoulder black top and RejuvaWear’s footless legging, paired with your choice of red heels.

Rejuvawear Stirrup Legging – Black Widow

The Black widow costume can work with many Rejuva products. One version of this costume is a black zip-up jacket, Rejuva’s Stirrup Legging -- for added shape and space -- with attachable hostlers, black boots and a battle staff. Other Rejuva options are the COOLMAX Knee High in midnight – these will keep your feet cool and dry – or Sheer Convertible Legging with black shorts for sheer coverage and supported legs.

Sheer Dot RejuvaKneeHigh – Morticia from the Addams family

Morticia’s costume is simple to put together and has many variants to it. A long-sleeved black dress of any length, our midnight Sheer Dot KneeHigh sock and any black shoe.

Spot Rejuvasocks – Baker

The options are limitless with this costume. The two staples are an apron and some fun socks! We recommend Spot Rejuvasocks paired with jeans, a fun shirt and comfortable shoes. 

Argyle RejuvaSocks– Zoom fail costume

This fun costume is inspired by a situation we’ve all experienced during work-from-home! A nice, work appropriate shirt, some pj bottoms and fun Argyle RejuvaSocks. Some great accessories would be a computer or cup of coffee with glasses and messy hair.

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