[Light] 8-15 mmHg

[Light] 8-15 mmHg

  • Medi® Sheer & Soft Knee High C/T

    Medi® Sheer & Soft Knee High C/T

    8-15 mmHg Closed Toe
  • Medi® for Men Knee High

    Medi® for Men Knee High

    8-15 mmHg Closed Toe
  • Solidea Active Energy Unisex

    Solidea Active Energy Unisex

    12-15 mmHg Micro-Massage Knee High
  • Solidea Active Power Unisex

    Solidea Active Power Unisex

    15 mmHg Micro-Massage Ankle Socks

The 8-15 mmHg support level offers light compression for tired, heavy, achy legs. As the lowest of graduated compression ranges available, it is most commonly used by healthy wearers for preventative applications. A great option for individuals that sit or stand for extended periods. Not sure whether the 8-15 mmHg support level is right for you? Check with your doctor for specific compression recommendations based on your medical history & needs.