[Mild] 15-20 mmHg

[Mild] 15-20 mmHg

  • Houndstooth RejuvaSocks®

    Houndstooth RejuvaSocks®

    15-20 mmHg Designer Compression
  • Medi® Active Compression Socks

    Medi® Active Compression Socks

    15-20 mmHg Closed Toe

The 15-20 mmHg support level offers mild graduated compression for mild ankle and leg swelling, mild discomfort, minor spider and varicose veins, and tired, achy legs. Commonly used for travel, mild edema, pregnancy, spider veins & mild varicose veins, 15-20 mmHg offers a great “starting point” for first time wearers. It is also a commonly suggested entry level for therapeutic applications. Not sure whether the 15-20 mmHg support level is right for you? Check with your doctor for specific compression recommendations based on your medical history & needs.