My Story

Our Story

Rejuva’s story began in 2008 when 21-year-old college student, Kelsey, developed a blood clot on a flight. While recovering, her doctor told her to wear graduated compression hosiery. Though the relief they provided was incredible, she hated how most looked. Seeking a more stylish alternative to the countless thick, beige varieties on the market, she decided to make her own, fashionable version.

In 2011, Kelsey launched with the goal of giving wearers more stylish compression options all paired with a friendly, reliable, supportive service team. Since then, Rejuva’s line of fashionable compression legwear has been featured in the likes of VOGUE, NY Times, SHAPE, InStyle, Travel & Leisure, CNN, Dr Oz, and more. Rejuva has served tens of thousands of customers directly through their website and has partnered with hundreds of medical, airport, and travel retailers nationwide.

In 2018, medi USA assumed the brand’s operations and product management as the exclusive distributor for Rejuva products. They have been manufacturing compression stockings since 1964 and bring a wealth of knowledge to the Rejuva product line. Today, they carry on Kelsey’s mission to “make wearing compression better” by delivering top quality products with exceptional service.