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RejuvaHealth& its products were originally formed around one specialty: patterns. Determined to find more fashion-forward compression options but unable to find anything other than simple solids on the existing market, RejuvaHealth’s founder, Kelsey, set out to make her own.

The result is a new line of medical support products knit with fun designs, prints, and colors unlike any produced on compression stockings before. These aesthetic advancements are further complemented in each RejuvaHealth compression product with an array of wearer-inspired construction features including everything from redesigned pantyhose tops to footless leggings. Through these fun yet functional changes to their support stockings, RejuvaHealth seeks to create compression hosiery that people don't just have to wear, but want to wear.

Featured in the pages of SHAPE, InStyle, and Travel & Leisure magazines, and touted on the likes of the Dr Oz Show, RejuvaHealth now offers its products to both individuals and medical professionals worldwide. Highlights of the company include:

  • California Design - All RejuvaHealth products are designed from their offices in sunny Southern California, drawing inspiration from the latest fashion trends and beautiful surroundings.
  • Design Innovations- RejuvaHealth’s Signature Collection and its hallmark prints are among the first of their kind in the ready-to-wear compression legwear category. By fusing fashion & function unlike any others before, RejuvaHealth offers a fresh aesthetic spin on compression apparel.
  • By Wearers For Wearers - With an actual compression wearer at the company’s helm, each item produced and distributed by RejuvaHealth is done so with attentiveness to real users and a desire to address both their physical and emotional needs.



Established in 1951 as a family-owned business, medi has since grown to become a global industry leader in over 125 countries. Their diverse assortment of phlebology&lymphology products are offered in a variety of both ready-to-wear and custom collections.

We first fell in love with medi when we discovered their “sheer and soft” line. Virtually indistinguishable from regular hosiery & specifically designed for fashion-conscious patients, the products from this line are ideal for both day & evening wear. We especially love their “natural” versions for days you want your compression to blend into your skin & disappear.

Here’s some more information about the medi brand & family of products:

  • Rigorously Tested & Manufactured to Exacting Standards - medi’s compression products are certified by the Hohenstein Institute and produced in compliance with multistep internal quality assurance policies
    • Proven Wearability - In a published clinical study, 70% of patients wearing medi stockings were still wearing them after a full 16 months.
    • Easy Care - Machine-washable and dryer safe, medi’s products are fabulous low-maintenance options for regular compression wearers.
    • 7 Ready-Made Sizes - While most compression brands offer garments in a range of 4-5 sizes, medi offers theirs in a full 7 to ensure every wearer realizes the most accurate fit possible. And for the 1-2% of patients with special sizing needs, medi has custom stockings available as well.




          Known as “the intelligent sportswear,” CEP sportswear combines six decades of research and development on the effects of compression with advanced stitching techniques to deliver a “physiologically perfect compression profile for greater performance, longer endurance and faster recovery.” A favorite of elite athletes, CEP products are made in Germany & built to the prestigious “Oko-Tex Standard 100” certification.

          Unlike competitor brands that deliver incorrect compression (tighter in the calf, looser in the ankle causing blood to pool in the leg), CEP compression offers an anatomically-correct graduated compression profile (tighter in the ankle, looser in the calf to bring blood back to the heart).

          A few of their many features are:

          • The ADDITUS+ System - Combines compression and functionality individually for every sport. This method ensures the products provide maximum impact and comfort - no matter the type of exercise. 
          • The RECOVERING System - Developed for optimum regeneration before and after exercise, this feature ensures fast recovery between matches and training sessions. 
          • Temperature Regulation - Knit from COOLMAX synthetic materials, CEP garments can actually produce a cooling effect upon the limbs when wet from sweat or direct water absorption.
          • Proven Injury Reduction - CEP products have been shown to reduce shin splints, calf cramps, achilles issues, pulled muscles, and traveling issues amongst wearers.