A maker of premium legwear and shapewear, Solidea of Italy fuses sophisticated European styles with advanced science. To deliver on their tagline “the glamour of well-being”, the Italian maker leaves no step of the manufacturing process ignored. Meticulous attention to every detail - yarns, materials, construction, testing, research, and performance - manifests in luxurious products that are equally as functional as they are fashionable.  

We offer Solidea products alongside our own RejuvaHealth brand products because we adore the high quality delivered  within the garments they produce.Very popular in Europe but more difficult to find in the United States, we’re honored by the opportunity to deliver these luxurious compression options to you. 

Here’s a quick glimpse at some of our favorite features in this premiere line: 

Superior Silky Softness

Slide on any of Solidea's garments and you’ll instantly feel the difference between their products & other brands. The Italian maker has devoted decades to perfecting the yarns used in their products, and in doing so, has achieved an amazing combination of strength and softness. Their advanced yarns have the ability to expand and contract to different body types while maintaining proper support throughout.

Patented Innovations

Solidea’s innovative spirit & rigorous pursuit of the latest technologies make them the proud creators of a new ground-breaking patented technology in support: a special 3-dimensional wave fabric known as the “silver wave”. This fabric, when in contact with the skin & natural body movements, exerts a delicate micromassage on the skin.  Silver Wave garments can be used to slim, support, and beautify. The Silver Wave can help break up unwanted fats to improve the appearance of skin tone & cellulite. 

Bacteriostatic Silver Ions

In addition to their patented 3D knit design, all Silver Wave garments also contain silver ion bacteriostic yarns. The silver ions within this yarn act as a natural bacteria inhibitor to provide all day freshness. Because they are totally hygienic, Solidea Silver Wave products can be worn as undergarments all day long. 

Wearer-Oriented Details

Sometimes, it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. We love the micromassaging fabric included in many Solidea styles (short, capri, legging) as well as their comfortable waistbands. Strategically designed garments that offer fabulous slimming effects.