About Rejuva®

Our founder Kelsey developed a blood clot (DVT) on a flight when she was 21. While recovering from this, her doctor told her to wear compression stockings. The relief they gave her was incredible! She fell in love with their function & began to wear them daily. There was just one catch: she hated how they looked.

Unable to find something fashionable to match her personal style, she was empowered to start her own line. A year of research & development later, Rejuva’s line of fashion-patterned compression was born.

In December 2010 Kelsey launched rejuvahealth.com, with the goal to giving wearers like herself a thoughtfully curated assortment of stylish compression options paired with friendly, relatable help.

Today, RejuvaHealth seeks to empower and educate women on the health benefits of compression as they relate to overall wellness, pregnancy, and medical needs. We provide women with complimentary wardrobe pieces that can truly multi-task by benefiting our customer’s health and reflecting their personal style. We continue serving our online customers from our offices in Rochester Hills Michigan while shipping product to retailers nationwide.

Though the places you can now buy Rejuva has grown, and ownership has changed hands, the original mission remains the same. We provide women with medical grade compression socks and leggings that compliment their personal style. Fashion and compression can, and should be, combined.

So whether you’re a new wearer or a seasoned pro, let us know how we can be of help!