How to put on

Unlike traditional socks or stockings, compression stockings are designed to offer medical support via integrally-knit graduated compression. This therapeutic compression is designed to be tightest in the ankle and gradually looser above.

First time users of medical compression are sometimes surprised by how firm it actually is. The compression offered via these support items will be meaningfully stronger than what you might experience with traditional stockings or socks, so be patient with yourself when donning for the first time. Even properly-fitting compression will be tight and require some “getting used to.”

Before putting on your compression stockings, remove any jewelry and be sure legs are dry. Consider purchasing rubber application gloves to help ease the donning process as well. They look like rubber dish gloves, but are enhanced with a textured grip on the palms and fingers to aid with grabbing.

By habit, you may be tempted to gather or bunch your new socks to pull over your foot. Don’t do this! Gathering a support sock like you would a normal sock will only concentrate its compression tension in that area & make it harder to get on.