Why RejuvaHealth?

At RejuvaHealth, we’re just like you! We are active women who want to look good and feel good! Everything you see on this website works as hard as you do. Our medical-grade compression can compliment any outfit whether you are going to brunch with the girls, the office or a formal occasion. 

What is compression?

Compression socks are specially knit socks that improve circulation, reduce aches and pains, prevent unwanted spider veins, and keep you feeling energized all day long!

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What compression level is right for you?

15-20 mmHg

This mild level of compression is commonly used by travelers, athletes, expectant mothers and women who sit or stand for long periods of time at work. Recommended for mild ankle and leg swelling, minor spider and varicose veins and tired, achy legs. 

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20-30 mmHg

This moderate level of compression is commonly used for POTS, lymphedema, DVT, post-surgical applications and pregnancy. Recommended for moderate ankle and leg swelling as well as chronic varicose veins. 

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30-40 mmHg

This extra firm level of compression is commonly used for lymphedema, venous conditions, post-surgery and more advanced conditions. Recommended only if prescribed by a doctor.

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Fashion Meets Health. Get the look & the benefits!