Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying ... 

"Everytime I step foot outside the house wearing your tights, I get tons of compliments from complete strangers. When I wore them on an airplane flight, I received compliments in the airport, on the plane by many people, and even by the lady who sat beside me -- who worked on Project Runway. Thanks for a great product, and please keep coming up with new patterns!" - Cheryl, Virginia

"Wonderful Compression Stockings!! I recently returned from Europe. For the last several years I have worn compression stockings which help tremendously in reducing ankle/foot swelling. Well, I couldn't find the previously purchased pair so I decided to purchase these in the diamond pattern. They are a very simple but pretty pattern. I purchased the Medium and they were easy to slip on and off. When I arrived in London my feet and ankles were perfectly normal -- no swelling at all!! I simply washed them out in the sink, hung them up and by morning they were dry and ready to wear for my trip home. I recommend these and just might pick up the floral design at some point in the future." - Anonymous 

"I am crazy for your compression hose! I show them to all my skeptical friends and they are also amazed by how stylish and sexy these hose, once associated with old grannies, truly are! THANKS and don't ever change. A++Quality! Yay!" - Susan, Virginia

"I have to wear compression hose or the pain and swelling is unbearable. I found RejuvaHealth in a PT magazine and immediately checked out the website. I wear purple scrubs everyday to work, so the purple paisley knee highs were perfect for me. I absolutely love them! The fabric is soft and comfortable and seems to breathe well in the Florida heat here where I live. I have passed the brochures out to everyone I know, including my vascular surgeon and my primary care doctor. Thank you RejuvaHealth for creating stylish, attractive, and comfortable compression stockings!" - Jennifer , Florida

"My doctor told me to wear compression hose whenever I was on my feet for an extended period of time. When travelling, I had so much swelling and pain. The hose were expensive, ugly and white. I saw these and decided to give them a try. I bought one pair. I came back today and purchased 2 more. I will be flying to London soon for my 3rd child's wedding. Now, I will look better while following the doctor orders and feeling comfortable. Also, they are MUCH easier to put on. A surprising bonus. Thank you. You made a difference in the life of one woman!! - Fran, Des Moines

"Best compression stocking ever. I recently purchased one pair of these knee highs. My legs swell on a daily basis but it is really bad when I fly. The true test of these stockings came on Memorial Day weekend when we flew from New York to San Francisco. For the first time in 50 years my legs did not swell. I was comfortable and did not have to rest with my legs up to reduce the swelling when we arrived! I would highly recommend these stockings to anyone that had a similar problem. Thank you." - Jean

"I highly recommend all of these compression stockings. Not only are they much more stylish than the beige ones you get from the dr., they are also beautiful. In the long run, it is so worth it if you actually wear your stockings. This pair [classic checker] is great for work and it can be worn with both brown or black shoes, very practical but still stylish [...] These stockings also feel much better than the medical ones. The fabric feels "silkier"." - Sara

"So many compliments! I wore these to church today, and I lost track of how many people came up to me and said how much they loved my tights. Then at the grocery store, a lady came up to me and asked where I found such cute tights. Finally support stockings that are cute and fashionable!" - Cheryl


"I just got my compression leggings and I love, love, love, them!! I need another sale to happen so I can get about 4 more pairs!!! - Jennifer, California

"Just wanted to say that your products are - so awesome - ! I've been wearing the tights and they feel so comfy and makes my legs so light. Stylish too! I'm very happy with these, so I thought I'd let you know :) I'm looking forward to purchase more later on!" - Misty, Australia

"HUGE thanks to Kelsey Minarik and RejuvaHealth for saving my horribly swollen feet! I am wearing normal shoes for the first time in about a month and am not in pain when I walk!! My ankles thank you, too!!!" - Shannon, California. 

"I have had these stockings for about a month now and I absolutely love them ... I had tried other compression stockings but failed to wear them because they were just plain ugly! What's best about Rejuvahealth; the fashion doesn't compromise the integrity of the product. Now I actually wear my stocking proud...and nobody knows I use them for health reasons. They just look like fun fashionable leggings!" - Katrina, California

"I am a 35 year old mother of 4 daughters. I have a life sentence to wear compression stockings and tired of pasty beige. I was tired of hearing, you are too young and healthy for compression stockings. Rejuvahealth has nailed it! They have done the impossible: reconciled therapeutic grade stockings with high fashion!" - Kelly, Virginia

"Wearing these thigh highs for the first time today; my legs literally feel brand new. Sooo great that I can manage my edema in style! Gotta say, I look cute!" - AB

"For the first time, I feel sexy wearing my compression stockings! Out of all the stockings I have, these thigh highs have the cutest silicone lace bands on top, and they actually stay in place. I no longer feel like a grandma when wearing them!" - Stacy, California


"Love. Love. Love. Wore these for the first time last night on 12 hour shift in the Surgical ICU... Even if you don't have a leg or circulation problem, the benefit as a RN who is on one's feet for literally 12 hours at a time is that they make it less likely that your legs will be tired and aching at the end of a shift and prevent circulation problems in your legs for those of us who are on their feet for hours at a time (like most RNs). Also, as if the health benefits weren't enough I got a kick out of showing off my stylish compression stockings while many of my co-workers were wearing the white hospital compression stockings from our medical supply room, pretty sure I converted just about my whole unit to Rejuvahealth's line of compression stockings! Needless to say the styles rock and can't wait to invest in more! Thanks!" - Haley, California

"I have just received my thigh highs and wanted to write to say how pleased I am and grateful that your company exists! They are a million times better than any others I have managed to buy and I will definitely order more. Thanks again." - Tracy, United Kingdom

"I love my RejuvaHealth Stockings. Before I started wearing them, my legs would ache after a long day, but not anymore. They are comfortable and stylish and great for travel, also. I have given them as gifts and everyone loves them. Thank you for coming up with a fashionable solution to so many concerns." - Lydia, California

"Wow! I am so thrilled to find you! ... I wear compression stockings because of blood clots that led to a pulmonary embolism. I'm a young professional and mom with a funky style. The usual black or beige was seriously cramping my style." - Lesley, Indiana

"My legs aren't sore tonight! I usually have trouble even walking around after work after standing all day. But today I wore my new knee highs and my legs and feet feel great! Thanks!! I wish I had bought these years ago." - Rachel, Illinois

"I got my stockings on Saturday and have already worn them to a couple of events. I LOVE them." - Mehpara, Illinois

"I wore my first pair of compression knee highs and I loved them! they are so fashionable but supportive! Thank you for such an awesome product!" - Savannah, California

"Wow! I haven't been this impressed with a business in a long time! I chose them for their style, but am so impressed with the high quality of the product, not to mention outstanding service. Can't wait to introduce more people to them!" - Jodi, Michigan

"I love, love, love them!" - Angella of Skyland Prosthetics & Orthotics, North Carolina