How to measure

Proper fit is integral toeffective compression treatment. Unlike normal hosiery (which frequently offers sizing based on height/weight suggestions alone), the most accurate compression stocking sizing is determined via leg circumference measurements. You can gather these figures on your own or with the assistance of a friend or family member. All you need is a pen, piece of paper, and measuring tape to get started. For your most accurate size, we recommend taking your measurements first thing in the morning before any swelling occurs.

The measurements you’ll need will depend upon the style of garment desired. Measurements required for:

KNEE HIGHS: ankle, calf
THIGH HIGHS: ankle, calf, thigh
PANTYHOSE: ankle, calf, thigh
LEGGINGS: ankle, calf, thigh



ANKLE: Measure around the narrowest part of the ankle, which is normally just above the ankle bone.
CALF: Measure around the widest part of the calf.
THIGH: Measure around the thigh approximately 3 finger widths below the crease of the buttocks.

If you are short, you may want to consider a petite length stocking. To check length:
LENGTH: Knee Highs - Measure from the floor to the bend behind the knee.

Other helpful pointers:

  • Different manufacturers utilize different size charts so be sure to double check sizing when switching to a new style or ordering from multiple brands. For example, a medium in one brand may not be a medium in another.
  • On the border between two sizes? This is where the height/weight charts DO come in handy. Try comparing the height/weight sizing suggestion with your findings from the circumference measurement chart. Oftentimes, these suggestions can help steer you in one direction or another.
  • The size chart for each item is available on its product page.
  • Other questions? Call 877-773-5882 or email and we can walk you through it. Seriously, we love to help!

For your convenience, this information is also summarized in the brief video below: