How to Wear Compression Leggings – FAQ’s and Style Ideas.

How to Wear Compression Leggings – FAQ’s and Style Ideas.

How to Wear Compression Leggings – FAQ’s and Style Ideas.


When I first began wearing compression my doctor instructed me to wear full-length compression. Living on the beach in California at the time, this prescription wasn’t an easy one. In addition to the year-round warm weather that made pantyhose a challenge, I ached to look more like my friends & wear my favorite sandals while still complying with my compression therapy.

To navigate around this, I started cutting the feet off my compression pantyhose. This sneaky trick let me wear some of the clothes I craved, but left me with a few annoying side effects. The ends of my compression tights would begin to roll & fray after a few wears. I was also frustrated I couldn’t ever wear my modified “footless” tights alone. And so the idea for Rejuva’s footless compression legging was born …

When designing our footless legging, I focused on 3 main features: -  A top like a true legging (no pantyhose control tops with feet cut off) -  Maximum opacity so you can wear & pair with tops other than dresses -  An ultra wide, yoga-pant-inspired tummy band. After over 10 months of research, development, and countless prototype iterations, we finally had a version I loved & which I thought other wearers like me would love too. We launched it fall 2012 and they’ve been a best-seller since! Because of their popularity, we also get a lot of questions about them. Some of the most common are: “How opaque are they?” And “What can I wear them with?” 


Q: Are they opaque?

A: YES! This is why they took so long to develop. These leggings offer full opaque coverage in the tummy and leg and are NOT simply a pair of pantyhose with the feet cut off. Rejuva leggings are knit with true medical grade graduated compression in the 15-20 mmHg support level that extends through the leg

Q: Can I wear your compression leggings like a normal legging?

A: Yes. Their compression is most effective when pulled down below your ankle so just be sure to pull down their bottom ends as low as possible when putting on. Other than that – rock just as you would a normal legging. Since footless, you can compare with most any footwear. Try with sandals or your favorite open toed shoes. 

Q: How do you suggest wearing these day to day?

A: The great thing about classic leggings is that there are endless options for day to day wear. For the summer months, pair them with flip flops and a t-shirt or your favorite tank. During the fall pair them with a long sleeve shirt or a light sweater, and in the winter months you can pair them with a big sweater and scarf, layer them underneath a dress or skirt, or whatever your style! Our leggings are even great paired with athletic shoes and a t-shirt for workout wear. Here are a few inspiration ideas that we love! 


Rejuva Casual Seamless Leggings

Rejuva Casual Seamless Leggings


Q: How do I dress up my leggings?

A: Take your leggings the more formal route by pairing with heels and a dress top. I love this combination for weekend nights out – my friends & I call them our Spanx on steroids! Ultra supportive and extra slimming too. Accessories can also help dress up your look. Try a statement watch, bracelets, or your favorite rings. Their added sparkle and detail on your hands and wrist will accentuate your leggings when standing or sitting with arms by your sides.


Q: Can you wear compression leggings for travel?

A: Yes! Footless compression leggings are also great for flights, long drives, or any long periods of sitting or standing. Pair them with comfy sneakers and don’t forget layers if traveling via air– a must for varying plane cabin temperatures.


How do you wear yours? Tag your picture on Instagram with #compressionleggings @rejuvahealth or our new favorite hashtag #LBL (little black leggings).

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