Meet RejuvaHealth's New Collection

Meet RejuvaHealth's New Collection

Meet RejuvaHealth's New Collection

Since our launch in December 2010, we've been thrilled to provide you with a colorful array of fashion-forward compression stockings unlike any you've seen before. And now just a year later, we're hoping to surprise & delight you again with a sophisticated new second generation of patterned products.

What's different in this new collection?

We've been listening to your feedback as well as been performing our own extensive research, and in the process have developed an entirely new pattern application method. We're thrilled about this latest advancement as it now allows us to integrally knit our patterns into each of our unique products. The proof this is that it allows us to "power-pack" your patterned stockings with an array of new features including a fitted heel, reciprocated toe, enhanced leg contouring & improved fit.

We've combined these latest changes with some of the advancements we developed in our launch collection (such as the ultra-comfortable honeycomb waistband), and we're thrilled with the result. We hope you will be too!

As you can see these new patterns were inspired by your requests for new options in, believe it or not, BLACK! We love that this color matches with virtually anything & everything as well as the slimming profile it lends the legs. A perfect "day to night" or "workwear to evening wear" transition accessory.

These new items have just recently landed in California and are currently undergoing final processing into our warehouse. However, we're so excited to share them with you, we couldn't resist giving you a sneak preview a few days in advance! 

The first "wave" of products being released from this new collection come in the 15-20 mmHg support level. Select versions of these same products will be available in the higher 20-30 mmHg support level within a few months. Stay tuned for their official release ... They will be live & available for purchase on the site within 48 hours. Until then, cheers!

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