Walk a mile in my socks - a nurse's perspective on compressions socks

Walk a mile in my socks - a nurse's perspective on compressions socks

Walk a mile in my socks - a nurse's perspective on compressions socks

When we think of professions who spend long, tiring hours on their feet, nurses are one of the first that come to mind. Nurses have a hard job that is mentally and physically exhausting. One thing that can help the physical exhaustion is wearing compression socks. Compression socks have graduated compression that is tightest at your ankles and gradually a bit looser at your calf. This pressure helps the veins in your legs pump blood back to your heart and improve circulation overall. They help to prevent swelling and varicose and spider veins but also help keep your legs feeling energized. For those long days and nights at the hospital, you're going to need energized legs!

We asked Laura, an ICU nurse from Arizona to wear a pair of REJUVA compression socks for a day and let us know what she thinks. 

Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: I'm a wife, nurse and step-mom. I have been a nurse for almost 18 years. I enjoy reading, shopping, exercising, travel and most of all, sleeping on my days off!

Q: What is a typical work day like for you?

A: I'm currently working as a local travel nurse on the night shift. I'm an ICU nurse, but I often get floated to step-down. It's hard to describe a "typical" day. It depends on the patient acuity. Sometimes I have a super busy shift and sometimes I get lucky and have a decent shift!

Q: How much of your day do you spend sitting? Standing?

A: It depends on patient load. I would say most nights, I stand 4-6 hours and sit the rest. And on super busy nights, I stand 8-10 hours and sit the rest.

Q: Have you worn compression stockings before?

A: Yes, I have worn compression stockings before.

Q: How do your legs and feet feel after a typical day (no compression)?

A: My legs and feet feel very tired and achy after a shift without compression stockings. They also tend to swell a bit without compression. I definitely need to elevate them while I sleep to relieve the swelling and soreness. 

Q: How did your legs feel after wearing compression socks for a day?

A: After wearing compression stockings, my legs and feet are only tired after a very busy shift. 

Q: What did you think of the socks overall?

A: Overall, I liked the stockings. They fit true to size. They are very cute and comfortable. The website offered a variety of colors/styles. The stockings have a fair amount of compression and are moderately difficult to put on/get in place, similar to other brands I have worn. They wash very nicely and keep their shape and compression. 


The socks Laura wore are the Motley Stripe Rejuva Socks.

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