What are compression socks?

What are compression socks?

What are compression socks?

Compression socks, leggings and pantyhose are a must for the busy woman's wardrobe. Compression uses therapeutic pressure to squeeze your legs, with the strongest pressure at your ankle and progressively easing as they go up your leg. The snug-fitting fabric applies pressure to help the veins in your leg pump blood towards your heart. If you stand or sit a lot, the valves in your veins are weakened and are unable to effectively pump your blood. That's where compression comes in, the outside pressure helps move the blood inside the veins.

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Why should you wear compression?

If your job keeps you on your feet, you might notice your legs are heavy or tired at the end of the day. Similarly, if your job requires you to sit or travel frequently, you might experience a heavy, achy feeling. This is because blood is pooling at your ankles. Wearing compression will help circulate your blood back up to your heart. The benefits are immediate; the increased circulation will boost your energy and your legs will feel brand new.

Varicose veins are genetic, so if you have a family history of bulging veins, you can wear compression to help prevent and treat them. Compression also helps prevent spider veins and blood clots. When you wear compression regularly, you improve your leg and vein health.

Wearing compression leggings or socks during exercise will increase your energy levels, giving you improved endurance. Compression also helps with a swifter recovery time. Because of the increased circulation your legs will feel less sore for a shorter period of time.

Our customers rave about compression during pregnancy. If you have ever experienced swelling in your legs due to pregnancy, you know. It's miserable. Compression (yes, we have maternity compression!) works to prevent those pregnancy cankles and is a must-have for every pregnant mom.

    When you wear compression you will feel energized and your legs will be healthier and happier.

    At RejuvaHealth, we believe compression should be beautiful, not bland. Our compression is not your grandma's stockings. We create styles where fashion meets function - from chic patterned socks to the wardrobe staple black leggings. But, don't take our word for it. Take a look at our stylish selection or check out some of our popular patterns below:

    Sheer Dot RejuvaKneeHigh

    sheer compression dot


    Herringbone RejuvaSocks

    herringbone compression fashionable

    Motley Stripe RejuvaSocks

    Rejuva Motley Stripe Socks in Black/Blue


    RejuvaWear Casual Seamless Leggings

    Rejuva Casual Seamless Leggings



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