CEP The Run Low Cut Socks 4.0


If tall socks aren't your thing, the Low Cut Compression Socks are for you! Providing supportive compression at the foot and ankle keeps your feet feeling fresh and energized. Moisture wicking fibers and a proven blend of materials stop blisters before they can start and make for a cool, dry sock and foot. A seamless close fit ensure outstanding wearing comfort and athletic performance.


  • Compression Level in the arch 15 mmHg
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet cool
  • Deep sensory stimulation of joints for greater stability, fewer injuries, and pain relief
  • Innovative air channels in the footbed and ventilation zones in the toe for optimal breathability and ultimate comfort
  • Treated with silver to reduce unpleasant odors and eliminate bacteria
  • Blister-free guaranteed
  • Shock absorption from perfectly positioned anatomical padding in the foot


Length: 1/4 Crew
Weight: Light
Material: 88% Polyamide, 12% Spandex