Who should wear compression?

What is compression?


What is compression?

Compression socks are specially designed socks that hug your legs by applying graduated pressure to improve circulation.

Compression socks are worn to improve blood flow, reduce aches and pains, prevent unwanted spider veins, and keep you feeling energized all day long!

Who should wear compression?

Compression is for everyone! Although there are many reasons why people wear compression stockings, here are the main reasons:


Wellness: Feeling run down and/or have sore legs at the end of the day? You don’t have to feel that way! Whether you sit or stand all day, our compression products can help you feel better. Women in any profession can benefit from wearing energizing compression. 



Whether you are a mama-to-be looking to relieve swollen ankles or are concerned with varicose or spider veins, compression can help you!



If you fall in this category, you are already well-versed in the ins and outs of compression!


When traveling by plane or car, you aren’t moving around as much as you normally would and could be at risk for DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Wearing compression aides circulation and can prevent a DVT from happening.



Athletic: Professional athletes know about compression and it’s time you did too! Wearing compression increases circulation for better performance and less soreness post-workout for faster recovery.