A Beginner’s Test Drive – Alex’s First Impression of Compression Stockings

A Beginner’s Test Drive – Alex’s First Impression of Compression Stockings

A Beginner’s Test Drive – Alex’s First Impression of Compression Stockings

Last month we welcomed a new team member, Alex, to RejuvaHealth.  A young active woman with no previous medical reasons for using compression, Alex was eager to learn about compression’s many uses but skeptical as to whether it would be beneficial for someone like herself. 

So as part of her training for her new position, we gave her the opportunity to select a few of our products to “test drive”. In the process we found she had some feedback & comments we hear frequently from our first-time users. Believing this feedback could be helpful to those considering compression for the first time, we asked her to assemble her thoughts into written form for us to share with you.  Check out her feedback below & welcome to RejuvaHealth Alex! 


“Before coming into the RejuvaHealth Company I had heard about compression garments, but never thought I’d had a valid reason to wear them.  Little did I know that compression stockings are not only used for severe medical conditions, but also preventative reasons as well.  Soon after I began learning more about compression, I became curious: how did they feel? If I wore them would I feel differently? Would I look old? And most importantly could I possibly prevent possible medical conditions by wearing them at such a young age?

Although I was required to learn an abundance of information about compression before I could begin working independently within the business, I secretly was interested in learning about my own questions and concerns. What were the pros and cons of becoming a compression wearer myself? By navigating through the RejuvaHealth website I was able to research different products and learn about common usages. One thing that really stood out to me & which I also suggest other new wearers take note of:  most of the time when wearing different clothing items, ones size is typically similar if not the same across the board. This is NOT the mentality of compression garments. Each item is tailored to fit in a specific way. If you do not have the correct size then the garment cannot do its job properly. After learning all of the introductory facts about compression, I decided to take the plunge and try out a pair myself. From the collection, I choose a pair of opaque black diamond pantyhose with a mild compression level of 15-20 mmHg. 

The pantyhose were great. Not only did I feel more support from the garment, but my legs felt lighter and more energetic. I even got a few compliments about how cute they were. Having my legs feel better was great, but receiving compliments on top of that was icing on the cake! After taking the Diamond Pantyhose for a test drive, I tried something altogether different. I had heard both customers & RejuvaHealth employees raving about the Silver Wave products by Solidea so decided to test out a pair of those myself. I found these footless options attractive since leggings are so popular and easy to wear with today’s fashions. I also liked the comfort component of a garment without a fully enclosed foot. Specifically, I opted to test the Solidea Silver Wave Corsaro Shaping Capri, a unique garment that fits like a traditional legging but also exerts a micro massaging technique to stimulate circulation that is impaired by cellulite.


These compression leggings were so amazing. They applied the support that I needed and reduced the appearance of cellulite - what more could you ask for?! Whether working out or lounging around the house, I highly recommend any of the silver wave products. Once you try them you will become addicted. The after effects of both garments were definitely noticeable, but so was the difficulty I experienced getting them on for the first time.

A little advice for first time compression wearers: these garments are much easier to put on when sitting down! I made the mistake of standing up to put them on the first time and quickly found how different they are from a traditional piece of hosiery. Rolling them on seemed to be the safest way to avoid snagging or ripping on jewelry or nails and similarly rolling them off when removing was easiest for me. Immediately after removing the silver wave capris, I had ripples on my lower body mirroring the pattern within the fabric. Initially, I worried about this, but found they went away fairly quickly.  Once out of the leggings I felt like it had really minimized any bloating or fatigue not only in my lower extremities but in my tummy as well. When removing the RejuvaHealth pantyhose my legs felt lighter and didn’t look any different as if I wore non-compression hosiery. So all that said: what’s my takeaway advice? Don’t be afraid of compression. Embrace the opportunity to better yourself!”

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