Compression Stockings for Special Occasions: Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Compression Stockings for Special Occasions: Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Compression Stockings for Special Occasions: Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

While you might not be the one saying I-DO this summer, these wedding fashion ideas are sure to put you at the top of the best-dressed guest list.

Whether you’re looking for a special dress to commemorate the day or are more interested in an outfit you can get miles out of even after the event, there are a variety of options available that pair well with support stockings. And not only will compression stockings keep your legs energized so you can dance ‘til dawn, they’ll also help smooth the curves beneath your dress for a picture-perfect silhouette.

Looking for an outfit that will mask your compression tights, but still allow for the cool summer night’s breeze? Consider a maxi or long dress. Maxi dresses are great for casual or chic weddings and open toe thigh highs or pantyhose often go unnoticed. Pair your natural colored compression stockings with a peep toe sandal or platform and VIOLA!

The Medi Sheer & Soft thigh highs are an excellent pairing choice. Their silicone thigh high band keeps them in place for all-day comfort, while their sheer look has even you forgetting you’re wearing compression. Looking for an all over slimming effect for that slimming long dress? Consider Solidea’s Magic Micro-Massaging Sheer Pantyhose available in 12-15 mmHg or 18-21 mmHg. Their micro-massaging waves help eliminate toxins and smooth the skin.

Wanting to reveal a little more leg? Think about choosing a dress similar to the styles featured above. Keeping the dress length just about the knee will ensure your outfit is church and/ or dance appropriate. Lacey, color blocked, patterned, or pleated. All of these styles are currently trend worthy and will have even the bride asking you where you got your dress. Given the simplicity of a solid color dress, consider pairing with a patterned support stocking- floral and dot patterns give a nice feminine touch. More complex or decorative dresses should be matched with solid color, nude, or black stockings.

Final Style Tip: Remember to choose a fabric type that reflects the wedding’s attire suggestion, usually noted on the invitation. Typically, cotton and jersey knit dresses do well with day weddings. For night weddings, consider chiffon or silk type dresses.

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