Beat the Blues

Beat the Blues

Beat the Blues
Whether its the weather or the world, it's easy to feel blue right now. It's cold and dark out 24/7. Maybe your body rejects the transition to winter and you 'can't even'. Seasonal Depression can follow you like a dark cloud, leaving you tired, anxious and making daily tasks feel impossible. Plus, the quarantine blues are still a thing and have been for a year. Whatever has you feeling down, we found five ways for you to practice self-care:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is in, caring about calories is out! Dark chocolate may lower your risk of heart disease while improving brain function. So, it's more medicinal than dessert-y, right? One study compared mindfully eating a chocolate bar versus a cracker. Guess what one raised happiness and boosted the mood of its consumer? The study showed that slowly and mindfully enjoying a chocolate bar can positively impact your mood. So, sit down with your chocolate and allow your mind and body to sit in decedent joy while the sweet treat sends you positive vibes.  

(Read the Sweet Study here)

2. Leave work at work

Worried about work? Women are proving (once again) that they are superheroes. The imbalance between the genders has become glaringly obvious in the quarantine world. Cooking, cleaning, homeschooling and other household logistics have fallen (once again) to women. This combined environment (work and home) can add a lot of pressure while placing stressors on your mood. When you're expected to be focusing on work the dishes are glaring at you. When it's time for bed your mind is racing with work projects. WFH can wreak havoc on your mental health. One important thing to remember while WFH, is to be present. Be as present as possible when it's time to work. Then, when it's time to "clock out", silent your work apps and turn to your own needs. Say it with me, "I will not check work emails after hours". One tip that has helped me while working remotely is creating a to-do list for tomorrow. I dump work out of my head and leave it on a sticky note for tomorrow me. Later, If something work related pops into my head, I will text it to myself so I can review it tomorrow, during working hours. Read more tips about leaving work at work here.

wfh meme work from home

3. 🎵

 This video talks about the beautiful connection between the brain and music. Turns out, the effects of music are pretty incredible. The video references a study regarding patients before, during and after surgery who listened to music. These patients reported LOWER pain levels than their non-music listening counterparts and even needed less pain medication. Music can reduce pain?! What else can it do? Turns out, there's more. When your brain hears music it releases dopamine, a hormone that improves mood and reduces anxiety. Do a little dance or improvise some yoga moves while you rock our to your favorite tunes. The movement will level up your dopamine production while reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.

handel music meme

4. Put the tech down and no one gets hurt

 Say no to doom scrolling, instead, give your body what it needs: rest, a work-out or some time devoted to talking to friends. Read a book while your phone is charging. Put it in time-out, alone, in a separate room. An evening of tech-free pampering may be exactly what your body needs. Other ways to relax and wind down ( 🍷 down maybe?) can be a soak in the tub. Use the special bath bomb that you've been saving under your sink or make your own uplifting salt-soak. I like to use citrus essential oils, like lemon or grapefruit, in my homemade bath salt, to boost my energy levels. Citrus scents remind me that winter will end and spring will return. One of my coworkers is obsessed with this happy scent and likes to diffuse it while she's working from home. It promotes relaxation and blissful vibes, even when the kids are asking for help logging back into their zoom classroom (for the 1,000th time). Or your roommate left out their dirty dishes, again. Or the dogs are barking and begging for a walk, for the 50th time today, even though they used to be just fine, home alone, while you were away at work all day. So, in the name of love, take a moment, in the tub. Turn it into a no phone zone and visualize your stress drifting away in the steam.

no phone for you sienfeld

5. You guessed it, compression

Of course I'm talking about compression socks but don't worry, I have science to back this claim. Compression socks can boost your energy levels by helping your veins pump blood towards your heart. Whether you're sitting most of the day or standing at work, that energy boost is noticeable. Plus, cute socks always make me smile. Here's a pair of our socks looking super adorbs on the couch: 

rejuva camo pink socks cute
Participating in self care, even baby steps like the ones above, can affect your mental status and push you towards a happier mood.
Before you go, here is a playlist to get you started on beating those winter blues...

This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Speak to your physician or mental health provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a medical condition.

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