Click and Shop the Best Sellers

Click and Shop the Best Sellers

Click and Shop the Best Sellers

If you're searching for fashionable compression, you're in the right spot. We followed the trends and we're sharing the deets to help you choose new favorites for the new year. Below is a list of the best sellers of 2020, so when you see something you like you can click the link to shop the look. 

 Best Selling Leggings

1. RejuvaWear® Black Footless Legging

These leggings are a cult favorite and have been a best seller since their debut. And, let's be honest, black leggings are an essential worker. I have several pairs and I still need more. This pair is slimming and supportive with a 4.4 ⭐ rating.

legging black footless compression

Ask and you shall receive- we started making this style because you kept asking for it! They're cute, they're flexible and they have a 4.8 ⭐ rating. 
sheer leggings compression
Flattering and flirty these leggings are a 4.2 . See? You need more black leggings.
stirrup legging
Soft and sleek these leggings are a vibe with 4 different color options; including Midnight Blue and (my favorite) Mulberry. This legging is super versatile and is available in hipster and maternity styles in addition to the original soft silhouette.
sigvaris soft compression

Best Selling Knee Highs
Clanice gave these socks ⭐ stars and her review says it all, "I have black and gray in this style and love the way they look and the way they make my legs feel! They don’t look like compression stockings but are very attractive and stylish."
sheer dot compression knee high
Refreshing and sporty the COOLMAX socks have a 4.8 ⭐ rating.
Do you dream in stripes? These newly-released socks rocked the charts this year and have a 5.0 ⭐ rating.
motley stripe
If you want to look cute while on your feet all day this adorbs sock may be the way to go. Kelsey gave them ⭐ stars and wrote that she "wore them when volunteering at my son's school event this past weekend & noticed the difference after standing for a few hours. Definitely my new go-to for events on my feet."
stripe knee high compression

Best Selling Pantyhose
Our most popular pantyhose last year are pure elegance with a 4.7 ⭐ rating. Be prepared, your legs will be royally transformed when you have them on.
sheer and soft compression
Subtle is the name of the game with these magically soft pantyhose made for the minimalist and boasting a 4.8 ⭐ rating.
sigvaris soft

Best Selling Thigh High

Comfort meets fashion with these thigh highs that can be worn for any occasion, or no occasion! The open toe gives you the flexibility to peep your pedicure while you show off your cutest open toe heels or booties. The beaded band is made with silicone dots (crafted for even the most sensitive skin) to hold the stocking in place while you're on the move.
medi pantyhose compression
Give your legs a vacation in our 5 ⭐ comfy, cotton thigh highs while looking your absolute best.  
thigh high
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