Compression Comparison: Store "Energy" Brands vs. Medical-Grade Support

Compression Comparison: Store "Energy" Brands vs. Medical-Grade Support

Our most recent video blog was inspired by one of our video viewers named Anne. She recently sent us an email inquiring if we could make a video "to compare the differences between store brands like L'eggs Energy or Hanes Alive and those that you [RejuvaHealth] carry." Great question, right? We thought so too.

So in this video, we did our best to answer exactly that question. What ARE the differences between some light "support" brands & true medical-grade support?

They are, in fact, quite substantial. In addition to being knit from different yarns, constructed via different machines & listed under different regulatory agencies, medical support stockings offer a much higher and carefully-controlled grade of graduated compression.

To help demonstrate these differences, we made a trip down to our neighborhood CVS to stock up on some store-bought hosiery & also pulled a pair of stockings from our shelves here. In total, we used the following 3 items in our video:

  1. a normal Hanes stocking
  2. a L'eggs Sheer Energy stocking
  3. a RejuvaHeath 15-20 mmHg graduated compression stocking

Tune in to see the result!

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