Holiday Inspiration

Holiday Inspiration

Holiday Inspiration
This year, I'm returning to the simple stuff that makes the winter holidays magical. I love snow storms (when I don't have to be anywhere), houses draped in twinkling lights and holiday themed movies with my son. I want to harness the joy of the little things and fill my home with them this winter. To give myself the beauty and wonder of winter I've created a holiday roundup of inspirational items that invite me to be a part of the merriness of the season.
This year's theme: less stress, more sparkle ✨


cranberry brie bites recipe

I start all of my recipe searches with these crucial keywords: 5 ingredients. I do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I do, however, love to eat. This recipe for Cranberry Brie Bites is everything, they are super cute and so fancy! My brother and I made them and it was a merry moment together; they are simple to make and clean up is easy breezy. They look cheery and festive, too.


dried fruit decoration inspiration

There is a charming, easy and cheap decorating trend going around this year with dried fruit. You slice your fruit of choice (I like lemons best, but you can also use oranges, apples or limes), dry it in the oven and use paper clips or twine to hang. The dried pieces of stained glass (that's what they look like in the light!) can go on your tree, a wreath or even hang from their own branch in a minimalist sort of way. In the link above they make their own bouquet of evergreen with hanging fruit and it's seriously beautiful.


holly jolly postman book

Reading aloud is my favorite way to create memories, it's simple and enjoyable for everyone. One of my favorite holiday read alouds is The Holly Jolly Christmas Postman. I grew up with my mom reading it when I was a kids and now I read it to my son. It's a playful, snowy tale that connects multiple fairy tale characters through the holiday letters they write to one another. For example, Mr. H. Dumpty receives a jigsaw puzzle from all the king's horses and all the king's men. Real letters and games are inside the envelopes for you to read and complete together. Also, it's great for introducing younger children to letter writing.


cranberry moscow mule


There is one cocktail I always drink this time of year: the Cranberry Mule. It's a Moscow mule with cranberry juice, which makes it festive and fancy. The legend of the Moscow Mule goes like this: one bar owner wanted to sell vodka, but people weren't buying it. Another bar owner wanted to sell ginger beer, but people weren't buying that. So they got together and created the sensational Moscow Mule. Don't forget, you can make it non-alcoholic by substituting the vodka with club soda. 


dashing diva nails


Another holiday classic that brings me joy? Cute nails! My friend discovered Dashing Diva nails and we are obsessed. I won't be attending any parties this year, but my nails will look like they are!

Before you dazzle your nails commit to pampering your face with a honey and milk mask. This mini-spa moment includes items from your kitchen and will leave your face dewy and glow-y. 


My home brewed mocha and winter hedgehog. I made my batch without coffee so I could control the chocolate to coffee ratio ❄️

 Want to make a Starbucks peppermint-mocha at home? I have been trying to decrease the amount of processed sugar in my house, so that's how I ran into this delicious treat. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the recipe, but honestly there are so many helpful tips and substitutes, I appreciated all of the additions from the blogger.


I hope this helps you find indulgent, stress-free joy during this wonderous season.  


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