Walk a mile in my socks - a coder's perspective on compression socks

Walk a mile in my socks - a coder's perspective on compression socks

Walk a mile in my socks - a coder's perspective on compression socks

Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition. Those iconic lyrics from Dolly Parton have never rang truer than they do now with so many of us working their 9 to 5 from home. It doesn’t matter if you work a 9 to 5 or a 24 - 7, if you sit all day, stand all day or a combination of the two, compression socks are for you!

Compression socks keep gravity in your favor by helping the veins in your legs pump blood back to your heart. Wearing them prevents swelling, leg fatigue and feelings of limb heaviness brought on by too much sitting or standing. Varicose and spider veins as well as DVT's can also be prevented when you routinely wear compression socks.

In past "Walk a mile in my socks" blogs we’ve met women whose professions keep them on their feet the majority of the day. In this installment we’ll meet Skye who spends her day at a desk although she utilizes a standing desk for half of it.

Q: Tell me about yourself.
A: I recently left my job at a digital solutions company after five years. Now I’m enrolled in a full-time bootcamp at Grand Circus, learning how to code in Java. I enjoy reading and playing with my current foster dog, Snoopy.

Q: What is a typical workday like for you?
A: A typical day in bootcamp is as follows: I am online by 8:45am and class ends at 5:00pm, and I have an hour-long break for lunch.

Q: How much of your day do you spend sitting? Standing?
A: I have an adjustable desk, so I can sit or stand at it. I try to split my day in half - sitting the first half and standing the last half. After bootcamp I usually have household maintenance, errands, or other activities that keep me on my feet, after which I spend the late evening doing homework, reading, or streaming shows while sitting.

Q: Have you worn compression before?
A: Nope, this is my first experience with compression socks.

Q: How do your legs and feet feel after a typical day (no compression)?
A: Usually tired, and I feel the need to take weight off of them and stretch them out.

Q: How did your legs feel after wearing compression socks for a day?
A: I did notice a difference which surprised me. I noticed that I was less aware of my legs by the end of the day, normally I fee like I need to put them up and stretch them out.

Q: What did you think of the socks overall?
A: The socks are great quality. They’re easy to put on and even come with directions for the right way to do so. They’re very comfy and I like the pattern.


The socks Skye wore are the Camo RejuvaSocks in Black/Grey
And here is an adorable photo of her foster doggo, Snoopy

snoop dog

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