How to Transition your Compression Stockings from Winter to Spring

How to Transition your Compression Stockings from Winter to Spring

How to Transition your Compression Stockings from Winter to Spring

Driving to work this morning with sunglasses on and windows down, I couldn’t help but be pleasantly reminded of spring’s arrival. Changing blooms, longer days and warmer weather - all welcomed changes to winter’s short days, cold nights & layers.

Winter makes wearing compression easy. Under pants, they offer a spare layer of warmth. Paired with dresses they do double duty as fashion-accessory & cold protection. No one even thinks to ask why you’re wearing tights – because duh it’s winter right? This changes as hemlines rise come spring. Compression thigh highs or pantyhose that looked so chic with dresses begin to raise eyebrows when paired with shorts. And how on earth are you supposed to handle full-length support with open-toed shoes or sandals? Definitely falls into the fashion faux pas danger zone.

I’m not a professional fashion blogger, but I have worn compression for years. During the course of this, I’ve discovered a few tricks for surviving spring while wearing compression. Here’s my top spring stocking (and sock) survival tips:



I love opaque compression stockings for winter but suggest moving them to the back of your dresser drawer come summer. Instead, opt for Sheer styles that offer a transparent peek of your actual skin tone beneath their yarns. In addition to offering a more seasonally-appropriate match to your changing wardrobe, I find the lighter yarns used to knit sheers offer a bit more breathability – another plus with warming weather. Opt for a solid sheer nude to achieve a “bare leg” look or select one with a pattern or light color for an interesting pop of texture or color. My favorite is to combine both trends – nude + texture – in something like Rejuva’s Sheer Dot in Buff. Paired with white pants for pure spring perfection.

Rejuva Sheer Dot Knee High Socks



For many, spring means more time outside. As a Californian, more time outside means more time by the caramel-colored sand and sparkling blue ocean water. What better wardrobe & compression inspiration than that? If nude or sheers aren’t an option, consider drawing upon nature for your sock inspiration. In addition to calling to mind images of sand, mountainside, and walking trails, tan & khaki compression socks complement light-color pants beautifully. Pair with denim, white, khaki or army green pants plus brown shoes for instant cappuccino-inspired cohesion. With their vibrant green, the Rejuva Spot Socks in Green/Navy are the perfect way to embrace the fresh greens and florals of spring. 

Rejuva Spot Socks



When I first began wearing compression, the stocking + sandal combination was my biggest fear and challenge. At the time of my DVT diagnosis, I was literally living 1 house from the sand at the beach. Weekends and evenings were always spent outside and I struggled to find a way to enjoy my usual footwear without feeling frumpy. My first discovery for overcoming this was open-toed, sheer options. Before creating Rejuva, I lived in nude beige thigh highs. To avoid getting too hot while still looking boho beach chic, I’d pair them with a long maxi dress and sandals. This is still one of my favorite tips for spring/summer compression. Despite this discovery, I still found myself craving added freedom for my feet.

In the office, Stacy (our VP of Ops & a fellow compression wearer), was secretly cutting off the feet of pantyhose to make makeshift leggings. The only bummer was this wasn’t a perfect solution – you couldn’t wear them with a shirt because your bum was still exposed and they often began rolling up from the feet. So I set out to make the first ever, fully opaque graduated compression legging. It took months just to get their special 4-inch wide waistband designed and completed, but the result was worth it. Now, these are the new #1 compression item in my spring/summer (and year-round) wardrobe. 

Rejuva Leggings


What’s your top tip for transitioning your compression from winter to spring & summer? Tell us by commenting below or sharing at or Instagram with hashtag #rejuva.


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