Happy Birthday Leaplings! A Leap Year Special From RejuvaHealth

Happy Birthday Leaplings! A Leap Year Special From RejuvaHealth

Happy Birthday Leaplings! A Leap Year Special From RejuvaHealth

This leap year, around 4 million people worldwide will celebrate their special day. Ever wonder what the chances are of having a birthday on a leap year? Currently, the odds of being born on February 29th are 1 in 1,461.

Not a lucky leapling? Not to worry. Today we’re celebrating regardless if it’s your special day or not. We want everyone to take a leap and enjoy the extra 24 hours this month. So for one day only, we’ll be featuring a one of a kind offer that definitely won’t come around again (at least not until 2016…)


Today only: Leap Day, February 29

Buy any 2 pairs of RejuvaHealth Brand Patterned Compression Stockings & receive a 3rd pair in a surprise pattern absolutely free!

How? No coupon necessary. Just select & purchase your 2 patterned  items on www.rejuvahealth.com before midnight PST, February 29.

Our personal stocking stylist will then consider your pattern selections & provide a complementary pair of comparable compression level & size in your order.

Your 2 selections + the surprise will automatically ship together. *

Fun & Fascinating Leap Year Facts-
  • We celebrate Leap Day every 4 years in order to keep our calendar in line with the earth’s rotations. The Earth takes about 365 and ¼ days to circle the sun annually. To make up for this ¼ of a day not accounted for every year, we add an extra day every 4 years.
  • Our calendar would be off 24 days if we didn’t celebrate leap day for 100 years. Eventually, that would cause our current seasons to be associated with different months.
  • Leap days are known for their popularity among women who wish to pop the question to their lovely beaus. The famous girl asks boy Sadie Hawkins School Dance every February aims to observe this tradition.
  • Leaplings have to wait until March 1st to celebrate their 21st birthdays or any other age-specific legal rights.
  • Julius Caesar launched leap year in 45 BC. Why did he choose February 29th? Our calendar is based off the Roman calendar which traditionally began in March. February 29th was, in retrospect, the very last day of the year.

Leap Year 2012 is being celebrated all across the world as businesses offer one of kind promotions for leaplings and non-leaplings alike. Be sure to check your local newspapers & online resources for specials happing in your area.

We hear various restaurants are giving out free food, local retail stores are drastically discounting items, and Disneyland is open 24 hours. Make the most of your extra day!  

*Can not be combined with other offers or past purchases. Not valid on wholesale purchases. Offer valid Feb 29 2012 only. Expires at midnight PST.

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