Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 50's

Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 50's

Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 50's


You’re fifty years young.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed. The kids have grown up and gone off to college and you and your husband have the house to yourselves again.  Sure, you miss them and count the days in between their next visit home.  But in the meantime, take advantage of the time you have alone with your husband and enjoy each other’s company by doing little things together.  Tonight, make it a date and go see that movie you’ve been hearing so much about. 

The next step is picking out an impeccable outfit.  You want to be comfortable but still look nice and sometimes that can be hard to do.  We decided to put together a unique outfit that has all of the components of being age appropriate, flattering and fashionable. That’s why we thought this occasion would be the perfect opportunity to wear your new RejuvaHealth slimming support compression leggings

Over the leggings, we have paired a midi length stone colored dress.  This midi length is a great option because it allows for comfort and style while still showing off a little leg.  Because movie theatres are known to get a little cold, avoid smuggling in that old blanket by layering the dress with an asymmetrically draped black cardigan

Add a little height to your outfit with a pair of black wedge leather boots that hit just above the ankle that look great and are easy to walk in.  Accessorizing your outfit correctly is key.  Therefore, we have added a little color with a great rustic colored tote—it’s okay if you like to bring your own popcorn…we won’t tell.  Make the outfit pop by adding a colorful silk scarf to the handle of the bag.  Top it all off with a long tigers’ claw necklace.  Age is just a number so enjoy your night!

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