Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 60's +

Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 60's +

Style Your Stockings: Date Night 101 for your 60's +

Date Night 101

You have worked hard to get to where you are today.  Now is the time to enjoy yourself and be proud of what you have accomplished in life.  For the past couple years, you and your husband have been donating to the ballet.  In return, you receive spectacular seats to all of the performances.  It’s opening night of Coppelia, and you and your husband have been really looking forward to attending.  But, your legs have been bothering you all day.  You know that you won’t be able to wear just any compression legwear with your evening outfit.  Thankfully, there’s RejuvaHealth.  

Start with sheer compression pantyhose. They grace the overall outfit with taste and style while giving it a touch of youthfulness in the pattern (you don’t feel old…why dress like it?).   Keep things comfortable and classy with a flared black skirt that hits right below the knees.  Go with a beautiful white blouse to tuck into the skirt.  This allows for versatility when accessorizing the rest of the outfit. 

Because it’s an evening affair, we decided to dress things up with the color gold.  A belt really brings the totality of the look together.  Because the rest of the outfit is so simple, we’ve chosen a pearl-encrusted belt that will fit right at the waist line, allowing for a slim, sleek and fashionable finish.   We are in the midst of fall, so the nights tend to get fairly cold.  Therefore, a lovely gold-buttoned cape will work perfectly since it’s easily accessible if you are planning on removing it once you get inside.  

If you are looking to keep the height of your shoes at a minimum, a pointed black ballet flat is the ticket; you are at a ballet after all.  Although they add no height, they are still elegantly dressy and comfortable.  Finish off the outfit with a gold purse.  Don’t forget to bring your binoculars; you may have the best seats in the house, but you never know if you’ll need them. Sure, you’ve lived a lot over the past sixty years…but you’re not done yet!

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