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Press July

A Fashion Trend, A Lifesaver.....RejuvaHealth!

Stylish compression stockings provide great health benefits to those who wear them!

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RejuvaHealth's compression stockings are more than just a fashion trend--they could be a lifesaver. Whether the allure of summer travel is in the air or it's just another day at the office, anything from a happy holiday to a productive workday can benefit from the unique relief compression tights can bring. Not only are they an easy way to help combat occupational leg swelling and fatigue, thanks to RejuvaHealth no one has to know those kicky tights are actually a medical device.

For the owner of RejuvaHealth Kelsey Minarik, nothing makes her happier than introducing folks to the benefits of compression stockings during these heavily trafficked summer months and upcoming holidays. Traveling for long periods of time can slow blood circulation and result in deadly blood clots, a health problem that's also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. After experiencing firsthand the pain of DVT, Minarik decided to create the company in an effort to educate the public about this dire health risk and encourage others to take preventative measures for their own sake.

While no preventative tool or activity can be foolproof, wearing compression stockings can help when sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time. RejuvaHealth's knee highs are constructed with graduated compression that is tightest at the ankle and then lessens as they climb the length of the leg. This not only helps to mediate leg discomfort, but can also relieve swelling and tiredness in legs after a long day at the office or sitting in a plane or car.

RejuvaHealth's knee high stockings are designed to be just as appealing at work as they are out to dinner. From racy Luxe Lace Knee Highs to Everyday Essential Knee Highs, they offer a wide selection of colors and styles to play to any mood. The results are

modern and eye-catching, mimicking the styles of fashion hosiery found in department stores and earning them the nickname of "Compression Couture."

Kelsey Minarik launched RejuvaHealth in December of 2010 after being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis. Through her company, Minarik is able to make other young women and men aware of this health issue, and provide those who suffer from it with a product that's designed to help while looking great.

Rejuvahealthworks with the National Blood Clot Alliance to promote thrombosis &thromphilia awareness and raise funds that will go toward alerting the public and health care providers about this silent killer.

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