Press March

Press March

March is Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness (DVT) Month

RejuvaHealth's Founder Kelsey Minarik helps spread awareness with her couture line of compression hosiery

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With March being named Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month, one young woman is on a mission to educate the world about her experience with the disorder and how she transformed a deadly episode into a booming business.

For Kelsey Minarik, creator of the RejuvaHealth line of couture compression stockings, Deep-Vein Thrombosis was the farthest thing from her mind as she sat on an airplane to visit a friend. At the age of 21 and as an avid athlete, Minarik never imagined something like a blood clot could get in the way of her life. After complaining of pain and tenderness in her leg she arrived home and was rushed to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed her with DVT.

While Minarik was lucky and managed to recover just fine, she was told to invest in compression stockings as a way to increase blood circulation and maintain healthy legs. One look at those bland stodgy affairs sold in medical stores had her wrinkling her nose and taking matters into her own hands. In December 2010 RejuvaHealth was born, bringing women everywhere tights that promote health while turning heads.

From wild animal prints to très chicpaisley and lace designs, RejuvaHealth's stockings are just what the doctor ordered--but with a dash of panache. Each style provides gradual support from the ankle up the leg, which can work wonders for promoting blood circulation and relieving leg fatigue or swelling caused by prolonged sitting or standing. The company spent over a

year developing the process for applying beautiful graphic designs to its specially crafted support hose. The results are modern and eye-catching, mimicking the styles of fashion hosiery found in department stores and earning them the nickname of "Compression Couture."

With her illness behind her and her entrepreneurial venture strongly moving ahead, Minarik makes time to help others. RejuvaHealth works with the National Blood Clot Alliance to promote thrombosis &thromphilia awareness and raise funds that will go toward alerting the public and health care providers about this silent killer.

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