Press Mediablitz

Press Mediablitz

RejuvaHealth is Giving Compression Stockings a Fashion Makeover!

Enjoy the support and health benefits of compression tights while staying in style!

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Go from looking stodgy and tired to posh and reinvigorated with RejuvaHealth's ultra-stylish compression stockings.

The benefits of compression tights are well known in the medical community, yet rarely spoken of in the fashion world. Despite the fact that compression stockings mediate leg discomfort, relieve leg swelling, and combat occupational leg fatigue from prolonged sitting or standing, most fashionistas pass on them because they look like a medical device. With RejuvaHealth everyone can enjoy the support and health benefits of compression tights while looking like they just stepped off the runway.

Give calves a little extra support and some charm with their singles and multipack patterned knee highs. For adventurous dressers, add a burst of color to skirts, shorts, or capri pants ensembles by putting on their Luxe Lace or Paisley stockings. Working men and women often don their boardroom ready Houndstooth and Classic Checker prints under slacks, jeans, or scrubs for a little hidden sassiness and comfort while on the job. Multipacks come with two or three different designer patterns and a handy satin storage bag.

RejuvaHealth spent over a year developing the process for applying beautiful graphic designs to their specially crafted support hose. The results are modern and eye-catching, mimicking the styles of fashion hosiery found in department stores and earning them the nickname of "Compression Couture." The material they use is composed of polyamide and spandex for superior quality and multi-dimensional stretch elasticity--a fancy phrase that means they are easy to put on and remove.

Kelsey Minarik launched RejuvaHealth in December of 2010 after being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis. Through her company, Minarik is able to make other young women and men aware of this health issue, and provide those who suffer from it with a product that's designed to help while looking great. Graduated compression stockings such as those offered by RejuvaHealth are not only frequently used to treat DVT, but a variety of other medical issues such as varicose veins, lymphedema, post-sclerotherapy, venous insufficiency and more. For those that do not suffer from such medical issues, their stockings will not only serve as preventive option but also as a stylish addition to their wardrobe. RejuvaHealth works with the National Blood Clot Alliance to promote thrombosis &thromphilia awareness and raise funds that will go toward alerting the public and health care providers about this silent killer.

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