Cellulite Reduction Techniques

Cellulite Reduction Techniques

Cellulite Reduction Techniques


Dealing with cellulite may not be an easy task, especially with all the myths that accompany different cellulite treatments. Of course only you can be the judge of which cellulite treatment works best for you, but we’ve done our best to put together a small list of popular cellulite treatments evangelized by other beauty experts. See below for a variety of successful cellulite removal options and please feel free to add to the list using the comments tab – we would love to hear your tricks of the trade!

Cellulite Creams do wonders considering their inexpensive sticker price! If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself, non-invasive treatment that helps firm and tighten the skin, this is most definitely the way to go. Now, which particular cream works best? We aren’t experts on what makes these magical creams work, so we’ve turned to cellulitetreatment.org to find out how the competition matches up.[1] If you check out their link you will find product reviews for the leading creams on the market, along with information on where to buy them and how much they’ll set you back. We’ve learned some of the key ingredients to be on the lookout for are: caffeine, shea butter, glaucine and aloe vera.  

Spa Cellulite Reduction- through Endermologie or Acoustic Wave Therapy. Endermologie involves the use of a massage machine to break up fat trapped beneath connective tissues, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Acoustic Wave Therapy uses ultrasound waves to disrupt the connective tissue and breakup fat. These nonsurgical treatments are painless and offer results that can last up to a year. However, with any spa treatment comes a higher price, so be aware that various treatments are required in order to reach maximum potential.

Mesotherapy- is cellulite removal that works to shrink your fat cells by melting the fat beneath the skin with medication and nutritional supplement injections. Mesotheraphy involves a more personal treatment where a doctor classifies your stage of cellulite and uses a process of administering different medications to specific points on the body to help burn fat. The most rewarding part about this option is it provides lasting effects if paired with proper diet & exercise, although remember multiple treatments are required. It’s ranked highest in the pricing bracket, but it does beat out dangerous surgeries like liposuction, which has really proven to do more harm than good for cellulite victims.

Micro-massage Clothing & Accessories - some clothing products can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by helping the body eliminate excess fluids. Solidea's patented Silver Wave technology is one of these types of products. Knit in a very unique texture that looks like a three dimensional wave, this special fabric exerts a micromassage on the skin with the body's natural movements. This motion stimulates cutaneous capillary circulation otherwise impaired by cellulite, thereby preventing swelling (edemas) of the legs & promoting the elimination of excess liquids. Effectiveness is increased when worn during physical activity.  

Tips for at home: After reading up on all those options, you may be wondering: where do I go from here? We’ll help you get started by offering a few pointers on how you can help tame your cellulite from home. While these options may not completely eradicate existing cellulite like some of the surgical & topical options above, they can help keep some of those “trouble zones” at bay.

  • Increase daily activity to help stop cellulite from forming.
  • Stay away from constrictive undergarments with elastic that’s tight against the buttocks. Opt for thongs or boyshorts when choosing underwear.
  • Do more cardio & anaerobic exercises which burn fat and promote healthy skin.
  • Wear compression leggings from our Solidea Silver Wave Collection.[2] Their patented three-dimensional wave pattern exerts a micro-massage on the skin that stimulates capillary circulation impaired by cellulite, thus eliminating excess fluids.
Remember to always consult your doctor about which options are best for you. 

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