Compression Socks for Skiing

Compression Socks for Skiing

Compression Socks for Skiing

What is compression, and why do you need it?

Compression garments are designed to hug your legs and apply graduated pressure to your ankles and up your leg. But what does “graduated pressure” mean? It means that the pressure is strongest at the ankle and gradually decreases up the leg. Wearing compression socks, calf sleeves, or legwear helps keep your blood circulating throughout your legs instead of staying pooled at your ankles. There are different levels of pressure depending on your compression needs- if you want to learn more about the different pressure levels or more about what compression is, check out our Compression 101 page!  

Wearing compression socks, calf sleeves, or legwear helps keep your blood circulating throughout your legs instead of staying pooled at your ankles. Since your blood is circulating properly, your legs will feel much more energized, and any feelings of fatigue or heaviness will be reduced. When you think of compression socks, you might immediately associate them with a medical need, or you might have a flashback to your grandma’s beige socks. However, a growing number of people have started wearing compression socks for preventative measures or just for overall health and wellness. Pregnant women, athletes, and honestly anyone who sits or stands for extended amounts of time can benefit from compression garments. You can also wear compression garments to help prevent spider and varicose veins from forming (which can form during pregnancy or long periods of travel). 

How does compression help with skiing?

When you’re skiing, you are working out your leg muscles and you are on your feet for long periods of time. These factors make you prone to some swollen ankles and tired, achy legs after a long day on the slopes. Wearing compression garments while you’re skiing can help alleviate that swelling and achy feeling since they will help keep everything circulating. Some other benefits of wearing compression while skiing include improved performance, reduced risk of injury, and reduced soreness during recovery, so your legs will be ready to hit the slopes again the next day. Plus, our compression socks come in multiple fun colors and prints, so you don’t have to compromise on fashion for function- our socks look cute on the slopes or while drinking hot chocolate in the ski lodge. Just check out the picture above of Katie (📸: @katieannensminger) wearing the Sheer Dot RejuvaKneeHighᵀᴹ in Ash, looking super cute while her legs are recovering for the next run!

Our Recommendations

Check out our recommendations for compression socks and leggings to live out your après ski dreams. For skiing, we recommend wearing 15-20mmHg compression socks.

RejuvaWear® Casual Seamless Leggings

woman wearing black compression leggings

These leggings give you the luxurious feel and fashionable look of your favorite pair of leggings while providing the support your legs will need. So, while you’re curled up in the lodge after a long day of skiing, you’ll be looking cute and helping your muscles recover. Win-win! 


Sigvaris All-Season Merino Wool Socks 

pair of legs wearing dark brown, knee-high compression socks

Not only do you need good, supportive compression socks while skiing, but you also need to be warm. These socks give you the best of both worlds! Plus, they are thermoregulating for year-round wear, and will also keep your feet dry and odor-free.  


Rejuva® Knee Highs with CoolMax®

Rejuva Knee Highs with CoolMax

Our Rejuva Knee Highs with CoolMax are the ultimate compression socks for any physical activity. They combine the benefits of graduated compression with CoolMax technology for better moisture control. Long days spent on the slopes, along with all the layers to stay warm, usually means added sweat. CoolMax helps keep your feet dry and comfortable all day. 


Mediven Sheer & Soft Knee High 

pair of legs wearing nude, sheer, knee-high compression socks

If you’re looking for some thinner socks, these sheer compression socks are the ones for you! Our favorite feature of these are how breathable they are for maximum comfort and effectiveness.  


Houndstooth RejuvaSocks®

pair of feet wearing knee-high compression socks with black and white houndstooth print

If you’re looking for subtle but still stylish compression socks, these houndstooth printed ones are perfect for you! While you will definitely be looking cute, these socks are also cushioned with the same feel as sports socks and are made with moisture-wicking fabric, which is perfect for skiing. 

Happy shopping, and happy skiing! 


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