Finding Inspiration in Costume Design

Finding Inspiration in Costume Design

Finding Inspiration in Costume Design

It’s easy to get lost in a movie.  From a soppy ending to an everlasting romance, we are sometimes left imagining our lives in the perspective of our favorite character and wondering what it would be like to “walk in their shoes.”  Although our imagination only takes us away for a moment, we’ve decided to go beyond that and attempt the looks from some of our movie favorites in real life.


Memorable quote: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” – Johnny Castle In the summer of 1963, the preppy, Peace Corp bound, Daddy’s girl – Frances “Baby” Houseman – vacations with her affluent family at Kellerman’s, a resort in the Catskill Mountains.  After making friends with a bellboy, Baby finds herself  “carrying a watermelon” into the company of dirty dancing resort employees and immediately develops a crush on the “entertainment” bad boy, Johnny Castle.  When his dancing partner becomes unable to perform at a show, Baby steps in and takes her place.  Long story short, the two complicatedly fall in love and live happily ever after dancing (and lifting) their way into the night.

Get the Look: In the last scene, Baby is wearing a conveniently unplanned chiffon dancing skirt, leotard and natural colored nylons.  Life isn’t always that easy – but attempt the look by trying the Medi Sheer and Soft Pantyhose.  


Memorable Quote: “I said to myself, 'Go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the smart, fat girl.'” –Miranda Priestly Andy Sachs, a recent college graduate and aspiring writer, lands the job that “a million girls would kill for” as co-assistant to the most powerful fashion magazine editor in the world, Miranda Priestly.  As Andy soon finds out, the job is much more challenging than she anticipated. The fashion-illiterate, naïve young woman gradually begins to learn her responsibilities and starts to dress more stylishly.  With her personal life spiraling out of control and her motives becoming more and more skewed, Andy decides to take a stand against Miranda after an eye-opening trip to Paris for fashion week.

Get the Look:  Andy’s wearing a chic black and white outfit with some sheer pantyhose and heels.  So you don’t have access to the best fashion closet in the world…no big deal.  Attempt the look by trying Sheer Compression Pantyhose.  


Memorable Quote: “Isn't my house classic? The columns date all the way back to 1972.” –Cher Horowitz Cher Horowitz, a superficial – although good-natured – high school girl is beautiful, popular and fashion obsessed.  Always on a quest, she and her best friend, Dionne, take the “clueless” new girl, Tai, under their wing, teaching her their ways.  When Cher’s debate teacher, Mr. Hall, gives her a “C” on her report card, she acts as matchmaker to him and the sweet, lipstick toothed Miss Geist. Cher manages to shop, talk and charm her way out of anything, all the while surviving the ups and downs of her Beverley Hills adolescence…including her first love (uhhgh, as if!).

Get the Look:  In this scene, Cher and Dionne are rocking some extremely fashionable knee-highs.  Although these mini skirts may be a little too “mini” for your liking (gotta love the 90’s), attempt the look by trying our RejuvaHealth Opaque Diamond Knee High. Be forewarned though, our socks aren't intended to go that high.

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