How to Avoid the Cellulite Blues this Summer

How to Avoid the Cellulite Blues this Summer

How to Avoid the Cellulite Blues this Summer

I swear bathing suit season comes around sooner with each passing year. In an effort to leave my board shorts behind on my next trip to the beach, I’m working on boosting my defenses against my cellulite earlier than usual this year. I’ve discovered there’s quite a collection of foods that help banish cellulite and leave skin with a smooth baby’s bottom feel. Who would ever say no to that?

See below for some suggested foods:

Bananas- Potassium, potassium, potassium. A great water reduction food, bananas help support the lymphatic system rid the body of excess fluids and water weight. An excellent choice during that special time of the month too.

Cranberry Juice- I could drink cranberry juice every day for the rest of my life, but if you’re not as big of a fan as me that’s alright too. Just try adding some water to kick that extra bite or maybe consider using it as the base to your evening cocktail. Cranberry juice shows those fatty deposits who’s boss by helping flush out toxins built up in the lymphatic system.

Whole grains- Give me more FIBER! Whole grains are packed with fiber to help the body speed up the detoxification process and exposing of built-up waste in the body.

Fish- Stock up on fish and get your dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Not only will the oils make your skin look smooth and silky, but they’ll also aid in inflammation reduction. Consider adding some salmon to your next salad.

Berries- The key to the berry is it’s an excellent source of vitamin C, which can help keep skin firm and battle unwanted cellulite buildup. Load up on berries by adding them to your morning smoothie or slicing a few for your yogurt snack.

Asparagus- Work week got you stressed? Or maybe life in general is making you a worrywart? Asparagus’s folic acids help curb the stress and stabilize your mood, a big plus when trying to rid the body of cellulite. Too much stress hinders the body’s ability to excrete waste and causes fat storage in all the wrong places.

Leafy Greens- We’re talking spinach and kale here, I don’t imagine a salad full of iceberg is going to do the trick. So stick to the darker green leafs that are nutrient rich and help the skin retain its moisture. And my personal favorite… drumroll please

Avocado- So your skin is starting to realize the effect of gravity, but your soul’s not ready admit you seen quite a few blue moons? Consume more avocados and soon enough you’ll have everyone fooled- who knows the local postman might even mistake you for your thirty-year-old daughter. Avocados are rich in essential fatty acids which keep the skin strong and elastic. Cellulite flourishes under thinning skin so remember essential nutrients, like those found in avocados, and you should be able to keep cellulite at bay.  

Not quite ready to go out in public sans cover-up? Consider upgrading your typical workout pants to Solidea’s Silver Wave Legging or Capris to help give you that extra boost in courage. The garments are specially designed to help curb cellulite build-up and aid in the reduction of fluid buildup. Wear them a couple of workouts and I bet you’ll be reconsidering that new suit with the cute ruffled bottoms.

Join the pledge to come out from under the towel and show off your legs this swimsuit season! I promise you won’t regret it- a little hard work and dedication goes a long way.

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